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  1. 1: No, it cannot be exchanged. Keep it for skins or discard it. 2: Useless and cannot be socketed into the new gear nor exchanged; discard. 3: Same as above. You can acquire new pve and pvp plumes -- yes, there are separate plumes for each now -- by doing the basic Lakrum yellow/blue quests and instances. 4: Yes if you have the correct omegas and temperings. Regulars will exchange at a ratio of 1:1 for omegas and 1:3 for temperings. However, some of the [event] temps/omegas will not exchange. 5: Not exchangeable and cannot be sold to the vendor; discard. 6: You can get
  2. It's like fairies; if you don't believe, then it ceases to exist!
  3. Not the same thing. That's real life. This is a silly game.
  4. It's ultimately up to you. I prefer to get my weapon first usually, but if you have a semi-decent weapon already, it might be better to focus a few armor pieces first.
  5. Gideon out here on his lunch break lmao.
  6. @Bunnies-DN Bun, who is this? Is it someone in our legion? If so, let me know who tonight as I think I have 2 or 3 cleric stigmas on the broker, and I will give them to him/her either free or at a super low cost.
  7. Definitely recommend everyone try this. It really helped me last night. At previous Lakrum/Divine sieges, I have like 3fps. I can't even move, let alone dps/heal. I enabled (turned on) fixed fps last night and had an average of 20fps the whole time. MUCH much better.
  8. To obtain the mythical red/ultimate enchantment stone, one must unlock a magical quest line that is all but unknown. Firstly, you must /dance emote with the teleport NPC in Panda/Sanctum for exactly 7.5 hours. If you go over this time limit, you will have to start over, so set yourself an alarm. After doing so, he will fall in love with your character and open up a secret quest. This quest will lead to multiple more quests -- all of them with the same goal in mind: to make the NPCs fall in love with you. At the end of the quest line (which takes approximately 6 years to complete), you will pro
  9. I struggled with floor 7 because I think I'm missing a mechanism or something. Like I had to kill both the Tog Lord AND the tog. I thought the tog would disappear after I killed its master, but it didn't. They both had a lot of hp too, rip.
  10. They are labeled incorrectly. One is more like magic suppression and the other is like magic resist. I can't remember which is which; I think @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT had specified in some other thread, but I can't find it.
  11. This happened to my boyfriend too. I think it's much more common than people realize, and I'd advise no one to buy more than one book with the 200 gold bars.
  12. I actually like the transforms better than scrolls because it's only one thing I have to pop. I don't have to pop a run scroll AND an atk/cast scroll AND a crit scroll. I just have one thing to deal with. Furthermore, my chanter can have both atk speed and cast speed now. YAY! If I could toggle off the appearance of the transforms (for free), I'd be 100% happy with them. Sadly, I don't think NCsoft is going to do that for us, so I have to live with it. Either I live with it or I stop using them or I stop playing the game. We all have that decision to make. For me, although I hate looking
  13. Check your map and look around at the camps. Most of the dark blue and light blue quests will say [Weekly] on them. These are the ones that give you the genesis crystals. There are a TON of them, and a lot of them are repeatable 4 times every week. The 4x repeatables are kill some mobs. The once weekly ones are kill 5 enemy npcs. They're all very easy to complete; just do them in your pvp gear so you're ready for the enemy faction as they will also be doing these same quests.
  14. Shit, I'm from the US and I won't even be able to maintain mine either. I'll be a soldier rank 1 next time it resets. There just aren't enough ways to earn GP anymore.
  15. I failed a legendary piece going from 0 to +1 TWICE IN A ROW yesterday. So while I'm happy for you, your luck =/= everyone else's. Sadly.
  16. The kibrium comes from elite leader mobs. The fighting spirit fragments come from disenchanting pvp gear. So it could be crafted pvp gear or pvp gear you bought with genesis crystals; just DE it and you'll get a few fighting spirit fragments. Sadly, you don't get nearly enough in comparison to the ridiculous amount that we need.
  17. In addition to the good ideas that Pikachu gave you above, here is what I use for my stigmas. PVE DPS: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/c9B9C9H9L9M9I0N0P75 PVP DPS: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/c9B9H9E9L9M9I0J0N75 PVE Support/Hybrid: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/c9A9D9F9L9M9I0N0P75 PVP Support/Hybrid: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/c9A9F9E9L9M9I0N0P75 Like Pikachu, I also keep Accelerator Cheer in all the time now due to how slow everyone is. I usually run around with my sin boyfriend, and if he's really close to being able to catch someon
  18. Woah what really? O_O You literally never got the amazing rewards from SFT, Kumuki, etc because you didn't want to transform? Bud, I understand hating the candies -- I hate looking like them too -- but you missed out on some amazing rewards.
  19. Truuuuuuuuuth. These fragments are way too hard to obtain in comparison with how many of them we need.
  20. I thought the xp for the minions only came from killing mobs. Does it also come from quest turn-ins?
  21. Ok this made me laugh because it's so true lmao.
  22. It may not be perfect, but hey. Although I do agree about the website. Long overdue and much appreciated!
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