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  1. Returning after a long time, ping is INSANE

    This is not normal and is probably an issue with either your internet or the installation of Aion. Try doing a file repair maybe.
  2. Inannas Decision degarunerk's door bug

    Even if you have the correct key, it won't always work. It's very glitchy. It took me several tries. What I finally had to do was strafe back and forth in front of the door until I was positioned just perfectly (apparently) and then it finally worked. I was about to lose my mind.
  3. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    I hope this won't sound rude (so hard to convey meaning through text), but it sounds like you didn't really contribute. It's probably because of your gear. Maybe you couldn't do very much dps on the gates and/or you couldn't kill anyone. You only have to get a minimal amount of AP at sieges in order to get credit. Here are some tips about getting credit at sieges:
  4. I've done every single quest in Lakrum and Demaha, so I should be able to help you. Can you let me know the name of the quest you're trying to complete? Is it the pvp Windstream questline or the pve one? And let me know the name of the quest you are on since there are multiple steps in those two quest lines. There is no step in either of those quests in which you would need to enter the Elyos's Sanctum of Life, so it's probably just a misunderstanding. We'll get it figured out what you should be doing.
  5. Skin Farming in 7.0

    There is a nice thread here on the forums about farming skins in 6.0, but much of the info is outdated since it’s from 6.0. I’ve been doing a lot of skin farming lately, so here is a bunch of info about current old skins available. I am only listing the skins that are farmable for level 80 toons. There are other skins inside some of these instances, but they cannot be passed to a level 80 toon because they are inside of ancient/legendary gear boxes. For example, the final boss in Esoterrace drops a box of legendary gear which is the Abyssal skin; it can only be looted by the toon which killed the boss. If you bring in a level 80 toon, it can loot everything else on the boss, just not the equipment box. Rentus Base also drops the old Vasharti gear and weapon skins, but again, they are in a box and are not passable to level 80 toons. How to create a proper group that will allow a level 80 toon to loot the skins: Your “skin farming” toon will be within 10 levels of whichever instance you are farming. For example, if you are farming in an instance where the mobs are level 27, your toon will need to be no higher than level 36. You will need two toons in the group: a level 1 on a separate account and a level 37/45/whatever on your main account. Your level 1 toon should be in the group the entire time, regardless of how much switching you do for other toons to loot. Your level 1 toon can just sit at Ishalgen or wherever. Bring your level 37 (or whatever) toon inside the instance by itself (while in group with the level 1) and kill mobs/beat the instance. Note: If white skins drop on the regular mobs, go to character screen with your level 37 toon -- DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. The *regular* mob loot despawns within 5 minutes, so you must be very fast on those. Loot it on your level 80 toon and then go back to character screen and switch back to your level 37 toon. Continue the instance. After you kill the final boss in the instance, you will probably have a 15-minute wait period (see notes for each instance below for exceptions) before you can loot on another toon. So kill the boss and then go to character screen -- again, DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. Bring it inside the instance (the level 1 should still be chilling in group with you) and wait by the boss until it becomes lootable. As a general rule, your level 1 toon should always be in the group from start to finish. Do not ever make it leave or you risk the group falling apart and you being kicked from the instance before you're done looting. ** When you enter lower level instances, such as Haramel or Lower Udas Temple, select “Enter with my squad” or some such phrasing; don’t enter the instance in the solo mode. ** Frostforged Gear Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Wind or Earth Where to get: Haramel, Alquimia Research Center, Kromede’s Trial Level your farming toon needs to be: 6-32 Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and Hamerun, the final boss; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: The mini-boss mob that prowls around outside of the Haramel entrance also drops one piece of this gear, and it is also passable to level 80 toons in the same way, so make sure to kill him before you actually enter the instance. The drop rate is much lower in Alquimia, so I recommend just keeping your toon at level 9 until you’ve collected all the pieces you need from Haramel before ascending to level 10. Malefic Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Starspark Where to get: Fire Temple, Bakarma Fortress, Taloc’s Hollow, Esoterrace Level your farming toon needs to be: 31-51 Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: FT drops a different, non-Malefic shield, which is called Starspark like the other Malefic gear, but it’s not the Malefic shield. I’m not sure what it is, so I included a picture of it. FT also has a chance to spawn Vile Judge Kromede as the final boss and she drops the old Kromede weapon skins, but several of them are the extendable versions, so they cannot be skinned onto level 80 weapons. FT is the best/fastest/easiest way to farm these Malefic skin pieces. Infinity Shard/Hyperion Gear Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Heartwave or Aegis Where to get: Lower Udas Temple, Rentus Base, Beshmundir Temple, Dragon Lord’s Refuge, Tiamat Stronghold Level your farming toon needs to be: 49-80 (recommend waiting until 52 for Udas Temple because Besh at level 49 is almost impossible) Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: The cloth version is the special songweaver version; does not have the sorc/sm version of cloth. There are both leather versions – regular and special gunner. All pieces are available, including the hats. The mace and shield can also be found. It’s possible the other weapons are around, but I haven’t seen them in about a dozen runs. In Dragon Lord’s Refuge, the skin is on Calindi, not the final chest. (There is technically also one in the chest, but it's not passable to other toons.) Calindi’s loot timer is 15 minutes, so you can finish the instance before you bring in your level 80 toon. Lower Udas Temple is the best/easiest/fastest way to farm these skins. Tiamat Stronghold Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Drakanfire Where to get: Tiamat Stronghold Level your farming toon needs to be: 71-80 Type of loot: Ancient weapon box How to get: It is found on the boss, Tahabata. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons since Tahabata is a level 71 mob! Special notes: These DO have the red glow on them! You must actually bring a 2nd toon inside the instance with you. Just holding the group is not enough. For some reason, the weapon box only drops from Tahabata when at least two toons are inside the boss room. Unfortunately, since they are inside weapon boxes, you will get the "best" one for your class. For example, as a chanter, I am given a box with a staff; I don't get to choose a mace or shield instead. Fallen Poeta/Kroban Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Helio’s Where to get: Open world Lakrum/Demaha, Bastion of Souls, Primeth’s Forge, Stellin Laboratories Level your farming toon needs to be: No level restriction as long as you are strong enough to kill the mobs Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on regular mobs; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: They were called Volcanic in 6.x patches. No image of all the weapons together; google "Aion Kroban weapons" for images of them individually from Aion Powerbook. Blood Mark Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Lakrum Protector Where to get: Yellow/dark blue quests when you first enter the Lakrum map Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80 Type of loot: Ancient gear How to get: Quest rewards Special notes: The white version shown above is the Lakrum Protector pve gear; the gray version (not pictured here) is the pvp gear. Harvester Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Nighthaze Where to get: Bastion of Souls, Frozen Monolith Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80 Type of loot: Ancient gear How to get: They are found on the bosses. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons. Special notes: None OTHER SKINS YOU GET WHILE LEVELING, BUT NOT PASSABLE TO LEVEL 80 TOONS: - Level 1 starter gear – “Old” – original starter skin - Level 1-9 gear – “Apprentice” – Fabled Kahrun skin – Looks like: https://66.media.tumblr.com/148477c525121e325526c504aa2dfdf3/tumblr_pevjsom1Dg1rjzgqyo2_250.png - Level 10 gear – “Traveler” – Siel’s Forgotten skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/images/multimedia/screenshots/3-0_screenshots_armors03.jpg - Level 10 wings (yellow quest) – “Verdict” – Norsvold starter wings (assume Elyos get their Iluma version, but not sure) – Looks like: https://aionpowerbook.com/preview/wings/wing_q04a_1.jpg - Level 10-20 gear – “Verdict” – Ceramium coin skin (white) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos - Level 20 purple weapons – “Dundis” – same as Verdict - Level 20-40 Gear – “Adjudication” – Ceramium coin skin (purple) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos - Level 40-55 gear – “Indomitable” – Eternal Kahrun skin – Looks like: http://cmsstatic.aionfreetoplay.com/armor3.jpg - Level 50 purple weapons – “Lakeanimum” – unknown blue/black (similar to Beritra skin, but not quite the same) - Level 50-74 Gear and weapons – “Sunburst” – Danuar Sanctuary skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/2013/05/07/aion-4-0-danuar-shalter-gear/ - Level 60 purple weapons – “Roaring Kirrin” – Hyperion skin – Looks like: https://live.staticflickr.com/8690/16989487461_a678e15206_b.jpg
  6. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Glinda gives a good long explanation. I'll try to expound further. The reason I recommend a level 1 toon as your group holder is because A) it's super easy to make a level 1 toon and B) it is the lowest level possible, so even if you're farming level 5 mobs, it won't affect your ability to loot. But the actual answer is as Glinda said; your group holder can be 9 levels higher than the mob you are killing. Once it reaches 10 levels (or higher), you won't be able to loot. So if you have a level 80 toon in your group, you will not be able to loot. You need to have a level 30 toon and a level 1 toon (or a toon that is no higher than 9 levels above the mob). Remove your level 80 toon until AFTER you have killed the mob. - Make group with level 1 toon and level 30 toon. - Sit level 1 toon in Ishalgen afk. - Enter instance with level 30 toon. - Kill crap, but don't loot mobs. - On your level 30 toon, go to character screen. DO NOT LEAVE THE GROUP. Keep your level 1 in group still too. - Log in your level 80 toon. - Have your level 1 invite your level 80 to that same group. (Your level 30 should still be in group, just offline.) - Enter the instance on your level 80 toon. - Wait 5-15 minutes for the mob(s) to become lootable and then loot them on your level 80 toon.
  7. Population

    KT is a bit more populated than DN, but not by too much. That said, neither server is as populated as EU, so you will see a decrease in players from what you are used to seeing.
  8. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    All very good advice from @Malachyte-KT. Additionally, if you really need an A rank minion right now, the event we currently have can also help you out there. Once you get your Stormwing baby to level 4, you will receive [Event] Rank 2 Grade A Minion Contract Box.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    It says on the egg that it will be deleted after the event ends. Sadddddd.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    *** Leibo's Protection is now on the Gold Sand Traders! *** This event is bringing back memories of my childhood with Tamagotchis and I am L I V I N G for it. <3 I want to keep my baby after the event ends!
  11. Events

    Casinos shutting down right now though lmaoooo.
  12. Cubic Event!

    I could be wrong, but I believe they are referring to the PFHM-specific cubics that you obtain from Qubrinerk's instance. Although I am not sure which event they are referring. Perhaps one that Korea got?
  13. Help will be wonderful

    It is very useful for new and old players alike. Here is how you get to it and how it works: Press P so you're viewing your character's profile, then click Guide: Once you're there, it will have two tabs -- PVE and PVP. The gears are listed in order of best to worst from top to bottom. (So best possible item of that class is listed on top.) If you hover over a piece of gear, it will show you its stats so you can compare it to the gear you are currently wearing. Lastly, if you click on a piece of gear, it will tell you where/how to get it via a blue quest marker on the map (bottom right corner of map below):
  14. Weekly PVP kills quest bugged?

    @Hellish-DN and I experimented with this quest yesterday. As you said, it used to be that just PARTICIPATING in pvp (like the quest says) would get you credit. Now, you have to actually get the last hit on the person. Not necessarily the kill "credit," but the literal last hit. We would get kill credit on some kills (it would update other pvp quests), but it would not update that quest because someone else got the last hit. Not sure if this is broken or was an intended change, but it sucks. Makes it damn near impossible to finish that weekly lugbug quest.
  15. No credit from siege

    @Hellish-DN and I have kind of experimented with what each siege requires for credit because we like sleeping at a decent hour. Divine: You need at least 10k AP. Usually helping kill at least one gate and then killing 1-2 of the opposite faction will get you this. Just killing one gate is not enough. We've done this before without killing any Elyos and we did not get credit. Killing two gates would probably be enough if you get there fast enough. Demaha: Same as above. Lakrum: This one seems to be a little stricter about the AP required. We used to just kill one gate and that was enough, but with the 7.3 update, we also have to get AP from 5-10 Elyos kills as well. Just attacking the deity with no gate/pvp credit will NOT be enough to get siege credit most of the time unless you were there from the very start of the deity. Coming in when the deity is already at like 40% will probably not get you any credit unless you find some pvp action too. For defensive siege, we pretty much have to be active and killing Elyos for at least 10 minutes. Note, it is possible to do all of this solo. I am a very support-style chanter; I don't 1v1 or help kill very often. It's usually Hellish doing all of the attacking while I'm healing. So if you're by yourself, just try to stay back with all the white names and pick off the opposite faction. Don't throw yourself into the sea of red and expect good results.
  16. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Cyan can we please get Arkaida either banned or warned? His posts are completely irrelevant and utter garbage tbh.
  17. The main way people are getting skillbooks now is through the daevanion marks that are given out as a reward in instances IDD, PF (not hard mode), SLEZ, SLNM, and Beni Estate. If you complete the instance in a certain amount of time (most groups do), then you get 1 daevanion mark (2 in SLNM). So just by running your normal pve instance cooldowns, you can get at least 1 skillbook per week that way or 2-4 if you are decently geared. Prestige: 5 x PFNM 2 x IDD 5 x SLEZ 10 x SLNM 3 x Beni EZ 6 x Beni NM (although I'm not sure anyone has successfully beaten this yet) So theoretically, you could get a max of 31 marks this way -- or 5 books. But realistically, it's like 2-3 per week if you're decently geared.
  18. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    Lmao bite your tongue! Sad, but true.
  19. Return Windows and Partitions to a Housing NPC!

    I still can't even believe that the temporary cabinets were never added back. Fortunately, I knew they were going away with the 6.0 update, so I had removed my items from my temporary cabinets. But I feel bad for people who have old/valuable items in cabinets that they cannot open any longer.
  20. When you want others to join you, but the community is toxic

    fvckin dead lmaooooo
  21. black screen after launch

    It should be aion.bin.old, not just bin.old. So try that again and see if it works. If not, check to make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date. Sometimes I'll get a gray screen if my graphics card drivers need to be updated.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 4, 2020

    Kromede's Revenge Against the Person Who Stole Her Nipples
  23. We soulbind crafted items, but where are unbinding stones?

    You get 2 on January 1st and then 2 more on July 1st. They don't stack, so if you don't use the 2 from January, you lose them. There is nowhere that shows you have them. I've already used both of mine for minion restoration. My boyfriend attempted to use one of his restoration tokens to unbind his Ultimate Noble Soldusk Necklace and was told by support that they would not use a restoration token for this request. @Arhangelos-KT, he also attempted to use a restoration token to re-box an opened legendary contract OR undo a combination of two legendary contracts and was told they won't do either of those things either. (You were wondering about that.) You can make a restoration request directly to their email at support@aiononline.com. Just explain what you want done and say that you want to use one/both of your restoration tokens for the request.
  24. We soulbind crafted items, but where are unbinding stones?

    They won't unbind things anymore, even if you have restoration tokens to use. Which is dumb af, but yeah.
  25. How is everyone?

    Good point! Well, if you decide to try a restore on transforms, let us know what they say.