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  1. 30 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    Wait. @MetalPhantomEvil-DN are you asserting that there is a coordinated effort by Nod members to report you using the in-game "Report Spam" feature?


    25 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    Nope, definitely just NOD coordinating a Report Spam on him.


    Yep, that's us! The world boss stealing, altar stealing, fort cheating, chat ban reporting legion of DN-A!

  2. 15 hours ago, Brutallus-DN said:

    make ult drop 100%

    This should be the end result, honestly. We complained so much back in 6.2 that they made ultimates a 100% drop, and then comes 7.0 and we're back to only a chance at ultimates? Makes no sense.

  3. Addition to Tiamat Stronghold:

    The Tiamat armors (black version) are also obtainable in ancient armor boxes inside Tiamat Stronghold, but  the drop rate is much lower than the weapons. In about 25 runs, I've only seen 1 armor box and 6 or 7 weapons boxes.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Lilithis-DN said:

    im getting on glitch abusers who starts IB run already with 3rd transformation 1 shotting my whole team...

    I don't think I've ever been against a team that did this. Do you have a screencap? Not doubting you necessarily, just trying to see if there are any other factors. Like, you mean they literally have level 3 at the very beginning and not after a couple minutes?

  5. 10 hours ago, Haniya-DN said:

    I quick queue with the full expectation that I'll give the instance a go if everyone else wants to play and contentedly afk if they don't. I don't have any reason to be upset with quick queue team members for afking or being undergeared when I know how the system works and what I'm getting myself into. :P 

    The most sensible post in this thread.

  6. It's just bad luck, sadly. My main character has all of the new ultimate PF and IDD gear, plus extras for heal boost set, and my favorite alt has all of the new PF and IDD gear except one piece (and she's magic clothie, so a lot of roll competition).

    An idea for you if you have the dps to support it... Do you have any decently geared friends who you can trio IDD and PF with? Yourself, another dps, and a healer? That would help you get gear faster. Also, try not to go in groups with other assassins/rangers so you don't have any roll competition.

  7. Disclaimer: I didn't start playing Aion until 5.1, so I don't have the intense nostalgia that so many of you guys have.

    Aion has been casualized these days, that much is true. However, it's definitely still fun at many times in my opinion. So many people just do nothing but compare it to how it used to be. It's never going to be that again. You can either accept it or move on to another game. (That sounds bitchy in text, but I mean it as kindly as possible.) Those of us who still play can do so because we are able to tolerate the things we don't like about the game. When things break, we have to wait weeks for them to be fixed. There will be people who use real money to go crazy in events, giving them a huge gear advantage. (The most recent event had a vandal on KT-E spend over 2 thousand USD in one week.) Again, we can either accept these things or move on. That's something you'll have to decide for yourself.

  8. 1. Vendor the gear drops you get from BoS/FM/PF/IDD. This will obviously be tough if you actually NEED the gear... but yeah.

    2. Join any alcemium alliances "kib farm" you see (they are a bit rare these days) and sell the alcemium on the broker.

    3. Farm alcemium and magic stones yourself from open world mobs in Lakrum/Demaha and sell them on the broker.

    4. If you get anything tradeable from events, sell them on the broker.


    Vendoring gear from pve instances is the easiest way these days. I make about 50 mil kinah on my main and my favorite alt per week by doing that (I duo PF/IDD so we each get a couple pieces of purple gear per run), BUT I also don't need any of the gear. If you still need a lot of gear, obviously you have to keep those pieces and so you can't sell them. As a general rule, it becomes easier to get kinah once you are fairly pve geared and can duo/trio pve instances with your friends. That's probably not what you wanted to hear though. :( Sadly, our kinah-making methods are mostly gone these days due to NCsoft trying to combat the bots.

  9. Go to the folder Aion > bin64 and then rename the file "Aion.bin" to "Aion.bin.old" and then restart your client. It should work now.

    If it still doesn't, do you have an Nvidia graphics card? The most recent drivers are not compatible with Aion, so roll back your drivers to before August.

  10. 1 hour ago, AteHerTech-KT said:

    You have people who dont play this game for year and still log on to social media and other outlets just to talk shit about the game.

    THIIIIIIIS. Just look at the forums. We have people who log in to say, "I haven't played this game in a year and it looks like it's still shit!" They can't even move on lmao.

  11. 14 hours ago, Lenoir-KT said:

    besides all the other issues mentioned prior I  need to add just one more.   Sometimes, not all, for no apparent reason the coffin that provides the xp bonus just will not work.   No clonk noise, no error notice just nothing.,   Its as though the character just did not exist at all.   This doesn't happen on all but it does on some so something along the line is broke like so many other things.   Seems normal these days whether its here or outside here in the real world...   Way too much is broken and no one seems to know what to do about it anymore.  If it gets fixed that's great but if not, well I guess it won't.

    It was this way both previous years we had this event. It helps if you take off your gear, but usually just clicking it multiple times will get it to eventually work.

  12. 16 hours ago, Ressha-KT said:

    Hello everyone, someone could tell me where I can see the days and times of the instances.

    1. AD Ashura Dredgion
    2. ID Igneel Dome ID
    3. IB Illumiel Brawl
    4. Pandora Rift
    5. Arena of discipline
    6. Arena of Harmony
    7. Arena of Cooperation
    8. Lakrum Fortress Siege
    9. Demaha Fortress siege
    10. Dumaha Altar Siege

    Thank you

    All times listed are SERVER time.

    1. Ashunatal Dredgion - Sunday, Monday, Thursday - 8pm

    2. Idgel Dome - Sunday, Tuesday, Friday - 8pm

    3. Illumiel Brawl - Every day of the week - 7pm

    4. Pandora - Every day of the week - 7pm, 9pm, 11pm, but I think Saturday and Sunday also have more times, like every 2 hours starting at 1pm. It's been months since I've done Pandora, so can't remember.

    (Can't help with Arenas as I don't do those.)

    8. Lakrum siege - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 9pm

    9. Demaha siege - Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9pm

    10. Altars - Every day of the week - 8pm

    Extra: Divine siege - Sunday - 9pm

  13. I'm not sure what the deal is here because I thought everyone kind of knew that no gear = quick queue -- or at the least, apply for a group that doesn't have "geared" in the title. I quick queued into two IBs yesterday and lost both, but it was no big deal because I was stepping away from my computer fairly often. If I apply for a premade group, I am intending to win and have the gear to support it. If a post says "ID Geared," then it's very clear that they want you to have good--or at least decent--pvp gear.

  14. If the candies had been by toon, this event wouldn't have been terrible because at least you could have stocked up on revival stones (which I desperately need) without too much effort since they're probably tradeable. But if it's by account only... well, that sucks. :( Oh well, I'll just attempt to get my Dazzling Arabian skin.

  15. 10 minutes ago, Svaite-DN said:

    7. Never use transform and stand afk in town 24/7 ;)

    P.S. Good job btw and yeah i still have skins from TL shugos, Eltnen Shugo (Defeated Archon Set), token skins, 1 alt full bag/wh with skin boxes from Sanctum NPC and much more. <3 old skins but even they cant make me log in anymore ........................  Geez got even Arcanus' Wing Feather and that was damn hard back then.

    Transparent scrolls are more available now than ever before, so stock up! I use them exclusively on my main and my favorite alt.

    Yeah, I have 6 cabinets, 2 pets, and half my warehouse filled with skins. Kinda sad lmao.

  16. Not sure what your screenshot is trying to show. IB doesn't have anything to do with gear, so it doesn't matter what their gear/rank is. Like I agree that there's a huge gear gap in this game, but that screencap wasn't the right thing to demonstrate it lol.

  17. 8 hours ago, Lad-DN said:

    If I understand the list right, you'll be able to craft the masterwork version of armor directly for double the materials. If that's what it is I think lots of people would see that as a good thing. Especially because you can easily go 2 crafts without getting a proc. :( The same with being able to buy another alternative pvp set. It's still lower than ultimate dark talon, but it can give more people a chance to gear up with something decent and not so enchantment rng dependent. 

    True, but it seems just as hard because you need double the materials, and they are harder to come by. Idk maybe I'm being too hard on NCsoft (lol).

  18. 12 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    When 7.0 was launched the machines were selling everything they had for 1 kinah or something, so people would get like 10.000 a-rank minion scrolls and a ton of other goodies. So we got a rollback and the machine was de-activated until further notice, aka NCSoon.

    No, this is a new thing. The jukebox was there a couple days ago. Just gone now.

  19. There is a nice thread here on the forums about farming skins in 6.0, but much of the info is outdated since it’s from 6.0. I’ve been doing a lot of skin farming lately, so here is a bunch of info about current old skins available. I am only listing the skins that are farmable for level 80 toons. There are other skins inside some of these instances, but they cannot be passed to a level 80 toon because they are inside of ancient/legendary gear boxes. For example, the final boss in Esoterrace drops a box of legendary gear which is the Abyssal skin; it can only be looted by the toon which killed the boss. If you bring in a level 80 toon, it can loot everything else on the boss, just not the equipment box. Rentus Base also drops the old Vasharti gear and weapon skins, but again, they are in a box and are not passable to level 80 toons.


    How to create a proper group that will allow a level 80 toon to loot the skins:

    1. Your “skin farming” toon will be within 10 levels of whichever instance you are farming. For example, if you are farming in an instance where the mobs are level 27, your toon will need to be no higher than level 36.
    2. You will need two toons in the group: a level 1 on a separate account and a level 37/45/whatever on your main account. Your level 1 toon should be in the group the entire time, regardless of how much switching you do for other toons to loot.
    3. Your level 1 toon can just sit at Ishalgen or wherever. Bring your level 37 (or whatever) toon inside the instance by itself (while in group with the level 1) and kill mobs/beat the instance.
    4. Note: If white skins drop on the regular mobs, go to character screen with your level 37 toon -- DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. The *regular* mob loot despawns within 5 minutes, so you must be very fast on those. Loot it on your level 80 toon and then go back to character screen and switch back to your level 37 toon. Continue the instance.
    5. After you kill the final boss in the instance, you will probably have a 15-minute wait period (see notes for each instance below for exceptions) before you can loot on another toon. So kill the boss and then go to character screen -- again, DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. Bring it inside the instance (the level 1 should still be chilling in group with you) and wait by the boss until it becomes lootable.
    6. As a general rule, your level 1 toon should always be in the group from start to finish. Do not ever make it leave or you risk the group falling apart and you being kicked from the instance before you're done looting.

    ** When you enter lower level instances, such as Haramel or Lower Udas Temple, select “Enter with my squad” or some such phrasing; don’t enter the instance in the solo mode. **


    Frostforged Gear Skins

    XgB8Icf.jpg ps7qk3H.jpg BCo9hAM.jpg 8B5ly6J.jpg 

    Name of the skins in 7.0: Wind or Earth
    Where to get: Haramel, Alquimia Research Center, Kromede’s Trial
    Level your farming toon needs to be: 6-32
    Type of loot: White gear pieces
    How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and Hamerun, the final boss; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot.
    Special notes: The mini-boss mob that prowls around outside of the Haramel entrance also drops one piece of this gear, and it is also passable to level 80 toons in the same way, so make sure to kill him before you actually enter the instance. The drop rate is much lower in Alquimia, so I recommend just keeping your toon at level 9 until you’ve collected all the pieces you need from Haramel before ascending to level 10.


    Malefic Gear and Weapon Skins




    Name of the skins in 7.0: Starspark
    Where to get: Fire Temple, Bakarma Fortress, Taloc’s Hollow, Esoterrace
    Level your farming toon needs to be: 31-51
    Type of loot: White gear pieces
    How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot.
    Special notes: FT drops a different, non-Malefic shield, which is called Starspark like the other Malefic gear, but it’s not the Malefic shield. I’m not sure what it is, so I included a picture of it. FT also has a chance to spawn Vile Judge Kromede as the final boss and she drops the old Kromede weapon skins, but several of them are the extendable versions, so they cannot be skinned onto level 80 weapons. FT is the best/fastest/easiest way to farm these Malefic skin pieces.


    Infinity Shard/Hyperion Gear Skins



    Name of the skins in 7.0: Heartwave or Aegis
    Where to get: Lower Udas Temple, Rentus Base, Beshmundir Temple, Dragon Lord’s Refuge, Tiamat Stronghold
    Level your farming toon needs to be: 49-80 (recommend waiting until 52 for Udas Temple because Besh at level 49 is almost impossible)
    Type of loot: White gear pieces
    How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot.
    Special notes: The cloth version is the special songweaver version; does not have the sorc/sm version of cloth. There are both leather versions – regular and special gunner. All pieces are available, including the hats. The mace and shield can also be found. It’s possible the other weapons are around, but I haven’t seen them in about a dozen runs. In Dragon Lord’s Refuge, the skin is on Calindi, not the final chest. (There is technically also one in the chest, but it's not passable to other toons.) Calindi’s loot timer is 15 minutes, so you can finish the instance before you bring in your level 80 toon. Lower Udas Temple is the best/easiest/fastest way to farm these skins.


    Tiamat Stronghold Weapon Skins


    Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Drakanfire
    Where to get: Tiamat Stronghold
    Level your farming toon needs to be: 71-80
    Type of loot: Ancient weapon box
    How to get: It is found on the boss, Tahabata. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons since Tahabata is a level 71 mob!
    Special notes: These DO have the red glow on them! You must actually bring a 2nd toon inside the instance with you. Just holding the group is not enough. For some reason, the weapon box only drops from Tahabata when at least two toons are inside the boss room. Unfortunately, since they are inside weapon boxes, you will get the "best" one for your class. For example, as a chanter, I am given a box with a staff; I don't get to choose a mace or shield instead.


    Fallen Poeta/Kroban Gear and Weapon Skins


    Name of the skins in 7.0: Helio’s
    Where to get: Open world Lakrum/Demaha, Bastion of Souls, Primeth’s Forge, Stellin Laboratories
    Level your farming toon needs to be: No level restriction as long as you are strong enough to kill the mobs
    Type of loot: White gear pieces
    How to get: They are found on regular mobs; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot.
    Special notes: They were called Volcanic in 6.x patches. No image of all the weapons together; google "Aion Kroban weapons" for images of them individually from Aion Powerbook.


    Blood Mark Gear and Weapon Skins



    Name of the skins in 7.0: Lakrum Protector
    Where to get: Yellow/dark blue quests when you first enter the Lakrum map
    Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80
    Type of loot: Ancient gear
    How to get: Quest rewards
    Special notes: The white version shown above is the Lakrum Protector pve gear; the gray version (not pictured here) is the pvp gear.


    Harvester Gear and Weapon Skins



    Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Nighthaze
    Where to get: Bastion of Souls, Frozen Monolith
    Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80
    Type of loot: Ancient gear
    How to get: They are found on the bosses. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons.
    Special notes: None



    - Level 1 starter gear – “Old” – original starter skin

    - Level 1-9 gear – “Apprentice” – Fabled Kahrun skin – Looks like: https://66.media.tumblr.com/148477c525121e325526c504aa2dfdf3/tumblr_pevjsom1Dg1rjzgqyo2_250.png

    - Level 10 gear – “Traveler” – Siel’s Forgotten skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/images/multimedia/screenshots/3-0_screenshots_armors03.jpg

    - Level 10 wings (yellow quest) – “Verdict” – Norsvold starter wings (assume Elyos get their Iluma version, but not sure) – Looks like: https://aionpowerbook.com/preview/wings/wing_q04a_1.jpg

    - Level 10-20 gear – “Verdict” – Ceramium coin skin (white) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos

    - Level 20 purple weapons – “Dundis” – same as Verdict

    - Level 20-40 Gear – “Adjudication” – Ceramium coin skin (purple) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos

    - Level 40-55 gear – “Indomitable” – Eternal Kahrun skin – Looks like: http://cmsstatic.aionfreetoplay.com/armor3.jpg

    - Level 50 purple weapons – “Lakeanimum” – unknown blue/black (similar to Beritra skin, but not quite the same)

    - Level 50-74 Gear and weapons – “Sunburst” – Danuar Sanctuary skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/2013/05/07/aion-4-0-danuar-shalter-gear/

    - Level 60 purple weapons – “Roaring Kirrin” – Hyperion skin – Looks like: https://live.staticflickr.com/8690/16989487461_a678e15206_b.jpg