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  1. Returning Player - What's New?

    Here are some threads like yours to help you get up to speed:
  2. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    @SweetHoney-KT No, I'm at work -- obviously being a very productive employee lmao. Aion twitter said maintenance ended 9 minutes ago, so you should be able to get in now.
  3. Abyss Null?

    I think the OP might be talking about the lower abyss which, yes, it's kind of useless now. Accessibility, go to the upper abyss. There is a lot of action going on there. We have sieges up there every night (unless we just don't want to that night). There is Divine Fortress siege on Saturday nights. There are camps to do for exp and blood medals/marks. etc etc
  4. Joker's Wild 2018 Rewards List

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I still have one alt which is not in full Apollon yet, and I aim to fix that with this event!
  5. 6.0 info

    @Kubei-DN from your video, it looks as if you trade 1 omega to get 1 PVP or PVE enchantment stone; is that correct? I can't tell -- what do you get if you trade in a tempering? Thanks for the video.
  6. what avoid in aion 5.8 before aion 6.0

    Same. If we're losing housing again, this gives me a chance to start hoarding admin boons.
  7. 6.0 info

    So I was watching a 6.0 video and some of the new aetherforging crafts have some, um, interesting names. Translations can be rough sometimes haha. Source:
  8. Suggestions

    Laughed in real life at this.
  9. Revolt

    I saw the name of this thread and reached for my imaginary popcorn. Ayuzawa, this is just a game, and if you're not having fun, you shouldn't be playing it. You're taking it waaaaaay too seriously. Yes, 6.0 will be a big, new, scary world -- but we're all in it together. (Or we're not if you quit lol.) We won't have 6.0 for many months. What you are doing now in 5.8 is not worthless.
  10. 6.0 info

    I believe I saw Kubei post somewhere in this thread that they removed essencetapping and aethertapping in 6.0.
  11. Help understanding AION NA subscription model

    A lot of people play with similar ping. You'd struggle to pvp with an assassin, for example, but overall you should be okay.
  12. Aion needs, more than ever, a report system

    I love Key and Peele so much hahaha.
  13. Help understanding AION NA subscription model

    ^ Ah, forgot about those stones. Like I said, I'm not logged in right now. I think it still has some crap stuff though, like that Daevanion box for way too many coins. On a related note, I love the Hyperion pet in the vending machine, but it's too bad it's only 30 days and for so many coins.
  14. Help understanding AION NA subscription model

    Firstly, you get special prestige "coins" just from being online. You will receive these coins on ALL toons on this account, not just the toon to which you have applied the Prestige Pack. They are storable in your account warehouse, so you can move them from your alts to your main. There is a vending machine with those NPCs from which you can purchase things using those prestige coins. Most of the vending machine rewards are outdated crap. I think most of us only use the coins to buy the Major Blessed Augment item as that's the only thing really worth it. Hopefully they will update the rewards for 6.0, but I doubt it. Next, there is an NPC who looks like a little doctor. He gives a buff that lasts 24 hours (actual hours that you are logged in, so it will stop counting down when you are logged out). The buff applies 5% running speed and 10% item drop rate. Note, this buff can be applied to all of your toons on that account, not just the toon to which you have applied the Prestige Pack. Another NPC in that little group gives instance-related quests. For example, you can run Beshmundir Temple and Dark Poeta twice each and then turn it into him for 4000 prestige coins. He also gives one weekly pvp quest and one daily pvp quest. A last NPC has a couple of random things you can do, such as turn in a plastic surgery ticket or get a piece of crap gear that no one would use (and it's not cute for a skin either). He's kind of useless tbh. Aside from the NPCs listed above, here are the other benefits Prestige Pack holders receive. 1. You will receive more entries into instances each week. For example, you will receive 3 entries per week into Adma and Theo instead of 2. You will receive 2 entries per day into Fissure of Oblivion instead of 1. There are other instances which also receive increases; these are just random examples. 2. Each month, you will receive two boxes of gifts. One box will contain 1 hour running and attack/cast scrolls as well as crit strike/spell scrolls. These are one of the most useful things, in my opinion. The other box will receive random items that will vary from month to month. Warning, some of them will be outdated. Like the vending machine, they need to revamp these gifts. You could receive something as useful as an omega or something as useless as a conqueror's mark (outdated Gelkmaros currency). You can see the items here under Rewards: http://store.aiononline.com/store/detail?goodsNo=9330000&categoryPath=1_98 3. You will receive a gold chest that will stay in your inventory for 30 days. You can open it once per day. It will give random items, MOST of which are useful, but there are a few outdated items as well. You can see the items here under Prestige Case (30 Day): http://store.aiononline.com/store/detail?goodsNo=9330000&categoryPath=1_98 4. You will receive more GP in sieges than non-Prestige players. Not sure if I'm forgetting anything as I am not currently logged into the game.
  15. Just checking in...

    People who still post on the forums for games they don't play anymore just deserve our pity tbh. There is something missing in their lives. Like how sad are you that you wake up in the morning and are like, "Hey, I'll go post on the forums of a game I haven't played in two years! I bet everyone missed me so much and has been thinking about me this whole time! They will surely value my outdated opinion!"
  16. 6.0 info

    Gee, NCsoft, ya think?! >:|
  17. Satisfaction survey

    Leveling from 1-80 in 14 hours (as seen in one of the streams) is just ridiculous. I mean how boring is that? Leveled to endgame in one day? It takes the challenge out of the game. I'm not an infant who needs things handed to me; I WANT to work for them. 6.0 treats us like children who are too stupid to play a game and need our hands held.
  18. Satisfaction survey

    Dude, no. How about instead: IGNORE 6.0 NC PLEASE, KEEP US ON 5.8 FOREVER Seriously, 6.0 is not looking that great right now. Haven't you been reading the other thread and seeing the streams? lol
  19. [Stamp] Supplements bag nerfed?

    It depends on the day. For each week, you get two days of supplements. The first day is regular, but the second day is greater.
  20. Increasing warehouse lv5 without NCoin quests

    I would not recommend leveling any of the lower crafting (alchemy, weaponsmithing, tailoring, etc) because those are removed in 6.0. That said, if you still want to do it, use one of the 500% crafting boost amulets. They are currently cheaper than usual on the broker because they were received a lot in the past snowball event. One 500% amulet got me from 0-300 in cooking.
  21. Arena

    It was a glitch that was (rightfully) fixed because people were farming GP...
  22. Chanter Healers VS clerics

    This thread is such cancer now. Just an excuse for everyone to brag and self-idolize.
  23. 6.0 info

    Oh, interesting! I wasn't aware they didn't have Luna. Well, my main "wtf!!" moment (aside from character-bound everything which will kill any spending power I have and probably ultimately my enjoyment of the game ) was the 1 pet limit and that's been debunked. So it's fine, I'm fine, everything's fine lol.
  24. 6.0 info

    So the left side of this screencap: Combined with this info: implies that Luna is gone in 6.0. Quna is the new Luna. I hope they convert the Luna we had purchased into Quna.
  25. Something I don't understand (Small rant)

    9) annoying sound effects