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  1. Aetherforging

    Just a heads up, you will need approximately 13,000 Spirit Stone of Darkness Staminas for 270-300. (With 500% amulet) This high amount caught me off guard, so now I warn people.
  2. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    Use a ping reducer, such as WTFast.
  3. Level 10 gear

    It is too late. You can either start a new toon or just use quest gears until you get to level 55, at which time you will receive another set of OP gear from your first yellow quest in Enshar/Cygnea.
  4. What is this bike?

    I have the level 200 aetherforging mount (brown sabretooth). Yes, it does sprint. However, its regular speed is only 12.0 instead of 13.0 like the faster horses, etc. Kind of ridiculous really, but I don't care because it's a rare mount and I like how cool it looks lol.
  5. Aetherforging

    You need the same mats multiple times. For example, there are a few different times you will need to craft pet safe ingredients throughout the 1-300 period. So although you might have a bunch of leftover edible meat after the first time, you will need it again later. So very rarely, if ever, will you have an overkill problem in aetherforging.
  6. What is this bike?

    Rarely apparently. I've never had it drop in any of my ToE runs.
  7. Nostalgia event ! Please

    One of my legionmates formed an Empyrean Crucible group a couple weeks ago. We had a blast doing it! Our cleric actually had to cast like one heal at the end! lmao
  8. Nostalgia event ! Please

    I actually like this idea. I think it could be easy to implement because it's basically any event that drops event items from the bosses. The only difference is instead of the instances being the standard CoE, AoE, Adma, Theo, DL, etc, they would be the lower level instances. Well, we know it won't happen, but it would be nice!
  9. Drop Rate - Spirit Stones of Darkness

    It might be because we just had the crafting boost this past weekend. The aetherforging materials tend to go scarce during that week, but will generally bounce back after the next week.
  10. There will be a NA master server ?

    Excuse you, it's DOWNaria...
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 13, 2018

    It's a ferret! I meannnn I guess TECHNICALLY part of the weasel family, buuuuttttt....
  12. Taloc Hollow, How to fly to reach Celestius?

    It's VERY glitchy. Also, you might notice that the updraft is stronger at times. There is a pattern to it. If you try to glide when it is weaker, you won't go high enough.
  13. Tonythegod Ranger Hacker KT

  14. How to get 2 characters in same group in Coalition?

    You still receive upgrade materials for 80AP gear even if you lose Divine Siege; you just receive less than if you had won. You will also still get GP with a loss. However, you have to be within the fortress when it ends. So if you die and accidentally resurrect back at your faction's landing, you need to hurry back to the fortress before it ends.
  15. Costume Rotation

    Spank that server. ... I'm sorry.
  16. Not Waiting on 6.0!

    Fair enough.
  17. Not Waiting on 6.0!

    "I've never gotten past 50 on the game, and it's been a very long time since I've played" As in, level cap used to be much lower years ago.
  18. Not Waiting on 6.0!

    Sorcs and sins are power hitters and usually top DPS in any group (if they're good) as well as gladiators. Songweavers will rarely be top DPS unless they're crazy geared, but they can at least heal themselves as needed and restore their mana and their group's mana when needed. My main is chanter, and my favorite alt is sorc. I find sorcs to be a lot of fun because it's exciting to nuke things, plus they have some really cool animations. If you like support though and want to stay semi-support, then songweaver is probably what you would like to try. Songweaver is also one of the easiest classes in the game to play, so very newbie-friendly for someone who hasn't played the game in several years.
  19. returning Chanter lvl 32

    Welcome back. A level 32 chanter can solo Fire Temple, so get someone to hold your group and do that until around level 37. Then you can pop on over to Kromede's Trial which is a solo instance. Do that a couple times, and also do your yellow campaign quests until you get to level 53. Then you can form a duo with someone (dps/tank class) to do Beshmundir Temple -- combined with more campaign quests and probably a few dark blue quests -- until you reach level 65. At that point, you can do the ascension yellow quest which will automatically bump you to level 66 in which you become an archdaeva and can do endgame content!
  20. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    I was waiting for someone to say this. People act like we only ever do things in this game to get something out of it. Sometimes we do things because we simply like doing them and/or to hang out with friends. Someone told me I don't "need" BoS because my main has had full Master Harvester for months. A) I'm trying to gear my favorite alt. But B) I LIKE HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS. It's the same with Evergale. Even if you already have 80AP on everything, it's fun to hang out with 23 of your friends all at the same time. Some people forget the real reason we play games: because we LIKE to and they're FUN.
  21. Aion JP announced Refly update

    Yeah, Japan still uses Arabic numerals like we do, so we'd see a date like 9/27 or whatever.
  22. I was ready to get offline and read/watch TV last night and then I was like "oh crap I didn't run the event on any of my toons today." ..... *signs off anyway*
  23. Frustration with Frigida Legion weapons

    It's so sad that no one does it anymore, even to the extreme that people think it doesn't exist lmao.
  24. Frustration with Frigida Legion weapons

    I'm confused about this because my old Sophisticated Frigida staff had a godstone in it. Did you actually try putting a godstone in it or just read that? Unfortunately, Sophisticated Frigida has not been "the best" in several months. I'm sorry. You can still sell them, but not for anywhere close to what you paid most likely. Nothing will happen to them. They will still be in your inventory. Sophisticated Frigida gear/weapons are not among those that will be exchanged in 6.0. Meaning, you will not receive any sort of compensation for having them, even if they're +15. Godstones *for new items* will disappear. Weapons that already have them socketed will still be able to use them; we have seen this to be true in videos from KR 6.0. You just won't be able to put godstones into new weapons.
  25. Questions about incoming 6.x

    @Andregark-DN I think I love you. Haha thank you!