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  1. Necroing this old thread because I've been farming skins from old instances and have a bit of additional input.

    On 9/29/2018 at 8:13 PM, QuickHeals-DN said:
    • Fire temple / Indratu Fortress / Draupnir Cave / Taloc / Esoterrace - Malefic skin
    • Esoterrace - Abyssal and Yamenes weapons skins (!!!)

    So what I've found is that the Abyssal skins in Esoterrace cannot be farmed. The reason is that they are inside ancient/legendary armor/weapon boxes.*** When you bring in another toon, you can loot everything else on the boss EXCEPT those boxes. I ran across the same issue with legendary armor drops in Fire Temple; they could not be looted except by the toon that actually killed the boss. The white armor drops (Malefic skins) CAN be farmed as they are not inside ancient/legendary boxes. My skin farming toon is only level 45 currently, so I haven't gotten to the higher level old instances yet, but I expect it will be the same -- if the skin/gear is in an ancient/legendary box, it won't be farmable; only white drops.

    Also a bit of how-to if anyone is unsure how to farm on lower level toons and then pass to your level 80 toons:

    • You will need two toons in the group: a level 1 on a separate account and a level 37/45/whatever on your main account. Your level 1 toon should be in the group the entire time, regardless of how much switching you do for other toons to loot.
    • Your level 1 toon can just sit at Ishalgen or wherever. Bring your level 37 (or whatever) toon inside the instance by itself (while in group with the level 1) and kill mobs/beat the instance.
    • Note: If white skins drop on the regular mobs, go to character screen with your level 37 toon -- DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your main. The regular mob loot despawns within 2-3 minutes, so you must be very fast on those. Loot it on your main and then go back to character screen and switch back to your level 37 toon. Continue the instance.
    • After you kill the final boss in the instance, you will probably have a 15-minute wait period before you can loot on another toon -- at least, that's how it is in Fire Temple and Esoterrace. So kill the boss and then go to character screen -- again, DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your main. Bring your main inside the instance (the level 1 should still be chilling in group with you) and wait by the boss until it becomes lootable.

    The drop rate isn't too bad, at least in Fire Temple and Esoterrace. You get white armor drops on mobs maybe 10% of the time and then you get at least one white armor drop on the final boss, plus the possibility of the ancient/legendary box (again, not lootable by any toon except the one who was in the instance.)

    *** If anyone has managed to successfully pass these ancient/legendary BOXES to other toons, let me know how!

  2. 21 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    Yes its an extra help i guess its fine to just afk it, but i'm not doing a Rank S,  i'm tired of doing luna after 3 years lol


    14 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Plus you can afk daily and get S-rank or rarely A-rank, if you afk the weekly it will take your char 30~40 minutes to end and you get a sure b-rank because the instance is timed

    All true. I guess I don't mind it because I afk the weeklies while I'm working. So it doesn't bother me at all to go 45-60 minutes before I even remember I need to tab back to Aion some days. But yeah, if your time is limited, probably not the best usage of it.

  3. If you play a class that benefits greatly from +12 stigmas, then yes, do weekly Luna. If you play a class which doesn't, then don't.

    For example, chanter benefits greatly from +12 stigmas. I need to be able to use my op Blessing of Wind stigma while still being in support/Instigation spec. I can't do that unless I unlock the extra blue slot. Therefore, weekly Luna on all of my characters is important so I can stack stigma enchantment stones. EU has an event that made +9 a safe enchanting spot for stigmas. I am stacking enchantment stones in the hopes that we also get that event in the future.

  4. 9 hours ago, Plezurenpain-DN said:

    My vandal is 40 something and Elyos.  I don't see why I can't open it since its not even for the "good" stigmas.  Its a green quality box so that means its for the lower level stigmas.

    Ohhh the green bags. Yeah, I don't know about those. The ones my boyfriend opened were the blue boxes -- the Heavy Stigma Box -- which allow you to select any stigma.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    It's changing things midstream that infuriates players most.


    They continue to have "oh shit" moments because they didn't think things through and then have to "fix" things in the middle of us enjoying them.

    - This event with the coins
    - The End of the World event with the gems
    - Flower event
    - Luna craft
    - Enchantment stone survey
    - Tia Eye event

    Probably more I'm just forgetting.

  6. 1 hour ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    Would be more fair to get an npc to buy other things with ridium, idk maybe stellium coins, transformation contracts, minium grade A, enchantments, idk just some useful consumables.


    Also self-resurrection stones and DP jellies (4k, not that 2k shit in the stellium npc)

  7. RNG with these boxes sucks ass. My sorc, which I only play a few times per week, had all daeva skills before my chanter (main). I didn't get my last chanter skill until I already had about 30 duplicate legendary skills. Totally agree the gold ingot one should be selectable!

  8. 20 hours ago, Aieryn-DN said:

    So if it were me I'd check your line outside or get in contact with your ISP and have them do it. Hope this helps. 9_9

    100% agree. I had been disconnecting at least once a day for MONTHS. Had my ISP out a few times and always got the "it's not us!" bullshit. Finally I had them out again and threatened to switch ISPs if they didn't do anything. Turns out my outside line running from my house to the pole was bad. Once they fixed it, internet was perfect, no more Aion disconnects.

  9. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the enchant rates reverted back to 6.2. Why? Because we've had other reverts. We are getting super old rewards from Kamar Battlefield and Divine Siege isn't working. It's entirely plausible that enchant rates went backwards.

  10. Yes, they sadly did. You can obtain dye from:

    - Events (event that started today has chance to drop the best dye in the game, one that lets you pick literally any color)

    - Broker

    - Other players (the old dyes are tradeable, so you might have friends or alts who have dyes on them for your main)

    - BCM cash shop

    - Old house plants if you have any left