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  1. Aion Classic coming 11/11 in Korea

    The thing is, Aion doesn't get new content. We know that. We get the same instances and old maps recycled over and over. New patch? Welp, use an old instance and just give it a "hard mode" option! The classic server in KR is just another last-ditch effort to get some money out of Aion before it closes (or goes into maintenance mode) upon the arrival of Aion 2 (mobile).
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 28, 2020

    Surveys usually come in the afternoon, not immediately at the same time that servers go up. Wait a few hours before we start freaking out.
  3. :(

  4. New event and items on BCM

    omgggg lmfao
  5. Totally not what went through my head with that acronym.
  6. Many of the Legion Mission quests have incorrect text on them. Their quest titles are correct, but the descriptions of what to do reference the wrong instance. AoA Normal Mode references entering Beni Estate: Beni Estate Easy Mode references entering Tiamat Stronghold: Beni Estate Normal Mode references entering Primeth's Forge: Esoterrace references entering Beshmundir Temple: Stellin Lab Easy Mode references entering Rentus Base: Veilenthrone references entering Stellin Lab:
  7. PREEEEEACH Mind ya business, people.
  8. Returning Player - Help

    Templars can only equip plate now, not chain (or any of the others).
  9. I appreciate any event that gets people involved in the game and running instances. So even though I'm not happy about the xform scroll nerf, I am appreciative that we have an active, decent event right now.
  10. Shining Red Gemstone Glad Question

    Yes, it is POSSIBLE that combining two gemstones of the same color but with two different skills will result in a different skill of that same color. Again though, it is not guaranteed. For example, I just combined a Blue Muzzle Flash gunner gemstone with a Blue Spinning Fire gunner gemstone. The result was another Blue Spinning Fire gemstone, not one of the two rarer skills. So with it only being a chance for one of the rarer skills, I'm not sure it's worth attempting on anything higher than a basic gemstone due to kinah cost in obtaining multiple Shinings or Dazzlings. Now, I am not sure about world boss gemstones. It is possible that they may be one of the two rarer skills, but I haven't been to a world boss in months, so I don't know. Also worth mentioning, although not entirely relevant to your question, is that you can only combine gemstones on a character of the same class. So I could not combine the gemstones on my chanter; I had to give them to my gunner to combine. Additionally, the design of the charts above make it seem like you can only obtain the two rarer skills on Shining or Dazzling gemstones, but that is not the case. I have one of the two rarer skills on a basic gemstone: One last thing, here is the actual patch note text regarding combining gemstones: 3. Odian Synthesis feature has been added. - By synthesizing Odians, players can obtain new Odians. - Synthesizing Odians of the same colour and grade will give you an Odian of the same colour and grade but a different skill. The assigned skill is random so there is a chance to receive an Odian with the same skill. - Synthesizing 2 Odians of a different colour will result in obtaining and Odian of a different colour. - Synthesizing Odians of a different quality will result in obtaining an Odian of random quality. - If you combine Odians of different qualities, you won’t be able to receive Dazzling Odians. - Odians for different classes can not be combined.
  11. Shining Red Gemstone Glad Question

    There are actually 4 skills per gemstone.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    edit: nvm not even worth it
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    There is a checkbox in Options > Game Options > Interface to turn off the combat support icon.
  14. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    Apparently it can be a bit finicky. Here's a PM I had with another player. So some food for thought in how we all execute the alt switch thing, I guess?
  15. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    And I said.... I agree that it's complicated and ridiculous. But it's what's available to us. Actually you can do it on the same account! We did it last night. You just leave group on your main toon, go to character screen and switch to your alt. Then you enter the instance, use your pumpkins, then leave group again. Re-log your main, re-join group, and re-enter the instance. Throughout this, someone in your group will be auto-attacking the pumpkin to keep it from resetting. Once you get back to the boss, then someone (or you) uses 1 last candy blast to actually kill the pumpkin. You will all get the loot.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    You can still do it if you're in a group that doesn't mind waiting on you to switch toons. We did it last night in AOA. Just someone has to keep auto-attacking the pumpkin so he doesn't reset.
  17. Pumpkin King Spawn Spots

    In AOA, the pumpkin is on the northernmost side of the final boss platform. You can avoid aggroing the final boss; just run around the outside to the north and you'll see the pumpkin there. As Motgar said above, you can yolo the first boss until it dies and then run to the pumpkin in the "10th Altar" area of the map. I haven't done my PFHM runs yet this week, but a friend said it's in the same place. So you would have to be able to beat Tarukan to get to it. Again though, I haven't confirmed this myself yet.
  18. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    Log your alts for 10 minutes to get their 10 candies per day. Note, I am NOT excusing any oversight on NCsoft's part. Just putting that out there as a way to get around it. Last night, our group took turns in AOA bringing in alts to use candies on the pumpkin. It doesn't have to be a super slow process either. For example, if you do all 3 AOA runs back to back, have 2 people come in on the first run and use 9 each of their alts' 10 candy blasts (total of 18) on the first run. Then on the 2nd run, 2 other people from the group do the same. 3rd run, same thing with the last 2 people. It's not quite as much switching around toons/running to the boss that way. Tedious, but it will help with the lack of candies if you aren't someone who has a bunch built up from previous years.
  19. Rest In Peace motion from Halloween

    Yeah, I can't wait to get it! Of course I say that about all motions/emotions.
  20. Well, this was painful to watch. But I guess we can say that about most things in Aion these past couple years.
  21. Servers down - Emergency maintenance?

    After the emergency maintenance, it is now only 1 per account per day.
  22. Servers down - Emergency maintenance?

    1 contract per day X 28 days = 28 contracts 500 needed for legendary contract reward
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    Nvm, misread his post.
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    It has worked for me on two toons. Maybe try relogging. Well, according to the item number, it's an actual motion, not emote. But I guess we'll see. Here's what it looks like (thanks for the link, YourNuna-DN):