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  1. 50 minutes ago, Shiftie-DN said:

    kind of a noot point though cause not dropping $1.5k cash for 1 extra stig slot.

    Yeah, my dream was to be able to use Blessing of Wind while in Instigation spec. Alas, I will have to be content with +11 stigmas until they increase the success rate hueeeee.

  2. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    He is a cleric, a soldusk would have been the best. In the item guide soldusk is on top.

    It depends which set they are wanting the mace. The stats are not retunable, so they wouldn't be able to get heal boost on it for their support set. However, it would be good for their dps set.

  3. 13 hours ago, Amiteahx-KT said:

    You gonna actually communicate with the community because right now we are left in darkness with many questions.


    12 hours ago, Amiteahx-KT said:

    And about the bans. The suspensions are deserving but permanent bans are too harsh especially on those who did the kicking as they were ask or pressured to do.


    10 hours ago, Amiteahx-KT said:

    For arena of discipline/ harmony and dredgion are the insignia rewards gonna be updated NCsoft? 200 dredgion bridge captain kills for 30 luna or 50 arena of discipline wins for 5 luna. You said there was a fix but there has been nothing.


    5 hours ago, Amiteahx-KT said:

    Really NCsoft 4 star gets 2 legendary pvp stones, it should be 600 luna which is useful but 2 legendary stones is so little compared to all the effort. Getting the same rank in arena is atleast worth it.


    Gurl stop. Your whining is literally 22% of this entire thread. At least combine it all into one post. Cyan has answered your questions in various threads multiple times.

  4. 56 minutes ago, SiennaSkies-KT said:

    You are wrong, the second best is WB (World Boss) weapon.

    It depends on your preference and your class. Although the Soldusk has slightly higher stats, some would say the world boss weapons are the best because of extendable. However, of course non-extendable classes wouldn't benefit from that. Also, the Soldusk doesn't have retunable stats. So if you're lucky on rolls (or Luna retune), you can get higher stats on the world boss weapons. (356 max crit on WB versus 320 max crit on Soldusk or 19% atk speed vs 17%)

  5. 43 minutes ago, Romart-DN said:


    I see that Blessing of Stone is not busy, although a friend had recommended it to me. Is it better to put it aside?

    None of us listed Blessing of Stone because you asked about dps spec stigmas. Blessing of Stone is a good stigma to have when you're in support spec though. It increases everyone's HP and also gives physical and magical defense.

  6. I use:

    Annihilation, Leaping Flash, Word of Life, Blessing of Wind, Mountain Crash, Numbing Blow and then for my two extra slots: Word of Inspiration and Soul Lock. However, if you only have 6 stigma slots, I'd leave out Word of Life or Leaping Flash so that you can take Word of Inspiration instead. Leaping Flash is pretty good though because it's a guaranteed knockdown in pvp.

  7. 36 minutes ago, EvilPride-DN said:

    can u help me to get demha weapon

    I'm afraid not. You're Elyos and I'm Asmo. :$

    The Ultimate Demaha Champion weapons come from the four world bosses that spawn everyday in Demaha -- the snake, dragon, fire boss, and frog as they are commonly called. They spawn once per day and, once dead, they do not spawn again until 20-24 hours later. Note, these bosses only have a CHANCE to drop the Ultimate weapons; it's not guaranteed. So you would need to be in the alliance/league that succeeds in killing the world boss, have the Ultimate Demaha Champion Orb/Spellbook actually drop, and then have the winning roll. So it's a bit tough to get them. But not impossible! Good luck! :)

  8. 5 minutes ago, Abusive-KT said:

    look if you really got perma'd just listen to @Vantheria-DN advice and "buy another person's account" HAHA

    ...if not see ya next week

    excuse you sir buying accounts is against ncsoft terms of service!


  9. 9 minutes ago, Germ-DN said:

    You're wrong! I go by most hated <3 don't mix it up now

    I thought you went by The Holy One.

    On 9/26/2019 at 2:55 PM, Hozen-KT said:

    the "germ" is said to be holy

  10. 39 minutes ago, SEKOMONOZ-KT said:

    i kill mobs on other maps a little harder than those on Demaha

    The Demaha mobs are the hardest since Demaha is the endgame map.

    What is your gear? If it's not at least FM/BoS ancient gear, you're gonna struggle -- and even then, you will struggle. You won't find it easy to kill Demaha mobs until you are in mostly legendary pve gear, or even ultimate pve gear if you don't have maxed cubics, good transform, etc.

  11. Just now, BigSexyHook-KT said:

    it's my fault coz i did it, but is not good for the game to lose even more players than it normaly does, and that is NCwest fault.

    there are many different cases ofc but i know a few spenders that got it really soft.

    14 days vacation xD

    Real talk, I hope you enjoy your vacation but also that you come back. You're aight. <3

  12. 48 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    I very strongly doubt f2p 50+ runs a day Metal took a 7 day when big money others got perma'd.

    I guess we'll find out in a week lol. Either way, that's at least one week of him not crying about Nod in lfg, so I'll take it. :D

  13. I didn't try to enchant past +15 in 5.x and I won't do it in 7.5 either lol. Just don't do it, guys. Just because the function is there doesn't mean we have to utilize it if we don't want. You might say, "But then we won't be competitive with those who do!" Well, who gives a shit. It's just a game. Let them win if they need it.


  14. 14 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    Tbh, the enchanting events have always been pay2win events. So this shouldn't surprise anyone.

    Stigma enchanting has always been a shitshow. Last year, over the course of four power-up weekends, I took ten stigmas from +0 to +9. I spent probably 5 billion kinah overall. It's pretty unfortunate that the rates are still so horrendous. :/

  15. See spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SuaTSav1S_QFN8DenZWOPli-rpL7l29zC6O8HuTLQcs/

    I used 164 stigma enchantment stones to take six stigmas from +9 to +11. I did not attempt to go past +11. I tried all of the pseudo-science "methods" of enchanting such as starting/canceling, moving around, jumping up and down, praying to NPCs, enchanting in less populated areas, etc. I didn't notice much difference between any of them. The rates are wildly random as you can see from the spreadsheet; it took me 62 stones to take Annihilation from +9 to +11, but it only took 5 stones on Elemental Screen.

    Summary: I would NOT recommend spending real money on stigma enchantment stones. If you have a thousand dollars to throw at this event, then go ahead. However, the vast majority of the playerbase would only end up getting upset from trying to go to +12. As you can see from the spreadsheet, getting a set of six stigmas from +9 to +10 is very doable with 15-30 stigma enchantment stones, so definitely give that a shot if you've been collecting enchantment stones.

    TIP: Don't try to take one stigma from +10 to +11 while the others are still +9. Get all six to +10 first. That way, if you run out of stones, you at least have a set at +10 for the +15 set effect.

    If you are curious, I had this many enchantment stones from giving kinah to my alts and having them buy gold ingots and then the stigma enchantment stones on the Gold Sand Traders each week. One stigma enchantment stone costs 13 mil kinah. So I recommend doing this if you are trying to save up enchantment stones and don't want to spend any real money.

  16. Yeah, the towers inside IB don't seem to be working. In ID, those towers will fvck you up. They don't do anything in IB though. Yet another bug, I'm sure... 9_9

  17. 31 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    On a completely unrelated note, last week we were getting daily transformation contracts with Prestige and as of today, we aren't. 

    Was any of this advertised? Getting them or not getting them?

    @Cheesecake-DN or @Vantheria-DN I didn't catch it, but maybe one of you did?

    The daily transformation contract after being logged in for one hour was part of the Pumpkin King event which is why it isn't happening anymore.