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  1. secret st research center location

    My pleasure! I hope you can enjoy your time in the game even though it's not as fun without your friends who used to play with you. Maybe you can make some new friends. No, you do not have to be in a group to participate in altars. It helps because your groupmates/alliancemates will help you get more contribution, but if you have decent dps and survivability, you can do it by yourself. All 11 altars go vulnerable at the same time every night (8pm server time). Some will be attacked by Asmos; some will be Elyos. You won't know until you scout around to them. About 15 minutes before altars start, go around to a few different altars until you find one that has a lot of people from your same faction.
  2. Regarding the Happy Wedding motion in the event

    Little birds floating around their respective areas (Boiling Geyser lake, fountain behind Stellusia).
  3. secret st research center location

    Ancient/gold enchantment stones cannot be crafted. They can only be acquired as I mentioned previously: For legendary and ultimate enchantment stones, they can be morphed via your Morph Substances window (shift + k).
  4. Regarding the Happy Wedding motion in the event

    So I did some digging on Tuesday and here's what I found regarding the mystery motion. Searching YouTube shows this video for "Pleasant Wedding" motion -- uploaded directly from NCsoft Korea's YT page. As you can see, it's just our Parasol motion. Note that the video has wedding background music and the characters are in (somewhat) wedding attire. So I searched Powerbook and found the [Motion Card] Happy Wedding page: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188509002 On the flip side, there's also a page called [Motion Card] Parasol Twirl: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188501006 So I'm not sure if this actually is a new motion or if NCWest renamed Happy Wedding to Parasol Twirl in the past and then forgot they did that and used the Korean name for this motion in the new event. Some clarification would be really nice! I don't want to get that ring and then pick out a motion I already have. (Sorry, not 100% related to your topic of wanting to buy it outright; just thought this would be an appropriate place to discuss it in general.)
  5. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    That's really good then. Glad to hear you're playing peacefully under a new/renamed toon. Hope that's more fun for ya.
  6. maybe collusion between elyos and asmos?

    I'm sure she's just sick of everyone's shit. Everyone is constantly shitting on her, calling her an NCsoft whiteknight -- which they'd know has been the complete opposite for the past year if they actually bothered to check her recent posts. I don't think she's even playing that much anymore. At least, I never see her on DN-A anymore unless she re-rolled toons/servers. As Cheese said, shit gets old eventually.
  7. [Experience Marks] and Katalam Chests & Boxes!

    Crimson Katalam pvp quests and camp flipping quests.
  8. luna instance bug

    I saw something about it in lfg. Apparently, someone entered their daily Luna instance, but when they got in there, a different player was already inside doing the instance lmao. So the bug is that two people entered the same Luna instance.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 15, 2020

    Ah you might be right? That makes it a little better, I guess. Still, that will teach me to do a quest without reading the requirements/text lol. (No, it won't; I'll still do that lmao.)
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 15, 2020

    The daily pink ring event quest requires 40 stellium. Just throwing that out there for everyone trying to save stellium for enchantment stone tickets/other things. I didn't realize it took 40 of my stellium from my main until I tried to do the quest on an alt that didn't have any stellium.
  11. Platinum Cubics for Hard Mode Bosses

    It's Ele, not Aly lol.
  12. Returning player questions

    Songweaver actually received some buffs in our current patch. It's pretty strong right now and really fun to play! Impassion does decrease your healing boost; this is true. You can do a few things to mitigate this. If you're by yourself and just need to heal yourself every now and then, just toggle off Impassion, heal yourself up, and then toggle it back on. If you're in a group trying to heal because there's no cleric/chanter, you can use Exultation. It's the blue stigma that gives healing boost. (Note, it will decrease your magic attack though.) Also, Hymn of Rejuvenation is now a group AOE heal over time. So if you don't mind losing your frog skill (and your group doesn't mind -- most groups expect songweavers to be dpsing, not healing), you can go hybrid spec and bring Hymn of Rejuvenation. As I mentioned, songweavers actually received a lot of buffs to their damage recently! See this list below: It is most likely that you do not have good gear which is why you think the class is crappy right now. I recommend you read this thread below. @AriaTheMelodious-DN has a lot of good advice about sw. I only play sw as an alt, so my advice might not be the best.
  13. secret st research center location

    See my reply from earlier in this thread:
  14. secret st research center location

    He's located in the middle of Stellusia and also by the obelisk in Lakrum main city. No. Just work on your Dark Talon and/or Fierce Aureate (blood mark) gears.
  15. secret st research center location

    Yes, that quest is bugged. No one can complete it right now.
  16. Platinum Cubics for Hard Mode Bosses

    Yeah, the platinum cubics are a pipe dream. Very poor implementation.
  17. Stigma Enchant event?

    I didn't pay a single penny for my +12 stigmas. I gave kinah to my alts over a 2-3 month period and had them buy stigma enchantment stones every week on the Gold Sand Traders. And that's just the ridiculous steps I took earlier this year. Now, it's very easy with the current event to get a lot of stigma enchantment stones. Use your main toon to get the daily Daevanion skill book and then have a second toon (on a different account) leveled up to the Stormwing level which gives 3 stigma enchantment stones per day. Just collect those enchantment stones on that one toon each day. If you start now, you'll still have around 130 stigma enchantment stones at the end of the event even though you'd be starting late. I mean yeah, it's not as easy as just having one account do the Stormwing event, but at least it's 100% free.
  18. Server issue

    He has downloaded the European version of Aion. To play with you (on the North American version), he needs to uninstall what he currently has and re-install the correct version found at http://www.aiononline.com
  19. Stigma Enchant event?

    We technically did have a stigma enchant event back in November; it just wasn't a very good one. It only gave us the +9 safe spot, but no increased success rate. But yes, I hope we get an event with increased success rate and +12 safe spot.
  20. Hello! Comming back to AION

    Read this topic. Ignore the topic title; the OP ended up asking a bunch of random questions, but they are helpful questions for new players.
  21. Luna Craft

    The biggest draw for Luna for many people is the exp from the daily instance. Removing it would have a lot of backlash. This gives nowhere near the amount of exp as the daily Luna instance which we can afk while we're in the shower.
  22. secret st research center location

    No. The NPC will be in the middle of your Lakrum base, so just talk to those who have light blue quests. Skins are lost when you purify.
  23. Evergale Silver Cubic Bundles

    Correct. All PVE instances give the Complex types.
  24. secret st research center location

    I'm pretty sure you mean you want to leave your LEGION and join a new one. To leave your legion, follow the steps below.
  25. secret st research center location

    I'm confused. Do you mean how do you leave a legion? A legion is a guild -- a group of people in the same "clan" as you. You can speak with them in legion chat, do things with them if you/they want, etc. They're friends. An alliance is a group of up to 24 people -- there will be 4 groups of 6 people each. It could be people you know or it could be people from lfg. Idgel Dome (also called ID in lfg) can be found in the cave icon on the right side of your skill bars. It is only open on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday at certain times of the day. See screencap below. It's not available today, but Dredge is. Evergale Canyon is only available on Wednesday and Saturday. It will be next to the cave icon there, but it will look like a flag. Honestly, the best advice I can give regarding you being undergeared is to do the yellow Windsteam questlines. I know you've started them, so just finish them. There is a lot of text in them, but they explain SO MUCH. And you will come out on the other side with two endgame pieces of gear to start you out, plus you might get even more pieces in IDD/PF/SL while doing those parts of the Windstream quests.