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  1. 4 hours ago, Irisville-KT said:

    Hi! Anybody know how to get this old ORB skin? Is it still obtainable with lvl 80?

    It is still in the instance. Unfortunately, it is a piece of legendary gear that comes in an equipment box that you loot after killing Vasharti. Because of that, it's only lootable by characters which were inside the boss room when he was killed; equipment box loot cannot be passed to other characters. If your toon is too high level, it won't drop any loot. So no, this skin is not obtainable by characters that are already level 80. Sorry! I got it on my templar when I was leveling him about a month ago and I tried to pass it to my level 80 chanter, but was unable to do so.

  2. 11 hours ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

    Then you really, really need to start doing some damage on the gates and no just only auto attacks, i have gone to DN sieges with my vandale, do dps on the gates and then go back to my main char in Katalam, and get contribution on both chars.

    Same. I have gotten credit multiple times by hitting only one of the gates -- and I play a weak ass support spec chanter lmao.

  3. On 12/28/2019 at 2:45 PM, BlackTantra-KT said:

    where are Gold Sand Traders?

    GST is a gold shugo icon on the right side of your skill bars, right above the blue menu arrow.

    On 12/28/2019 at 2:45 PM, BlackTantra-KT said:

    but I don't find any Guiding Stone.

    Guiding stones are an old material. They are no longer farmable. You can only buy them on the broker from people who still have them or morph them via the Aetherforging recipes I discussed above.

    On 12/28/2019 at 2:45 PM, BlackTantra-KT said:

    I so far prefer to work in the open world. "Do camps in Lakrum" - what is it? capture bases? It's very difficult. 

    I mean the artifact camps around Lakrum. They shouldn't be hard. They're very doable with no gear. Yes, the opposite faction may be around, but that's just how the game is designed.


    On 12/28/2019 at 2:54 PM, BlackTantra-KT said:

    "The ones that look like  drop from the 5 world bosses. They spawn everyday"  What are these?  Where is any quest for them? (I didn't see such quests).

    No. These bosses are only killable with an alliance. With 24 people, they'll take 20-45 minutes to kill, depending how geared the people are. There's also a risk of pvp as they are accessible to both factions. Also, they are in Demaha, not Lakrum. Well, 4 of them are in Demaha. Anomos is one and he spawns in Lakrum, but he's a little different. He spawns every other day, not every day, and he dies much much faster than the ones in Demaha.

  4. On 12/24/2019 at 9:08 PM, Haniya-DN said:

    At this point I don't know what compensation would be worth the wait. It's been too long to get away with giving us etium, stones, and AP.

    I said the same a few days ago. Like, most of us are done with our first set of gear or almost done. I actually still have 6 more pieces to purify, but I consider myself to be slightly behind (those people who have been playing continuously and didn't take a break from the game) as I know several people already halfway through a 2nd set. Plus, we've had a couple events raining Fragments down on us, so most don't need those either. Sigh...

  5. On 12/21/2019 at 3:01 PM, 1s33CF92-KT said:

    1. Should I keep playing with my main character? It's there anything that I can't get anymore if I play with a new char? Like my old mounts for example

    2. In which server should we play?

    3. How much time it would require for us to catch up top players starting from 0? It's mandatory to invest money/do p2w?

    4. How many people does the end game instances require to be completed succesfully, 3/5/10? 

    5. Any additional advice?

    1. Yes, there are things your old toon will have that you can no longer get. So I would keep it. That said, any gear it has is absolutely useless. Keep it for skins if you want, but you will need new gear.

    2. I'd say KT is slightly more populated than DN now, but probably not by much. KT is Elyos dominated; DN is about even, but maybe slightly Asmo dominated.

    3. To catch up to top players? Several months -- and that's if you're really dedicated. If you haven't played since 5.x, you are very far behind as we are currently in 7.0. P2w does help, but you will still need to grind out instances (both pve and pvp).

    4. Endgame instances are all 6-man except one which is 18-man. Not many people do the 18-man one though as its rewards are a bit outdated. Those who do it only do so for the Prestige weekly quest which gives 2 ultimate enchantment stones. Two of the endgame instances can be soloed/duoed/trioed, depending on group gear/set-up. Another can be trioed or 4/5-manned. It just depends on how geared everyone is.

    5. Aion is not very well-supported by NCsoft anymore. Those of us who still play do so because we like the game, have friends we want to hang out with, etc. We can tolerate its problems because of the joy we still find in it. You will have to make that decision for yourself. Give it 1-2 weeks of playing, and by then, you should be able to tell if it's still worth playing for you. Good luck. :)

  6. 2 hours ago, OneeChanDesu-KT said:

    It dont make sense. Why we have only 50% of drop rate. If its a base rate its 100%

    Its like an event to get a normal drop rate. 


    2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    OK this kinda make sense in a weird way but why do we have 50% drops as base?


    Oh, I have no idea. I also think it's really dumb/weird lol. I was just recalling what Cyan had told us previously. But maybe I'm misunderstanding it, idk.


    When you achieve a perfectly even number and you can never retune that particular gear set ever again lmao.



  7. 1 hour ago, Brutallus-DN said:

    unknown.pngCyan its not 100% drop..

    This has been a common source of confusion for the past several years. The way it's worded in the maintenance posts is confusing because we already have a basic EXP and drop rate percentage. So the buffs are doubling up what we already have in place to equal what is posted in the maintenance wording.

    100% regular EXP + 100% event EXP = 200% total EXP

    50% regular drop + 50% event drop = 100% total drop

    At least, that's the way I remember Cyan explaining it in the past. If anyone remembers differently, feel free to correct me! :)

    Here's one semi-relevant post where he kind of explained:



  8. 55 minutes ago, Azeriah-KT said:

    Yes, this is exactly what I was asking about. I have one of those hair appearance-changing "hats" (for example: Two-toned Bob) that I wanted to register in the wardrobe as is, rather than skinning it on a piece of gear. However, if I register that hat, will I be unable to see the appearance of any other hat I equip normally through the character profile window?

    I have a feeling I would be better off not registering the hat at all and skinning it as you suggested, or simply wearing it as is.

    Ahh I see. The Two-Toned Bob and other similar hair pieces are actually hats. Like, you can't have the Two-Toned Bob AND a crown at the same time, if that makes sense. The piece of gear will only show one or the other. As I understand it, you like the Two-Toned Bob (or whatever), but you don't ALWAYS want to see it on your toon. Maybe some other times you want to see a crown or a different kind of hat. Unfortunately, once the Two-Toned Bob is skinned onto the piece of gear, that is all you will see *while wearing that piece of gear*. If you want to see a different hat, you would have to remove that piece of gear and then just wear the other hat. Hopefully I'm understanding you correctly now lol.

    The Luna wardrobe is still useful if you want to be able to skin the Two-Toned Bob multiple times, BUT I would not recommend doing this because it will cost you Luna every time you do it (except the very first time). So if you wanted to change back and forth between the Two-Toned Bob and a crown hat every other day, it would cost a lot of real money.

  9. 2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    What Ele does here is like that person who kept complaining about daeva dash, that because he afked, the enemies should not get winning rewards because they also afked and didn't finish but had more points.

    The funniest part about your post is "that person" you're talking about is ALSO Ele lmaooooo.

    On 6/20/2019 at 11:17 PM, Ele-DN said:

    And thats the problem with these games. If they want the reward, stay till the end. bags should be given out when the game is finished.


    And for you to hate afkers getting rewards, why do afkers in daeva dash get anything then? Getting to the first gate and afking is perfectly fine to get stuff right?


  10. 5 minutes ago, Azeriah-KT said:

    Is there a way to "hide" the appearance of a registered item in the wardrobe? For instance, what if I register a hat but have another hat in my inventory that I would like to equip from time to time? Am I unable to toggle the appearance?

    Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding, but I'm seeing a few possible scenarios of what you're trying to ask about. Can you clarify?

    Scenario 1: You have Hat A registered in your Luna wardrobe currently. However, you would actually prefer to have Hat B in its place instead because you don't care about Hat A anymore (or whatever). You would like to replace Hat A with Hat B in the Luna wardrobe. If this is the case, you can remove Hat A from the Luna wardrobe. See this explanation:

    On 7/26/2019 at 7:22 AM, Liiny-DN said:


    You can click the little arrow to replace current skin/armor with another one, but you will not get the previous one back in your inventory, it's gone forever.

    Scenario 2: You have skinned Hat A onto a piece of gear. However, you don't always like to see it on your toon and would like to hide it from your character's body and let Hat B show instead. If this is the case, you can't have two skins on one piece of gear.

    Scenario 3: You have Hat A registered in your Luna wardrobe, but you don't actually want to skin it onto a piece of gear because you don't always want to see it on your character. If this is the case, I would recommend just skinning it onto the piece of gear and then just use the "hide hat" checkbox in your profile window whenever you don't want to see Hat A.

  11. 9 hours ago, Harrdone-KT said:

    Sorry not Beritra, I mean't Malefic, i've been farming Malefic from KT, I know have the full armor, but I am missing the head and the weapon (Sin Leather) i'm not sure where I can obtain the helm and weapons to complete Malefic skin, i'm currently stiill level 43 farming the instances for skin purposes

    I replied to your PM, but I'll answer here as well for anyone else reading this.

    Unfortunately, the Malefic set is no longer available in game. They recently changed the drops you get in those lower level instances that used to have Malefic pieces. Now they only drop the Frostforged pieces -- which is very similar to the Malefic set, but it's blue instead of black and doesn't dye quite the same way. Sorry, it sucks!  (I can't edit the original post in this thread, which is why it still has info about the Malefic set.)

    You can see in the later posts of this thread where we talked about it:

    On 11/20/2019 at 5:41 AM, Amiteahx-KT said:

    The white equip drops 'Squall' from Fire Temple and Bakarma are Frostforged, same goes for the 'Tempest' from Taloc's Halow. The actual Maleficient gear is from the equipment chests which level 80's cannot access to.

    On 11/20/2019 at 8:16 AM, Vantheria-DN said:

    Yeah, as I mentioned yesterday, it seems they've removed the white Malefic gear drops. Unfortunately!


  12. Danuar Sanctuary Eternal Weapons (4.0)




    You can obtain this weapon while on your level 80 toon by completing a very easy quest (just kill 5 mobs). Note, it will give you the "best" weapon for your class. For example, as a chanter, you will receive a staff; you cannot select a mace or shield.


    On Asmo side, the quest is called Scaling Prayers and is obtained from the NPC Muratun in Enshar. He is near the Tehji mobs. Not sure which NPC on Elyos side, but the mobs you kill are level 63, so check your NPCs in areas with mobs around that level.

  13. 3 hours ago, Harrdone-KT said:

    Wondering how to achieve the Beritra hat/weapons, at least for an assassin been getting boxes and have 3/5 of the armor already mostly just wondering where the weapons are held.

    Are you saying you've been getting the Beritra skins (below) in the current 7.x patch? From what I've seen, they're no longer obtainable. Where have you been getting drops for them?


    Or do you mean the original DD set below? Afaik, that's also no longer obtainable. The ancient pieces in PF used to be that skin, but now they're just the old PF (icy-like) skins.


  14. On 12/13/2019 at 11:58 PM, BlackTantra-KT said:

    1. On morphing Ultimate enchantment stones. I understood 1 material and bought it (farmed thing) but how to get the rest 2? 

    1. Bobonerk's Gems -- These are obtained by double-clicking something called Bobonerk's Coins. The coins are bought with (a small amount of) kinah from the Gold Sand Traders. They look like: icon_item_event_christmas_coin_01.png What occurs is when your bar has XP on it, you open one of these coins and it removes 20mil XP from your bar. In exchange, you get 1 Bobonerk's Gem. So make a habit of having some of these coins in your inventory and every time your bar fills up with XP, double-click a bunch of these coins. If you see people saying, "Just a minute, need to open some coins," this is to what they are referring.

    2. Ultimate Alcemium -- You don't want to craft these. Why? Because they are freaking EVERYWHERE. The ones that look like icon_item_mix_crystal_01.png drop from the 5 world bosses. They spawn everyday. Seriously, I have 10k of these Ultimate Alcemium, and I stopped looting them from world bosses a few months ago. They're very common on the broker and cheap. Here's a screencap of them from DN-A's broker this morning:


    Now, once you have these red Ultimate Alcemium mats, you have to turn them into the blue-ish Ultimate Alcemium (red = 7.x, blue = 6.x). They are converted on a 1:1 ratio, and you don't need any other materials to convert them. So it's very easy. Once you have the red Ultimate Alcemium, open up aetherforging and find this recipe below and voila.



    On 12/13/2019 at 11:58 PM, BlackTantra-KT said:

    2. Regarding Aetherforging, I understood how the skill would grow from 60 by mats for feather accessory and made 33 times the operation, the skill grew very quickly to 78. Feather accessory would be useful for any old toons who got to level 80 quickly and are not given any campaigns in Enshar that give bracelets and plumes, and I did all Lakrum campaigns and quests on patch 6 and patch 7 (on diff toons)  - none got any plume or bracelet! Also, the campaigns on patch 7 don't give Lakrum Scout Wings that were quickly gotten on patch 6 near Ancient Temple of Wisdom (Asmo). Did they disappear?   

    It's intended that you start doing FM at level 78 which gives pve plumes/bracelets/wings/armor. The Lakrum Scout (pvp) wings are obsolete because you can do like two camps in Lakrum and then go buy the ancient pvp wings with Genesis Crystals from the NPCs in Lakrum. Those wings are much better than the Lakrum Scout.

  15. 47 minutes ago, Zombiex-DN said:

    lol metal last time u tried to kill me 1 vs 6, if its 1 vs 1 u can't kill me even in 100 years LUL and im a dps cleric im not using magic resist gear
    if my dps is low ur DPS as AT is nonexistent anyways 

    I'm really disappointed with momo lose agaisnt worst at in dn asmo :( 


  16. 56 minutes ago, BlackTantra-KT said:

    Where do I buy Ancient (or other) weapon codex?

    You can craft them yourself via aetherforging or you can buy them on the broker sometimes. They're rarer on the broker these days because most people aren't crafting anymore. (Too costly.)

    And no, the Veilbreakers wings are not worse than the Lakrum Protector. It's just not worth grinding out all those daily quests for them unless you really like the skin.

    And yes, absolutely you need your cubics. The extra stats are very useful. Always always open those cubic bags until you finish your cubics.

  17. 14 hours ago, DMob-DN said:

    So i just got a wise dragon king's weapon box.. and idk if its because i didnt tune any weapon yet , but it seem like  it dosent have any skill on it. Can anyone confirm if theres a skill on it or not.


    Ye, same thing happened to OnionKnight and someone in my legion. lel NCsoft ultimate troll

  18. 28 minutes ago, BlackTantra-KT said:

    I'm currently doing quests of Vellbreakers for wings. They are not retunable?

    No, they are not.

    28 minutes ago, BlackTantra-KT said:

    Very hard to enchant above 10 with purple stones or possible?

    They have the same success rates as other purple gear. It is reasonable to go from +10 to +12 with gold stones. After that, I recommend purple stones until +13 or +14 (depending on how lucky you are). Then I recommend an ultimate stone to go from +14 to +15.

    28 minutes ago, BlackTantra-KT said:

    I guess Ancient wings are best because they can be enchanted by Ancient stones to 10 and then (through lots of fails) by Legendary stones to 15. Fllight time and flight speed grow to the same values on any kinds of wings from enchantment, right?

    These purple Veilbreakers wings are no longer worth the grinding -- tbh, they never were, even back in 6.x. Only do it if you really like the skin. The ancient wings you get from FM are just as good AND they can be retuned.

    28 minutes ago, BlackTantra-KT said:

    Is it possible to craft red enchantment stones any way? 

    Yes. You will need purple stones to do so. It is a morph recipe (shift + K) that we all have. You do not need to do anything special to get the morph recipe. You will need a few other crafting materials in addition to 5 purple enchantment stones; you can either grind out those mats yourself or buy them on the broker. Additionally, if you are in a legion which often conquers altars, you have chances for special NPCs to spawn at those altars. You can use stellium to buy ultimate enchantment stone tickets (70 stellium) which only use 5 purple enchant stones (and no other materials) to morph into ultimate stones.

    28 minutes ago, BlackTantra-KT said:

    I also found in Aetherforging, skill level 80, quite good (enhanceble) wings of all grades from Ancient to Ultimate. Some main toons have the skill level 69 or 70 from Norsvold patch. How can I grow  their skill from that to 80? 

    Here is some commentary about current leveling of aetherforging:

    On 6/2/2019 at 4:44 AM, Capa-KT said:

    Ancient weapon codex -> proficiency 1 until 20, then switch to 20 until 40, then switch to 40 until 80, then switch again at 100 to legendary weapon codex until 120, 140, 180, then to ultimate at 200 until 220, 240 and 280 until 300. Obviously you can make accessory and armor codices instead, just make sure to stick to one type so you can use them for crafting/proc'ing later, instead of having to resell for lower than it cost to make them. Additionally, keep in mind that if you have the proper kibriums under hand, you can use the ancient codices right away at 100 (and the legendaries at 200 etc) so that you might have to buy a tiny bit less guiding stones for 100+/200+ (they tend to get a little more expensive during these crafting boost events).

    With the current event, you'll need (very roughly) 1k ancient guiding stones, 2k legendary stones and 3k ultimate stones. Events that boost crafting or give out crafting charms are really nice to level up, particularly from 200 to 300, as you'll always craft way more ultimate codices than you'll need in the immediate future.


    28 minutes ago, BlackTantra-KT said:

    The wings you mentioned from Frozen Monolyth, which grade are they?  Retunable for kinah, how much kinah, how many times to try, is it occasional or you know which stat you are going to increase?

    They are gold/ancient wings. They are retunable with kinah. I'm not logged in right now to check, but it's not a lot. Like maybe 50k-100k kinah per retune. You can try as many times as you want. Note, if you wait until next week (Dec 18th), we will have a special event NPC which gives you a buff that makes it only cost 1 single kinah to retune gear, no matter how many times you try! On ancient gear, you get two optional stats, and they are random. So when you retune, you will come up with 2 random stats. If you try again, it will be 2 stats again. Could be the same, could be different. You just have to keep retuning until you get the 2 you want. (Fyi, purple gear has 3 stats; ultimate gear has 4 stats.)

  19. 6 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    What skill does the wise dragon weapon give?

    1 of 3, randomized skill:

    1. Increases Physical Defence and Magical Defence by 800 for 20s. Increases Atk Speed by 12%. Increases Casting Speed by 12%. Increases Speed by 12%. (http://db.lfstrat.com/aion/en/skill/?id=13358)

    2. Deals 5,000 physical damage to up to 12 enemies within a 7 m radius and stuns them. (http://db.lfstrat.com/aion/en/skill/?id=13357)

    3. Restores 30000 HP if the HP falls below 40%. (http://db.lfstrat.com/aion/en/skill/?id=13359)

    However, it is very possible that NCsoft is giving us a nerfed, troll version with no skill like what happened with OnionKnight: