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  1. Delay In-between skills

    Aion has been a bit laggy the past few days. My ping is around 50 the past couple days when it's usually 20-30. It could still be your ISP, but Aion's lag issues could be compounding it.
  2. is everybody in this game anitsocial? :(

    I hate duel requests because they're too sudden. I might be sitting in pve support spec or in a skin. My essences might be set to heals. Any number of things that would make me unprepared for a duel. Other than that, what everyone else said -- people are much more social on the standard server after level 66.
  3. 4.8 and 6.0 history repeating

    Thank you for this heads-up. I've been wondering what would happen to kinah left in there.
  4. It's too late. We can't spell it correctly now; we've gone too long. WE'RE IN TOO DEEP.
  5. 4.8 and 6.0 history repeating

    Ladies, ladies... don't fight! You're both pretty!
  6. Event Server Maintenance - May 24, 2018

    You're forgetting the glorious Pumpkin King event!
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 23, 2018

    Or even just DISABLE XIGNCODE until they can get Xigncode to be compatible with Windows 10... I mean, it's not like they're actually using Xigncode to catch/stop hackers anyway. My computer keeps telling me it needs to perform a Windows update, but I keep sleeping the notice because I'm afraid it will be this update that will prevent Aion from working. Smh, come on, NCsoft...
  8. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    Don't mind Heat. He/she likes to accuse people of things, and then when we prove him/her wrong, it's a disappearing act. Called me out as being wrong and needing to do my research for saying hats were included in the Prime Captain armor boxes in the race event, multiple people backed me up that what I said was correct, and Heat was never to be seen again~
  9. 6.0 info

    Dat ombre ballgown and suit loooooooove. Also digging the winter outfits.
  10. Is Aion Dying...

    Yeah, a lot of people do. That comment made me scratch my head in confusion lol.
  11. Aion Staff refused to give me Divine Siege Rewards

    "If the number of participants exceeds the maximum number of rewards issued, it's possible to participate and not receive a reward." Uhhhhhh. Sounds like Titanic and the lack of lifeboats for everyone on board.
  12. Mounts From Black Cloud Market

    Welcome back. Mounts cannot be traded between toons. The only exceptions to this are the two mounts you can obtain through aetherforging (66+ crafting) and the 14-day nimbus mounts you can buy on the broker for around 4 mil a piece. Note, these are only tradeable in their boxed form; once they are opened, they are untradeable. I don't know the last time you played, but Luna might not have been around then. If you don't know what Luna is, click on the pink moon down by your skill bars. You have to be on standard server, not fast track, in order to see it. Through this feature, you can run daily and weekly solo instances which give you crafting materials. You'll see that every day you have a few new crafts you can do; they change every day. Various mounts will show up in here. So if you start collecting the Luna materials from the instances and free daily box (it's a red box that costs 0 to open every day), you can eventually craft yourself some mounts on each toon. Again though, these mounts are not tradeable, so you have to craft them on the toon you want.
  13. Thanks for the years of fun.

    "fueled by the change in the monetization scheme" translates to "YASSSSSS we've finally got KR players on board with paying way too much real money because they can no longer get the things they need without a credit card" 6.0 is coming, guys. gg.
  14. Soulstones

    Thread title: Soulstones Thread topic: The moral "superiority" of certain countries and cultures
  15. KR May 9th 2018 - Not a happy update

    Mmm chanter. I knew they'd end up nerfing that new op dispel skill. Down from 10 second duration to 7 seconds.
  16. Zerotoierance/Zerotolerance problem

    Lol I wish my legionmates could see this; they'd laugh. We were just talking about this person last night. She actually whispered one of my legionmates last night and asked him not to kick her afk sorc. Like wow. But yeah, any time I see her in EC, I just roll my eyes because she's afk 99% of the time.
  17. Soulstones

    Good God...
  18. Soulstones

    But it's more fun to just call everything a dux.
  19. Is Aion Dying...

    To be fair, I see a ton of level 75s (including myself) who take level 66s to Adma/Theo all the time because we simply don't care. We just want to get the run done fast to get our disenchants. We can solo that stuff, so having a level 66 doesn't impact us in any way. As you said, by the time we wait for another 75, we could already be done. Also, there are lots of people willing to do the "drop the group" method in Fallen Poeta to help people get double or triple xp, depending on who is dropping for the relics/boss. So really, it just boils down to the people with whom you associate yourself. And that is true for every game out there -- and everything in real life.
  20. Unable to remove Lucky Hand buff

    Just another cry from me. @Cyan please can we get this fixed? I understand not being able to stack buffs, and that's perfectly fine. However, if we could just REMOVE the Prestige buff when we want to use an XP amulet, everything would be just fine. Pleaseeeee.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 2, 2018

    One single piece of each of these, @MetalCutie-DN. Yes, it's ridiculous. Like one minium? Total waste of coins lol.
  22. Keep in mind that these things go away in 6.0. So don't be too worried about them and depend upon them, and don't spend billions of kinah trying to get +10 essence cores that will be gone in a few months. +3/4 is pretty doable in terms of kinah, so you might want to aim a little lower than +10, especially since you're new and don't have hundreds of millions or billions of kinah like a lot of people who have been playing a long time.
  23. I report Aion for none stop kicking in evergale

    Sorry, but no. I disagree completely. That is just taking advantage of the people who are actually making an effort and trying to win. I don't agree with Arxagellos often, but I do in this case. If you want to afk, then fine. But don't try to say that it's your "right" to do so, or that you feel like you are forced to afk. You can make the choice to get out there and try to fight, or you can be lazy and partake of rewards that you did not earn.
  24. Prestige Pack Update?

    But I don't eat fish.
  25. Prestige Pack Update?

    No, but you can pay me in kinah. Or macaroni and cheese.