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  1. 16 hours ago, CristinoRonaldo-KT said:

    maybe you can REMOVE some mats from list like Ultimate Etium and Fighting Spirit Fragment ,  they will break game tomorrow. 

    This comment is nothing but comical now that we've all seen the low chance to actually proc a stigma/DP daeva skill/whatever. xD

  2. We got our stigmas advanced earlier on because that's what we wanted to do. That's not the fault of those people who were unable to do so either because of lacking 20 alt accounts and/or real money and/or luck. Those of us who already have advanced stigmas knew that we were paying extra (either real money or kinah or farm/grind time) to get them before others BUT that others would get them eventually. Well, that "eventually" is now. I don't see any reason why NCsoft should compensate us.

  3. 1 hour ago, Rapier-DN said:

    Do you really think that a "bonus sale" is a good idea given the prioritization list.

    You mean like adding extra P2W to the existing P2W? really?

    These are two separate things. It's not one or the other. I'm not saying "stop prioritizing problems and give us extra Luna." I'm asking for BOTH.

  4. 10 hours ago, King-KT said:

    People like because-dn have been waiting for transfer since it was announced and he is also trying to get  away from his ex-girlfriend. 



    Also, could we get a "bonus" sale on Luna in the BCM to go along with the discounted selective retune costs? Like the ones where you buy Luna and get a little extra amount thrown in.

  5. 3 hours ago, skythee-DN said:

    as I understand it a player is restricted to 2 accounts per ip address

    This statement is inaccurate. Many people have more than 2 accounts with absolutely no botting involved.

    18 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    These are all features that are better progression avenues than actually playing the game itself. I have friends who have full +15 gear with enchanted stigma's and books who have not set foot inside any instances outside buying skill books from other players. It has gotten to a point where they do not want to bother with actually running content because NCsoft/west are just giving us free progression(all be it late) through not playing/participating in the core gameplay mechanics.

    To further expand on this good point;

    If I successfully complete an AoA normal mode instance and am lucky enough to win the Bursting accessory, then when I retune it, it should not be WORSE than my 6.2 Frostspark belt that I'm using on my 2nd set. We need the patch where we can continuously retune these accessories.

    If I successfully complete a PFHM 3rd boss run, it should not be a 20% (if that) chance to get a belt.

    If I run 5 SL normal mode instances in a row in a zombie-like state, I should not end up with 2 ancient pve enchantment stones from the 2 times repeatable weekly quest. 2 ancient pve stones? That is NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. It should be a quest every single time you enter the instance AND it should be legendary enchantment stones AT A MINIMUM with a very high chance for ultimate stones.

    If I slowly work on collecting and opening transformation scrolls until I get 6 green/greater transforms, I should not be able to combine all 6 and get a green back. It should be a guaranteed ancient transform if I'm using the max amount of combines.

    These kinds of examples are the reasons why people just buy accounts that are already geared and/or participate in afk events. The actual game content is not rewarding to grind out.

  6. On 7/25/2020 at 1:39 AM, sundar-DN said:

    Imagine comparing hackers to ninja looters in 2020, TOP KEK.

    Imagine logging an alt to make your first post because you're too afraid to speak on your main in 2020, TOP KEK.

  7. 4 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    vasharti weapon skins.

    These are in the game right now:

    On 7/7/2020 at 3:59 PM, Vantheria-DN said:

    Vasharti weapon skins are available in this 7.5 patch for level 80 toons!

    I went poking around Fire Temple to see what drops in there these days. The regular mobs drop Tempest gear (Frostforged skin), so nothing new/interesting on them. However, if you can get Vile Judge Kromede to spawn (not sure what the spawn rate is for Vile Judge vs regular Kromede), then you can get the Vasharti weapon! Note, I do not know if regular Kromede drops these boxes. I'll have to wait until reset and do the instance again because I only have one low level toon currently.

    Vile Judge Kromede drops two legendary boxes. These are both transferable to level 80 toons! This has not been the case in the past, so I'm happy about this change. So following the instructions on page 1 of this thread, transfer the boxes to your main after beating her on your level 43-52 toon.

    The first box is called Legendary Kromede's Armor. This is NOT the old Kromede armor, sad to say. This is just the Fallen Poeta gear which is widely available in the current patch under the name Conqueror's, Helio's, Volcanic, etc. So that box is a bust, RIP. However, the other box is called Legendary Kromede's Weapon and, oddly enough, it's the Vasharti (Rentus Base) weapon, not the Kromede weapon lol. That said, it is a different colorway. The original Vasharti weapons are a rusty gold color. This version is a platinum/silver color that looks mirror-like. This box will give you the "best" weapon for your class. So no shield/mace for chanter, no greatsword for glad, etc.

    Since images aren't working on the forums right now, here are links to screencaps:

    Loot window showing boxes/boss

    Armor box skins (not Kromede RIP)

    Weapon box skin (Vasharti)

  8. I'm not super in-touch with gladiator stats because I don't play glad, but from what I can tell, your stats seem mostly ok. A bit low compared to geared people, but more than capable of doing instances like SLNM, PFHM 1st boss, AOA easy, etc. Yes, low fps and high ping will definitely contribute to your dps being lower than what you desire. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about your ping since I assume you don't live in the USA. For your fps, your PC stats are a bit low, so not much you can do there either. You might also go into your game settings within Aion and check the box that says "Fixed FPS." I used to do this when I had a bad computer and it helped a decent amount for fps. It will make your graphics a little bit ugly, but it should improve your fps a little bit.

  9. 8 hours ago, Kashime-DN said:

    In 7.7 update....players will be able to run (4) clients at a time. THIS IS NOT what players want. We want to be able to play on our main character and be able to reach end gear playing casually. We don't want to have to play on 10 accounts and have 100 alts chars to be able to progress


  10. Our beautiful, brilliant, courageous, etc etc CMs! I IMPLORE THEE~

    1. Pleasepleaseplease hurry about either A. putting siege time back how it was before or B. even earlier than that. Like, I'm literally laying in bed and then have to get up and log back in to do one single fort twice a week in order to finish the Weekly Lugbug quest. Or I'm making my poor boyfriend log me in and do it for me even though he was also cozy in bed with me. (Sorry, @Hellish-DN lel.) WE'RE TIRED. :(

    2. If you all are still working on fixing SAS, can you please A. give us a 50% XP boost across the server to help us be able to use our minion skills more often and use experience extractors and B. put the sales NPCs back so we can use the Abyssal Fragments that we already have in our special cube? I understand B may not be possible, depending on the cause of SAS being removed in the first place.


  11. So here is kind of the "general consensus" on how we enchant gear to make the best use of stones with the RNG system in Aion. Note, you may tweak it a bit if you're feeling unlucky or luckier than the average person.

    Ancient gear:

    0 - +13 ~ ancient stones (you might choose to use a legendary stone to go from 9 - 10 if you're feeling unlucky)
    +13 - +15 ~ legendary stones

    Legendary gear:

    0 - +5 ~ ancient stones
    +5 - +12 ~ legendary stones (you might choose to use an ultimate stone to go from 9 - 10 if you're feeling unlucky)

    Ultimate gear:

    0 - +2 or +3 ~ ancient stones
    +2/3 - +8 ~ legendary stones
    +8 - +10 ~ ultimate stones
    +10 - +11 ~ ancient stones
    +11 - +12 ~ legendary stones
    +12 - +15 ~ ultimate stones

    General rule: Do NOT rage-enchant. Meaning, if you fail multiple times in a row, take a break for a few minutes. Don't keep throwing stones at it because you're in a failing phase.

    7 hours ago, Mihara-KT said:

    How could new players or old players without pay to win can play actually when all are +15, with full daevanion skill, stigma +9 or +15, ultimate transformation, and this OMG minion S with 15k PV -_-.

    We have all of these things because we had a really fantastic event a couple months ago. So just keep an eye on the events. Hopefully we'll get another good one in August.

    7 hours ago, Mihara-KT said:

    Why we can't be geared faster to get in game faster and fight in pvp faster ?? 

    but ONE piece of gear dark talon ultimate +0 each week would be just perfect.

    If your goal is to get out there fast, you should not be focusing on Dark Talon gear. DT gear is a slow grind; it takes a lot of time and effort. You don't get there in a week. Instead, focus on getting the Cruel Demaha and/or Fierce Katalam gear. It's much faster. Not quite as good as Dark Talon in some cases, but still very good.