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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - June 29, 2018

    I thought this would be for the artifact npcs that did not reset with weekly maintenance... but item recipe? What? lol EDIT: Never mind, I spoke too soon. Cyan said in another thread that the artifact npc issue is being investigated.
  2. Alts Post 6.0

    While you and I like those things, you surely must recognize that most people in the game do not want the mounts that only have 12.5 speed compared to the 13.0 Luna mounts. And I already listed the skins as a reason I cared. Be less salty, Bryos. It's the weekend, bud!
  3. missing out on 1k+ gp

    People talk about the widening gap between quick queue losses due to premade dodges. However, that sort of response from the GMs actually broadens the gap. Those of us who go in premades do so not only because we want to hang out with friends but also because we cannot trust the other people in quick entries. We never know if we're going to quick queue into an alliance which has a leader who is known for expelling entire alliances or kicking people because they don't like them. It creates a rift in the community in which we feel like our own alliances are out to get us. It's a shame really.
  4. Alts Post 6.0

    Yeah, aetherforging is useless now for the most part. Well, for me, it's not because I'm crafting all of those skins that will disappear in 6.0. But for most people, yeah. Enchanting stigmas to +9 is more for the extra stigma slot (technically two extra stigma slots, but we haven't gotten the 8th slot available to us yet). Some help with CDs, yes, but it's more for the extra slots.
  5. 6.0 info

    I honestly don't see this being the case. Any time in the past where NA has appeared to not release something, they did later. For example, we were all proud that NA didn't release those op godstones, like the fear godstone. Then, months later, they were in an event. Even if these things aren't available in the beginning, NA will undoubtedly release them at a future date.
  6. Lvl 65 SM with no Magic Implosion?

    There are many stigmas available to each class. However, you only get certain ones through the quest lines. The others, if you want them, must be acquired in other ways: - Buy from broker - Get from Crucible Spire bag (not at your level) - Get from Norsvold/Iluma artifacts (not at your level) - Get from events -- not always a reward in events, but the event we currently have has a chance to drop stigma boxes from the fully upgraded Solemn tree. * Evergale Canyon, a mass pvp instance that happens every day for level 66+, will drop a random stigma for any class if you win. Most people will sell these on the broker and then use the kinah gained to buy stigmas for their own class.
  7. Giving Grove Disappointment

    Agreed. I'm not cool with the Caeus box being a reward for upgrading the trees. In the past, I have always given away my seeds for free. Yesterday, I put my 100 saved up on the broker. That made me sad to do, but at the same time, I'm not going to (potentially) give someone a Caeus box for free. That crap is just too op for this game and should not be achieved because people donated it to you.
  8. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Wahhhh, Tiamat Stronghold didn't give me a seed yesterday lol. I guess it's just a small chance from instances.
  9. Preparing for 6.0 ~ What are you guys up to?

    Master Harvester and 80AP gear at +15 or higher are both exchanged for new 6.0 gear. That said, it's not *the best* 6.0 gear. It's just better than what people will have if they don't have anything to exchange at all. People who have like +30 80AP gear will get better exchanges than people with +15 80AP gear. Regular Harvester and 75AP gear are also exchanged, but only at +25 or higher. Here is a chart for exchanges: Personally, I'm working on enchanting my stigmas, and I just got aetherforging to 300. Both things are still highly relevant in 6.0 and beyond.

    Exactly. Not only did we have the whole rewards fiasco, but it also made half of the server hate the other half of the server for elitism, etc. It did NOT bring us together, and honestly, I don't care if we never see it again.
  11. Giving Grove 2018 Danaria Collect

    Don't you already have the title? Why not let someone else on your server have a chance?
  12. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Solemn looks like the tree I would want as it gives omegas, temperings, and stigmas. I'm probably in the minority though haha. I love that you listened to our suggestion about having the really old instances drop the seeds though! I've been running Tiamat Stronghold every day to collect skins as well as other instances like ORB and Sauro when I have time for those lesser-priority skins. So it's cool that I'll be able to get seeds too!
  13. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    Don't worry about it too much. 6.0 is coming in a few months (theoretically), and all current pvp gear will be much weaker than the new stuff. If you already had 75AP gear, then yeah, you would be working to upgrade it to +15 80AP so that you could exchange it in 6.0. But if you don't have any at all, it would take you way too much time and kinah to try to get gear before 6.0. ... Unless you have like a billion kinah to spare. Then just buy the 75AP gear (Prime Captain) on the broker.
  14. Costume Rotation

    @Nyali-DN are you Asmo or Ely? If you're Asmo, add me as a friend in game. My legion has started farming the world bosses whenever we're bored for the natural magic stones. I'll whisper you when we form and you can join us. The stone you get is random, but hey, at least it's one stone per boss lol.
  15. crafting skins in 6.0?

    I and many of my friends are doing this. We are crafting all of the skins we want from aetherforging while we can still get them. Several of us have aetherforging at 300 now, so we've also started farming the couple of world bosses that drop the Natural Magic Stones so that we can get the Prowess skins before 6.0 since those will also disappear from aetherforging. It's sad, but at least we have several months notice to get these skins!

    This is all we can do -- try to educate people. I was in one a few days ago in which the league lead offered to expel entire alliances, thinking that he/she was helping us. I put into region chat that doing so would cause us to have a cooldown. A lot of people have good intentions, but just don't understand the mechanics of the game -- which isn't surprising considering many things in this game are not explained very well and you have to just figure it out as you go along.
  17. leveling incentives?

    No, I totally understand, and I would have included that info in my post if I had it. I feel like I originally read it in a GameForge thread, but that thread was like 65 pages long or something crazy. So even if I could find that thread again, I wouldn't want to read all of those pages for the one relevant post lol.
  18. leveling incentives?

    Korean players who reached 75 before 6.0 were rewarded with some gifts, but we don't know if we'll see the same treatment in NA.
  19. Chanter pve essence points and skills

    Essence points are something of a personal preference for most people. In my opinion, there is no truly right or wrong answer. Especially in chanter because it depends on how you're playing the class. Are you purely dps, purely heals, or hybrid? Here is what I tend to do in pve, but again, this is only my preference. The next chanter might do it completely different than what I do. You will need to find something that works for you. Also note that I am level 75 so I will have a lot more essence points available to me than you will. Full dps -- I'm either by myself or there are 2 healers in my group already: - Power: 43, Precision: 39, Health: 23 - Vessel of Fire 0 (1 click) - Boost Defense 0, Enhance Attack 0, Archdaeva Chain Crush 0 - Hallowed Strike 5, Inescapable Judgment 5, Infernal Blaze 5, Incandescent Blow 4, Meteor Strike 4, Promise of Earth 7 Hybrid -- this is me 90% of the time; there's probably 1 cleric in my group and everyone else is dps - Power: 43, Precision 39: Health: 23 - Vessel of Fire 0 - Boost Defense 0, Enhance Attack 0, Archdaeva Chain Crush 0, Archdaeva Protection Ward** - Recovery Spell 4, Hallowed Strike 4, Inescapable Judgment 5, Infernal Blaze 4, Incandescent Blow 4, Meteor Strike 4, Promise of Earth 7** Full heal -- there is no other healer in my group - Power 43 (I keep these points in for phys def), Health: 35 - Vessel of Earth 0 - Boost Defense 0, Archdaeva Protection Ward - Recovery Spell 8, Healing Light 8, Block Curtain 5 ** For Promise of Earth and Archdaeva Protection Ward, I will put 25 points into Promise of Earth to get it to +7. I will then apply Promise of Earth to myself as it will last for 30 minutes or until I die. Then I will take those 25 points back out of Promise of Earth and put them into Archdaeva Protection Ward. Two skills for the price of one.
  20. Costume Rotation

    Nightmare fuel lmao
  21. Some questions about 6.X

    I've had the same thought. I'm going to craft Prowess before it disappears in 6.0, but I'm hesitant to put it into Luna wardrobe for this reason.
  22. Alts Post 6.0

    You could focus on enchanting your stigmas and leveling your aetherforging to 300. Both of those will still be relevant in 6.0.
  23. Alts Post 6.0

    Yeah, I mean the ones I care about I obviously won't delete. But there are several that were only leveled through Luna for the purpose of being used in events. I don't even know how to play them properly lol.
  24. Hi @Cyan, a lot of us would like to craft the Prowess skins (aetherforging 300) before they go away in 6.0, but the rarity of the red, blue, purple, etc Natural Magic Stones makes doing so cost-prohibitive. They only drop from a few named monsters, and it's not a guaranteed drop. Could you please have these mats as a reward for one or two of our events this summer so we can get these skins? Thanks!
  25. Weaving and physical weapons

    My ping is usually between 25-35. As a chanter, if I have support stigmas socketed (which I do 90% of the time), I will absolutely run out of skills if I do not weave between every skill, even during chains. If I have dps stigmas socketed, then I will just weave every 2-3 skills and not break up chains.