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  1. 6.0 info

    Say what now.
  2. 6.0 info

    Can you guys please stop with the BDO vs Aion crap? Many of us only want to see 6.0 stuff in this thread, and you're mucking it up. >:[ Back to the topic at hand. Both of those streams seem to be mostly revisiting old content. I was hoping someone would stream all of the NEW Lakrum stuff and leveling from 75-80.
  3. Fissure Xp increase just insulting

    ^ That. I got 1.58% on my bar last night just from running three Admas. (I'm level 74, so 1.58% is nothing to scoff at for 30 minutes of not-much-effort.) You don't need a healer to run Adma, Theo, and DL now. Maaaaaybe one or two heals if your whole group is like level 66. But even then, probably not. I took a 66 ranger and a 68 gladiator with my 74 chanter last week and I only cast one single-target heal the entire time. So run your 3-man instances, guys! They're a lot more tolerable than freaking Fissure.
  4. Send Log Error / Client Crash

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, tell us this is at least KNOWN about by the devs. (Telling support doesn't accomplish anything.) I see us all talking about it here on the forums and in LFG in-game. I know it's not just a few people. It happened maybe once a month pre-5.6. With the release of 5.6, it happens every hour for me. There is no pattern. I can be in a big instance, like siege, or I can be standing still in the broker, halfway afk and playing on my phone. Without fail, the screen will freeze for 5 seconds and then the client will close out with that stupid send log error that we all loathe. To add insult to injury, we then have to wait 5-7 minutes to get back into the game because it starts the progress loading bar (which inevitably stalls at 64%); this wait time can kill a group, and we'll usually get kicked out of the group, thus ruining one of our instance entries. Is this being looked into at all? cyan pls.
  5. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    Jfc you guys... I am DN-A and I DCed twice in the first 10 minutes. I left the siege at that point because no point in me taking up a space that could be filled by someone who could actually manage to stay connected. Legionmate said the DCs were getting better, so I joined again about 20 minutes into the siege. DCed again a little later and had about 4fps the entire time. So yeah. I understand, it sucked. But it was NOT some conspiracy by the devs, and calling Gideon a c.unt is not okay...
  6. 6.0 info

    ^ That is so peaceful! *o*
  7. Chanter Healing Burst Issue?

    Hmm, I haven't ever had this happen (that I've noticed). As Bryos said, it's possible you kept getting interrupted during the skill cast. It will still go on cd as long as you get it to around 85%, even if it gets interrupted and doesn't fully cast.
  8. Yessss! I'm so sad about my horsie's lame blue footprints now lol.
  9. Chanter Healers VS clerics

    Skins > stats.
  10. Fix the instance door send log

    Read my comment below for how to get rid of the long loading bar.
  11. Chanter Healers VS clerics

    I apologize if I was rude. It wasn't my intention. This does, indeed, make it better. However, a +8 stigma is not the norm -- unless NCwest decides to give us the stigma enchanting event and/or special stones that other regions had. Most of us do not have RNG that lucky. Good for you that you do though.
  12. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - January 11, 2018

    I was waiting for someone to do this.
  13. Chanter Healers VS clerics

    Very true. Irrelevant here though because Aly is a hella good cleric haha. But anyway... This. Word of Life only restores about 4000 HP over time. For a level 60 toon? Yeah, that's not bad. For a level 70 toon? Meh. Okay, but not great. For a level 75 toon? Pfft. I cast it when it becomes available because it's similar to people using HoT potions. It's a tiny bit of help for them, and it's insta-cast, so it's not taking time away from my other duties as a chanter. It's certainly not a good healing solution though, and I definitely wouldn't depend upon it. Furthermore, it cannot be +ed up in the daeva skills tab because it's a stigma. So it cannot be improved any. Again, correct. For healing, I use a cleric's Apollon set, so I have a small amount of healing boost (175ish). But that 175ish? It's nothing compared to a cleric who has Benevolence running plus one of their heal buffs, as Aly mentions. Chanters are not meant to be clerics in endgame -- because we have clerics. Nadiko, it seemed as if you wanted to ask people why groups want to take clerics. We answered that -- in detail -- but you are still trying to argue the point. I guess I'm confused about the ultimate purpose of this thread. Part of your confusion about cleric stems from the fact that your cleric is only level 65. That's a low level to fully understand how important cleric is in endgame content.
  14. Buggy game after 5.8 patch

    I guess I've been lucky up until now haha.
  15. Chanter Healers VS clerics

    I think part of your dissatisfaction with cleric is your lack of knowledge/experience in the class. Or maybe you haven't leveled one up very high? Clerics have more than one heal over time skill -- both for the whole group and single target. By using keybinds (F1-F6), you can easily switch group members on any class. It's not specific to only chanters; you can do it on clerics or gunslingers or anyone. As Aly said, chanter healing is very viable in the lowbie instances. But in endgame instances, such as CoE, ToE, BoS, a chanter is no replacement for a cleric. A cleric's heals will always be stronger -- restore more HP -- and that's how it's supposed to be. Chanters are there to support the cleric, pop shields at appropriate times, buff the party with HP buffs, Word of Instigation, and mantras (and know when to switch between celerity and revival), and debuff the boss with slowing attacks and stuns. By only healing, you are not providing these extra services that are, dare I say, *required* of endgame chanters. I don't want to dissuade you from playing the class the way you like. After all, this is a game, and you should have fun. I only say all of this to help answer your original question of why people bring clerics when they have you. The answer is that they are expecting you to perform all of the functions of your class, and you cannot successfully do that if you are only healing.
  16. 6.0 info

    "New Kinah cannot be traded and belongs to the character (bound kinah). Transaction within your account and other players will no longer be possible" The worst thing I've seen about 6.0 thus far. As those of you above me have mentioned, why why WHY are they making this character bound instead of account bound? Awful.
  17. Buggy game after 5.8 patch

    I haven't had that issue; however, I have seen a few things in Luna since the 5.8 patch. Weekly Luna: After afking it, some of the mobs remain after the boss is killed -- namely the little dudes with hammers or whatever it is they use to beat you and then the golden rolling support mobs. Daily Luna: Some of the mobs won't actually come up to the gate to be killed. They stay out in the "go here and you'll die" zone.
  18. Dark Wings Skin

    The Conqueror Marks are acquired a few different ways. You can get them from the Prestige daily box. Also, you can get them from quests in Gelkmaros as well as killing the mobs called Conqueror's Offerings (also in Gelk). Note, you only get like 1 mark each time, and you need like 15,000 marks to buy those wings, or somewhere around that range. They're purchased from one of the NPCs in the main sanctuary area of Gelkmaros. In other words, it could take a while lol.
  19. Chanter Healers VS clerics

    May I ask why you have chosen to play chanter -- a class with many jobs to perform -- when all you want to do is heal? It seems that cleric would have been a better pick for you. I hope my question doesn't seem rude; I don't mean it to be. Just curious what your thought process is.
  20. Fallen Poeta bug

    I ran Fallen Poeta last night to see what had changed, and it was just my assumption that he was intentionally removed to help with making the instance easier for 3-person running. Perhaps I am wrong though and his removal was a mistake?
  21. Scheduled Game Update - January 10, 2018

    waffles da real mvp
  22. Scheduled Game Update - January 10, 2018

    We'll probably get maintenance extended two or three times like we did with 5.6, so I don't know why y'all are rushing. We probably have another 8 hours to wait, so maybe the patch notes will be available by then.
  23. Where are the new god stones?

    Support ticket: Yes hi, I'm unable to log out of the game because I'm still paralyzed. It's been 4 hours... GM reply: Good afternoon. This is working as intended. I understand your frustration, but I hope you can be patient. Thank you.
  24. Nickname Story

    I used to play an old browser game called Pirate Quest like 15 years ago and my name on there was Antheria. The next game I started playing, I tried to use that same name and typoed to Vantheria. It was easy for everyone to call me Van though, so it stuck and now I use it (or other variants starting with Van) on all games. Yeah, that's me. F!@%ed up my name and it stuck.