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  1. 3 hours ago, EnemyOfGod-KT said:

    Can accessories be returned to get flight time?

    Only wings can be retuned to gain flight time.

    2 hours ago, EnemyOfGod-KT said:

    I opened this window on a lev 80 toon - Retuning is grayed :(  Why?

    Those are Lakrum Protector wings. Lakrum gear is considered the most basic starter gear and, as such, it is not retunable. You're intended to be out of it within a week or so. Here are examples of end game wings. They are retunable. I've also included an example of what the retuning window looks like so you can see how it works. Note, these wings are both Ultimate, BUT even Ancient wings are retunable. Just not the Lakrum stuff. So if you get wings from Mirash Sanctuary or CoE (very easy PVE instance for levels 76-78), those wings can also be retuned.



    The Cloud War wings are NOT retuned to flight time; they have over 5 minutes of flight time. The Frostspark wings ARE retuned to flight time; they have nearly 10 minutes of flight time.

  2. 4 minutes ago, ReverseCowgirl-DN said:

    Glad I can get my bank to reverse the transaction.

    This will get you banned. That might be fine -- I totally understand you frustrations -- but I just wanted to mention it in case you weren't aware. Either way, I hope you find a game you like. (Not saying that in a snarky way; I mean it lol.)

  3. 2 hours ago, Arkaida-KT said:

    hahaha this guy is delusional .....i think that the sand traders does need a rework....i think all the pve stones should be there and the pvp stones.....i think stigma bundles and stigma enchant stones should be there and i think we should be able to get legendary and ultimate transformation contracts as well.....what i saw on EU would definitely make a huge difference in our servers....

    What in the actual fvck are you talking about. Aly has literally said MANY, MANY TIMES that she wants the EU Gold Sand Traders. In other words, you're agreeing with her. While also insulting her for having the same opinion as you.

  4. 9 hours ago, EnemyOfGod-KT said:

    My character has not bad wings (Hyperion Archdaeva, flight time=94 or so)

    Btw with what thing can wings be retuned?

    94 seconds is absolutely nothing now. Seriously, you can get like 10 minutes of flight time with fully enchanted end game wings in the current patch.

    Retuning on current gear is done via kinah. You just go to the screen where you modify equipment and you'll see you can retune gear.

  5. 14 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

    Though I thought they took those reports and actually checked before banning.

    A close friend of mine has been farming hardcore for guiding stones the past couple weeks. Like, hours every day. He is doing it actively -- like, he's talking to us on Discord while he's doing it. So I know he's not botting. He has NOT been banned yet for botting even though people probably see him out there on his ranger and think he is. I'm sure people have probably reported him. So I'd imagine there is SOME sort of check in place, but who knows.

  6. On 5/28/2019 at 10:22 PM, wijaz-KT said:

    Insta fear, dbuff, fast casting 3 fears more, u cant figth like this

    Get a Rejuvenating Spell and shield off before you get feared and you'll survive unless they severely outgear you.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Juju-EK said:

    Not sure why you keep posting that because the rewards are still terrible. Are you actually that anxious to buy 3 ingots a day for 500 days in a row?

    No one would do that lol. Those rewards would be for people who were high ranking and, due to the reset, now have hundreds or even thousands of gold ingots.

  8. 29 minutes ago, Motionless-KT said:

    Are they solo? Are there QUESTS for them giving plumes as reward?

    Yes, Lower Udas Temple, Dragon Lord's Refuge, and Drakenspire Depths are all solo. Grab the quests that go along with them. Basically, you're going to want to grab every yellow and dark blue quest in Gelkmaros/Enshar. Every instance is going to have quests that go with it.

    According to Aion Powerbook, these instances all give plumes:

    Taloc's Hollow (level 42 - solo)
    Esoterrace (level 47 - group)
    Dragon Lord's Refuge (level 57 - solo)

    Looks like Drakenspire Depths only gives a weapon and Lower Udas Temple only lists as giving accessories (probably rings, earrings, etc).

    Source: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Instances

  9. 9 minutes ago, Samurai-EK said:

    please reset the names for active players. 

    I beg your pardon... you've already been compensated for losing your chosen name. Original KT players should not be punished.

    On 4/24/2019 at 11:47 AM, Cyan said:
    • A: Characters on Ereshkigal will be able to enjoy the following boosts from today until the day of the merge:
      • +400% XP, +200% Drop, +200% Crafting, and +200% AP
      • A survey with the following items, claimable once per account by level 80 characters.
        • 50x Transformation Contract (62 Types)
        • 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types)
        • 1x 30-day Prestige Pass
        • 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types)
        • 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones
        • 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones
        • 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones
        • 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones
        • 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones
        • 250,000,000 Kinah
        • 250 Gold Ingots
        • 4,000 Luna


  10. 1 hour ago, Aly-DN said:

    I always wonder why women feel the need to point out that they are a woman or to be insulted when someone calls them "bro" or "man". I see it all the time..

    "Thanks, man."

    "I'm a WOMAN!"

    Like.. who cares?

    Lmao do you remember that girl, ThisIsHalloween, on IS-A like a year ago? She was always posting in lfg about how she's a girl and she plays MMOs (in response to Noto). Lol just made me think of her.

  11. I used 15 purple pve stones on a few red +6 pieces last night. None got above +8. I don't think enchanting is "broken"; I just think it has always sucked and will continue to suck forever. As Euphoria said, it would only be made more tolerable if we got purple stones at the current rate of gold stones and red stones at the current rate of purple stones.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    And those instances are supposed to give you instantly full sets of +15 ultimate gear?! Damn. I need to submit a ticket.

    Put mine in! Waiting on the "you need to work harder in siege" response that is their go-to when they're confused about whatever the topic may be.


  13. 10 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

    So we could just login and decide we want to run 5 FMs, click a button and get 5x the rewards for the instance directly put into our inventories! Let's get this, too, pls&ty.

    Lmao don't give them any ideas. That's literally how it is in the Aion: Legions of War mobile game. It's called the Blitz style. You just hit go and you instantly run all your CDs for the day in that dungeon. 9_9

  14. Make sure you're getting level 80 gear. You can't get heal boost on lower level gear. Here is my chanter's PVE support set, unbuffed (no hb buffs). As you can see, you can get a lot of heal boost. Only about half of the manastones are heal boost. The other half are HP. Make sure you have enough HP on your set too so you can survive. Big heals are nice, but ultimately useless if you die before everyone else due to low HP. Your support set should be separate from your dps set or both will only be mediocre because you won't be able to maximize the correct manastones. You'd be splitting half dps manastones and half support manastones.





  15. 10 hours ago, Rogaine-DN said:

    What has this got to do with trying to find a name?  Ya just gotta let it go...

    It has to do with it because the survey rewards EK people received were to compensate them for losing their names, houses, and just general merge frustrations. So effectively, they have already been compensated for losing their names.

  16. 16 hours ago, Bonito-DN said:

    After opening all the pods, we could only release 9/10 prisoners. Couldn't figure out what caused it

    Did you have an aethertech in the group who opened the main gate to start the prisoner section of the instance instead of waiting for Bastikan to come open it? Apparently that's a way that will cause this bug to occur.

  17. 38 minutes ago, Unskilled-KT said:

    I doubt he intentionally did it. Most likely he landed wrong page...

    "What the hell happened to the appearance of the Blade & Sou-- oh never mind, wrong forum."