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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    I mean considering this ultimate armor has been out for a year, yeah, I'd say most people have their gear by now. If you are that far behind, you probably need to call it out.
  2. I do NOT like how pvp is discouraged from siege now. 0 GP if you only pvp. That is a T E R R I B L E change. Whywhywhy would you discourage pvp...
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    Skythee, if you can do Herelym Mine for one of your "10 bosses" on the weekly lugbug, then you can do Lower Udas Temple. I do Udas with an alt that has ancient gear and 0 stigmas.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    This is actually a really easy one. Just disenchant a few pieces of ancient/legendary gear that you get from instances. Or you can buy genesis crystal/titan coin gear and disenchant those.
  5. Current Bugs and Issues for the New Patch

    This Prestige quest below appears to be bugged. It did not update for several of us in Benirunerk's Estate Normal Mode. We beat it quickly (got marks) and nothing weird happened, so it should have updated.
  6. Current Bugs and Issues for the New Patch

    Just wanted to quickly say it's not IP based. @Hellish-DN and I live in the same house. I have the auto-hunting play button; he does not.
  7. [Poll] Bonus Experience Event

    I'm pretty sad that our XP event is over. I was able to buy Daeva skills while it was going on, but probably will have to be more selective with my purchases now that it's gone. :<
  8. Boost Runestones Abilities

    You have more chances of stunning people who have a resistance to being stunned. It's an offensive runestone, not defensive.
  9. Will we not have Auto Hunt for NA?

    Kibbelz stated in another post that we don't have it intentionally.
  10. I see you posted that we'll be receiving the 2nd half of the 7.5 patch next week (post: https://www.aiononline.com/news/shadows-over-balaurea-update). You note within that page that this will be the Korean update from February 19, 2020. Can one of you beautiful CMs please let us know if your update will also include the patch from before that one, February 5, 2020? This one: https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=901036 It adds: - Auto-hunting mobs in open world - 2nd boss Orissan in IDD Hard Mode (drops plume) - Requirement to kill gates at altars before they can be taken - Other minor changes Thanks! Really looking forward to the new siege schedule!
  11. Noob question about picking a class

    Vandal is kind of a compilation of several classes. It has an ambush skill like a sin, has an evasion "shield" similar to leather classes, weapon (chromablaster) is similar in appearance and where it's stored on the toon's body to a gunner, has some sorc-similar nukes. Ability to kite decently, squishy as it's a clothie like sorc.
  12. New BCM sales event

    HELL YEAH YEEHAWWWWWW The sad thing is I TRIED TO GET OUT. I TRIED. I started playing Tera, and I really liked it! Playing a couple weeks, really getting into it, and then En Masse Entertainment posts a notice yesterday that their company is shutting down. They say support will continue elsewhere for Tera, but we all know how that will end. Sadly, MMOs are just going the way of the dodo birds. They go massive p2w and then they die. It's depressing.
  13. Send Logs and Pin Bugs

    The only thing that seems to help a little bit with the pin bugs is to select a few other characters on the screen before you click the one you actually want to log into. Not a guarantee, but it helps.
  14. Farming cubics and auto-bot system analysis

    Those are actually getting re-added to the Qubrinerk's instance. I THINK they might get re-added with the patch tomorrow if we follow Korean patch aspects, but if not, then it should be the next patch.
  15. pwease let me give you my money for this motion
  16. Noob question about picking a class

    I wouldn't recommend you go on Katalam. That server is very unstable lately, lots of bugs. Go on Danaria.
  17. What happens?

    If you use a stigma (NOT stigma enchantment stone) on a +9 or +12 stigma and it fails, it will go all the way back down to 0. Do not do it. I do not recommend using stigmas above +4.
  18. Farming cubics and auto-bot system analysis

    A few months =/= 2 years, Thronos.
  19. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    Yeah, it seems that way to me too, but would still be nice to get confirmation of that.
  20. Amazon Ncoin codes

    It takes 12 hours if you're paying by credit card. If you pay by PayPal, then it's instantaneous.
  21. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    When I said "minor changes," I was referring to the minor changes in the Korean patch notes from February 5th, but yeah, I agree that's a good thing we're getting!
  22. (7.5) Gelkmaros Campaign and other Quest BUG (Asmodian)

    Do your weekly and daily Luna instances. That will get you from 79 to 80. Tbh with the current XP boost, just doing the daily only should do the trick.
  23. Boyfriend had to change his client to get it to start in Windows 8 Compatibility mode to get it to stop doing that a few days ago.
  24. Re: the token reset policy (loki/kibbelz)

    Unfortunately not. I know several people who have been denied.