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  1. Offense taken. But only because you are correct. :pepehands:
  2. It is a random chance to occur when you open a new rune/gem slot on an accessory.
  3. What -- you don't want to pay $8 look like a rainbow snake? 🥺
  4. Yeah, all 30 remaining players and their 200 alts. kek
  5. Kromede: Courageous = PVE attack Ferocious = PVP attack Sheba: Deadly = crit Deft = accuracy Hyperion: Courageous = PVE defense Ferocious = PVP defense Viola: Rejuvenated = heal boost Tenacious = HP Modor: Agile = evasion Stubborn = magic resist
  6. The last 2 pages of https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Minions have all the S rank minions and which are which.
  7. It's pretty unfair to a lot of clerics because they rolled that class to be main heals, and now they aren't. For me, it worked out great because I like healing as a chanter, but similarly, a couple of my dps chanter friends are unhappy that they're now healers (or they're re-rolling to pure dps classes). There are some clerics out there who are trying to hang onto being main healers -- and I totally get it because, again, that's why they rolled the class in the first place -- but they are easily outhealed by chanters, even chanters who are in hybrid or even Inspiration (decreased HB) spec. Aga
  8. Yeah, honestly, this is one of the better-priced things in the Vending Machine currently. I was kind of shocked to have it fully evolved with only 4k coins.
  9. Don't accept it from your mail. Put in a support ticket. Calli and Hellish got theirs moved to the correct toons.
  10. Boyfriend got the minion he wanted on his 7th try, so it's definitely possible. But of course, the game does not know which one you want lol. Which is why I now have 3 Violas and 1 Sheba. 😂
  11. If this recommendation does not work, try this: The aion.bin.old trick works most of the time for most people.
  12. I was trying for Stubborn Modor, ended up with (another) HP Viola lol. Oh well, we all knew it was rng and we might not get what we want.
  13. We can look to how dead Crimson Katalam, Lakrum, and Demaha (outside of altar time) are to see the answer to that question, sadly.
  14. There's the problem with your challenge. That is not NCsoft's goal -- or any game company's goal. They need money. It is their goal to have us spend money on the game.
  15. Because they know that half the people still playing this game use "ice cream" and banning them all will just make the game shut down even quicker. I know people like to say, "Oh they just want to shut Aion down!" but they don't because it does still generate money for the company. Yes, it is the lowest money-maker, but as long as it is still making them money, they will keep it up. Banning half the playerbase will cut a lot of their money.
  16. A lot of us used to love the pvp in Aion, but we do not anymore because it's not the same. Everyone hits way too hard; the pvp is literally just whoever can get the jump first, then their opponent is dead in 5-10 seconds. It's not fun. My boyfriend and I used to open world pvp and instance pvp every day. Now we only pve in Aion. We log off Aion fairly early in the evening to pvp in a different game. Sadly, there is no remedy for the state that pvp is in because everyone has too much of everything. Advanced this, advanced that, gemstones, runestones, blah blah blah. Again, everyone just hits wa
  17. The chests giving old rewards and the windstreams not working are not bugs. Kibbelz confirmed in another thread that they are intended.
  18. This skin is not currently available on any of the 7.7 gear sets or t.rash drops, as far as I am aware.
  19. This gear is only better than +15 Ultimate Dark Talon if it's at least +7. Since it breaks upon failed enchantment, it's not worth the effort imo. But for what it's worth, the Gelk/Ing world bosses (Ragnarok and Omega) drop the Paragon armor/weapon as well, but it's one piece per drop, and it's random. The Demaha world bosses drop the weapons. I actually have the weapon and all of the armor pieces except one from this world boss method, but I just collected it for the skin because, again, it's not really worth the hassle of trying to enchant it. Paragon armor/weapons are also brokerable, so yo
  20. This is it in a nutshell. Kibbelz and Loki care/try. No one else does.
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