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  1. 4 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hi again everyone,

    This is not the feedback we were hoping to see, and it's clear we missed the mark with our first attempt. We'd like to try again:

    Rather than retrieving the transformations and items, we'd like to pivot our response by instead sending all players an [Event] Locked Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) via survey. Since some players already used their key on the box they acquired for free initially, this will only impact players who still have a key. Based on the feedback we've seen, we will also be adding [Event] Honey Songpyeon x10 to the survey.

    Finally, we want to acknowledge the difficulty in obtaining Pine Needles, so we intend to add a free daily Pine Needle (10x) Bundle to the store through 10/21.

    We hope this solution feels more appropriate. Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts to us here on the forums; it's because of your passion we can respond like this at all. Let us know what you think - we'll all keep watching here.

    Thank you. I don't think anyone will be upset with this solution. Now I will actually spend real money on the BCM to buy a 3rd Hanbok for the collection. (Already bought a 2nd)

  2. 3 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    How is that a "bad" solution? They are only removing the free pixel transformation people got... and they will be given the chance to buy it legit with songpyeons.


    Because of how hard it is to get Honey Songpyeons. I have nearly 100 Honeys, only 6 Flour, and 0 Pine Needles in my inventory currently. I don't know who made it insanely easy to get Honeys and then nearly impossible to get the others, but they did not think it through very well. Then, assume you do get lots of all 3 items needed for the recipe. THEN you have the RNG to actually GET the Honey Songpyeon instead of a Basket or Burnt Songpyeon. I only have 11 Honey Songpyeons currently. With the amount of time left in the event, I will probably only have 30-35 at the end of the event.

    If they remove the contract, fine, but make it a bit easier for us to buy it legit. Make the Pine Needles (and Flours to some extent) more obtainable.

  3. 11 hours ago, Amarah-KT said:

     There have been some pretty decent changes since we got Kibblez..  can you guys please not drive him away from the community by being crappy towards him? 

    Thissssss. Kibbelz and Loki have actually been trying. If they disappear because of negativity, we're right back where we were.

  4. 22 hours ago, Camalus-KT said:

    I will watch some videos on youtube to learn the mechanics of those bosses.

    I see you are a ranger. 99% of the time, I am our group's healer for PFHM, but I will try to give a few tips for dpsing on 2nd and 3rd bosses. Fortunately, as the dps, you probably will not have any important "jobs!" :x Sorry if this seems a bit long, but hopefully may be helpful.

    2nd boss/Jotun:

    1. Stacking is KING in here. Stacking at the right time is always, ALWAYS more important than a little extra dps. Literally, if it's time to stack, you stop whatever you are doing and you stack. Most important thing to remember for this boss! The skill that you need to stack on is called Concussive Wave. It is a very common skill. Most groups stack in the middle of the room so that there is never any confusion about where everyone needs to get back together.

    2. Always be within 15m of the boss. Why? When the boss selects a new target to stun after the aetherhold (watch some videos if that statement is confusing to you), the target could be you. If you are the target and you are farther away than 15m, the boss will do a skill called Steaming Geyser that will one-shot everyone unless you are a very geared templar.

    3. The boss "dies" at 50%. So the last "half" of the boss is from 75% - 50%. In this last "half," there will be a skill fairly often called Rage Quake. This is a one-shot skill. You need to be behind the boss. He does this skill immediately after aetherholding everyone. So after you are aetherheld, just calmly wait until you drop back to the ground and then move behind the boss. Do not start up a dps rotation yet.

    4. Many groups kite around a lot on the second "half" of the boss to avoid being auto-attacked, but this is actually not good. It can cause the boss to bug and Rage Quake in the wrong direction. Instead, make good use of any evasion/resist skills you have. If you are the boss's target for auto attacks, you will take 1 (sometimes 2) direct auto attacks after stacking for Concussive Wave. Shield yourself, use an evasion skill, etc. Your healer SHOULD be watching you closely. For example, my finger is always on F (my keybind for Healing Burst), ready to blast the target with 30k HP as soon as they are hit. BUT, you need to take a bit of responsibility for yourself at that time to minimize the damage as well.

    3rd boss/Tarukan:

    1. Two, possibly three times, during this boss, you will be responsible for watching statues in a corner of the room and looking for glowing eyes. These glowing eyes are very hard to see! They glow red, but it is so tiny and light (shame, NCsoft!). Make sure your graphics are all turned on properly.

    2. During the "clone time" when you are watching your corner statue, do not do anything with your skills that may cause you to get aggro of the clone. The clone has major heal aggro, so often, the healer in the group will be the one to pull the clone to the wall. Unfortunately, if someone pulls aggro from me, it is hard for me to get it back in time to get the clone to the wall before the buff on him disappears. So just watch yourself here. Don't accidentally hit the clone.

    3. The dark brown "star" lines on the floor will light up randomly. They will hit you for about 80-90k HP when they do. It is a one-shot skill for some people. Don't ever stand on them because you don't know for sure when they will light up.

    4. When the skill Bitter Energy is cast, stop what you are doing and go kill the adds. A little extra dps on the boss is not worth the Jotuns dying because everyone will be insta-killed then.

    5. Always stay behind the boss (technically, directly across from the tank). There is actually only one skill that you need to be behind Tarukan (Electric Judgment), but it is always, always good practice to stay behind the boss. Note, if you are on the side of the boss, he may turn and one-shot you with Electric Judgment. ALWAYS BEHIND.

    Now, people may say "oh you don't ALWAYS have to do those things" or whatever, but these are just tips to make it easier. Yes, you can mess up every now and then and still beat the boss. But these are just "best practice" items.

  5. 24 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    I still do not understand what the issue was.

    When the servers first became online at 9am server time, there was the event NPC from whom you could use the Honey Songpyeons to buy items. The "big" event item -- the selectable Hanbok transformation box -- was supposed to cost 50 Honey Songpyeons to purchase from the NPC. However, the NPC incorrectly had the price set at 0 Honey Songpyeons. So several people were able to purchase that item for free from the NPC before the NPC was removed about half an hour later.

  6. At this point, NCsoft should just give one selectable Hanbok transformation to every account which was not able to claim one in the 30 minutes before they removed the NPC. That's really the only viable solution that won't leave people feeling upset. Then reset the free key on the BCM so we can grind out a second 50-Honey transform if we want to do so (many will want to for collections).

  7. 7 minutes ago, Aelar-DN said:

    Post a screenshot of where it says the contract costs $20.

    This is to what they're referring.


    But their wording is a bit incorrect. Yes, you can buy a $20 Hanbok xform on the BCM, but that would be an additional one. The original one (50 event currency + $0 key) would, indeed, be free.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Mystoganrr-DN said:

    @Loki @Kibbelz i cant see how to get the design to get the +12 stigma selection box? halp? D:

    It looks really convoluted and confusing, but from what I can understand, the +12 stigma box comes from Steraki's Special Box which comes from combining two Steraki's Special Shards. You get the Special Shards from Steraki's Special Stigma Package on the BCM, but that only includes one Shard. So you'd have to buy two Steraki's Special Stigma Packages on the BCM at 1,600 BC coin each (total of 3,200 BC coin or $40 USD).

    Someone can correct me if I'm reading it wrong.

  9. Maybe I'm just reading incorrectly because it's early and I haven't had my tea yet, but it looks like this new Harvest Festival event will be pretty nice! It seems like you only have to combine 2 Legendary transformations to be guaranteed either Kaisinel or Marchutan at the end of October. If that's the case, that is really good for people still needing an Ultimate transformation! Hoping I didn't understand it incorrectly.

    EDIT: Now I see it's either Greater or Ultimate -- so only a chance for Ultimate. Well, hopefully some people will get lucky.

    In any case, could we please know what [Motion Card] Comical Bow Bundle looks like? Does anyone have a video of it? :x