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  1. <Cute Minion Contract>?

    I know people who got an A rank on the very first one they opened. However, like you, I have opened 10-15 and do not have a single A rank. So gg, who knows haha.
  2. My feeling about 6.0 and beyond

    I also have my reservations regarding 6.0 and a lot of things I think I will not like at all. However... They cannot just force people to come play the game. They can't pull a population out of thin air. The game is not very populated anymore. There are just too many maps for how many players we have left. That's the reality. It sucks, I agree, but that tends to happen to most (most, not all) games after 9 years.
  3. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    A++++ I'm kind of shocked how few people understand this. A friend messaged me Wednesday morning and said that a friend of theirs was in an alliance, killing fatties, and that everyone in the alliance was getting loot. This friend said they were trying to keep it hush-hush. I can't believe I'm about to praise Noto, but it's Noto who brought that "bug" out into the open and started helping "regular" players get into alliances and start getting the fatties too. The original alliance would have much preferred to keep it a secret and continue hogging the fatties and getting massive amounts of coins while less geared, low level players would have gotten nothing. A group of three level 69s cannot complete with a group of three level 75s in regards to dpsing the fatty down. So setting loot to group only will only result in about fifty massively-geared level 75 players getting all of the fatty drops and everyone else getting nothing. I'm not sure how people think that's a good solution.
  4. Returner need guide

    Welcome back to the game, fellow chanter-chan~ Here are a bunch of general "I just returned" threads for you to read through: Here is some information about the current available PvE gears: Yes, you can sell these items to an NPC for AP. At landing level 6, there will be an NPC right on your landing. You can also sell to a shugo wandering around Levinshor if you can find him. You can also flip the camp below that is pink and circled blue and an NPC will appear there for you to sell your BM gear. (You can flip this solo, so don't worry.)
  5. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    Arkaida. Please. For the sake of our eyes and our insanity, please be quiet. I understand that you are likely very young--13 or 14 maybe--but your feelings are not appreciated when you voice them in this manner.
  6. Havent played in a few years, still worth playing?

    We're all quite annoyed with Aion today due to an event snafu that occurred yesterday. So you are probably seeing a lot of anger on the forums. However, if you want to try Aion again, you should try it. Make the decision on your own. If you like it, great. If you don't like it, that's fine too. Just give it a shot and see for yourself.
  7. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Absolutely not. In fact, we were about 5 minutes into Sunayaka when we saw the "servers will be coming down" message and let me tell you, it was mass panic. We all immediately started dropping alliances to try to go spend our coins. Apparently, the Elyos continued dealing with Sunayaka, but we could not have cared less at that point. It was the last thing on our minds lol. My friends and I deliberately ran into the sea of Elyos, hoping to die fast so that we could resurrect back up where the NPCs were. Of course, the NPC was already gone by that. So no. We most definitely did not have any advance notice.
  8. Tiamaranta's Eye

    I am normally one of the people who would whiteknight NCsoft, but not this time. I mean, I'm not gonna get psycho (I was kind of psycho on Facebook last night, but I've slept since then. ) but... yeah. None of this is directed at Cyan; he's just the messenger, and we shouldn't be shooting the messenger. I can completely understand that the event was broken. Fine, yes. BUT, to ninja the NPC out from under us? It was tacky af. Shut the event down, yes, fine. However, you should have done a rollback. Completely removed all coins from us and any items we had bought. Put it back to how it was on Tuesday. That is the only way to make things fair. And yes, I spent hours yesterday just like the rest of you, so I am willing to lose my coins despite my efforts because I think all coins and items disappearing is the fairest thing to do at this point. Sadly, we know that won't happen so some people will have full 80AP +20 gear with +12 stones, making Evergale and other pvp instances even more ridiculous to deal with.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 14, 2018

    "asmo hackers blah blah asmo hackers blah blah asmo hackers" There is literally an Elyos legion named Team Para -- as in the creator of a certain Aion hacking program. Like what are you even talking about, acting like only Asmos hack.
  10. aion 6.0 release NA

    Was already released in NA yesterday, but you had to login within a 14-minute time frame, have an Executioner's Steed, and make a clucking sound to your cat in order to enable it. So I'm afraid you've already missed it.
  11. 6.0 info

    Yeah, I'm also going to miss essence points a lot. I like being able to either + my heals or + my attacks, depending on what I am doing.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Cyan has already said they're looking into the kick not working.
  13. Level Reduction Stones

    Most of those are event rewards. So yeah, Luna and events is about it.
  14. Aion March Preview

    I have to admit that is pretty funny lmao.
  15. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    All cleric healing skills are having the amount of HP restored increased: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U_kMX9kWadatPa6h3nZVaHgYU4c_sBuhSkFXElprSmA/edit#gid=0 Clerics are also getting two new healing-specific skills to pick from. They're both nice. One will heal and then make the heal after it nearly insta-cast. Then the other is more op as it will heal, dispel, and shield all in one go and then decrease Ripple of Purification's cd. Acquital is going to last longer too. I'm not saying chanters aren't being buffed because we are, but I'm just saying clerics are also.
  16. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    Clerics are also getting some good heal boosts to their skills. Remember that 15k is not a lot in 6.0. People have 50k or 60k HP. Maybe even more once they get truly "geared" and not just in their starter quest gears. Also, I'm so used to weaving, I don't even know if I can stop lol. It's just second nature at this point.
  17. aaaah that's so cute. I love the mookies. I actually like getting turned into a mookie at Divine Siege because it's so cute. :3
  18. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    It is my understanding -- and someone can correct me if I'm wrong since I have not played KR 6.0 myself -- that you can get both skill books as drops from the smugglers. Once you have them both, they're available for you to use at any time. You just can't use them both at the same time.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    This will not work for a couple reasons. 1) People afk because they're hoping the rest of the alliance will carry them to a win. If they lose, it doesn't matter because they'll just re-queue and afk again. 2) People will still afk their alts because it helps their mains. They don't care if their Ely alt loses as long as their Asmo main wins.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Asmodir, I know we Asmos all like to joke that Momo is DCing us, but it's just that -- a joke. One made in frustration at the situation. I have sendlogged during Evergales in which Momo wasn't even present.
  21. Chanter stigma planning for 6.0

    As nice as that sounds, it would be too op. I just think of it like stigmas -- change it out depending on the situation. Doing group pvp? Put your dispel skill in. Doing group pve? Put your 15k heal in. Get both from the little smugglers so that you have a choice between which you use.
  22. 6.0 info

    Agreed. Can we please stay on 5.8 forever...
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Real talk, guys. All we can do is try to police our own actions. This update to EC is happening whether you like it or not. We cannot control the actions of others. We cannot prevent a-holes from kicking us if they don't like us or any other reason. All we can do is try to be OUR best selves. I would never kick a level 66 player if they were making an effort. Why? Because I wouldn't want someone to kick my level 66 alts if I was making an effort. Are there other people who WILL kick a level 66? Yeah, absolutely. But I can't change that. Because, again, this update is happening regardless of how much I like or dislike it. All we can do is be the best examples that we can be. Crying about it is not going to make NCsoft suddenly say this morning, "Oh! Let's skip that update because they don't like it!" No. They're going to do it. Just do your best, take a deep breath and remind yourself it's just a game, and go on about your business.