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  1. 16 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    The soonest it'd be is a while after the new patch. :/

    You're trapped forever.

    Trapped until server merge late this year LOOOOOL.

    Also, I appreciate the redundancy in our Luna crafting lmao.




  2. Yeah, this looks like some sort of bug. You clearly have Rejuvenating selected, but it is using Cleansing. Hopefully support can fix it up for you.

    EDIT: The only other thing I can think of is you DID hit Apply and then OK, right? Like, you have to select Rejuvenating and then click Apply. Otherwise, it won't actually set that as your skill choice.

  3. Thanks for being our voice. Lots of people gave you shit which you often did not deserve as those things were out of your control. I hope your next job is a little less stressful for you. Best wishes.

  4. 8 hours ago, Soaken-DN said:

    I would like to know if that's something I should do: go for pandora

    No, please don't get started on this! I don't want you to waste your time as this gear/quests go away in 2 weeks when 7.5 patch hits. As @Lifeshatter-DN mentioned, run all of your BoS and FM CDs this week and next week as you might get a couple ultimate gear pieces for your character. You can also buy loot rights in lfg if you have any kinah (probably won't have kinah though since you've just returned). These armor/weapons are the best in the game for pve and still extremely OP even in 7.5, so they are not a waste of time to get!

    Really, everything Lifeshatter said below is valid.

    2 hours ago, Lifeshatter-DN said:

    I am just farming FM's on my main an alts, stock piling Blood marks from Katalam, enchantment stones and working on my stigmas along with trying to get the sovereign set. Im not so focused on getting accessories anymore given the coming changes in 7.5.

    If you only care about pve, don't worry about the blood marks from Katalam as that's for pvp gear. In addition to doing your FMs and BoSes, you can also do your IDDs and PFs for more pve gear that will help you get going in 7.5.

    Make sure you immediately buy the Stormwing egg from the BCM (it's a free "purchase") and get that going. It is the best event we have had in over a year, and it still has 2 weeks left. By opening this egg every day, you can get an A-rank minion, stigma enchantment stones, *selectable* Daevanion skillbooks (you'll find out what those are soon if you haven't already), and more very important items.

  5. 1 hour ago, Violeta-KT said:

    it shows the items right on the registration page, 30 day carpet mount and some rune/odian shards.

    Oh weird, the page won't scroll on my phone. I had to load it up on my computer to be able to see it lol.

    Fvck off, @DevilNest-KT lmao!

  6. 2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    I doubt we can find where this skin drops in today's loot table.

    As someone who has farmed skins extensively in 7.x, I have not seen this set in open world/boss loot tables. It is not currently obtainable in game unless someone has a very old one that they can trade/sell.

  7. 33 minutes ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

    If you can stand a ping from 300 to 400, inability to use more than half of the npc (including teleports and warehouse), some mobs (incuding those in instances and some bosses) at least for one hour all of you are welcome!!

    Hey, we can take a shower and eat during that time! :D

  8. 1 hour ago, Gorokai-DN said:

    I have done this on 3 PCs and a laptop and it works on 2 and doesn't work on the other 2, so it's hit or miss if this will work for you.

    Common things that people miss that you might check:

    1. Make sure both ValidTableDump= AND NormalStop= are set to 1.

    2. Make sure the file is set to read-only.

    3. The file might just be corrupted. Delete the config file, start Aion so that it creates a new config file, then follow the steps above.

  9. Despite there being several videos and text how-to guides out there for how to remove the loading bar on the Aion login screen, so many people still don't know how to do it correctly. Hopefully these detailed screencaps will help you. I highly recommend doing this; your friends will thank you if you sendlog/DC during a pvp/pve instance! A few notes:

    1. After a detailed* maintenance, you will get the loading bar again. This is normal, and it will only happen once. (* If it's just a Wednesday maintenance where they didn't really make any changes, you probably won't get the loading screen, but if we get a new event, they make changes, etc, then you will.)

    2. Sometimes the file just gets corrupted for some reason, and even though you've done the fix, you have to re-do it. I find that I have to re-do it every 6-8 months.

    Step 1: Close the Aion client(s) if you're currently logged in.

    Step 2: Navigate to the folder on your computer where you have Aion installed. If you don't have it installed on an SSD, it will probably be:


    Step 3: Go into the "data" folder and then go into the "dump" folder.


    Step 4: Copy the "config" file to your desktop or some other random folder. The reason we are copying it elsewhere (temporarily) is because many computers will prevent you from saving the file after you edit it if it is still in this folder.


    Step 5: Open this "config" file (on your desktop or wherever you copied it).


    Step 6: Change ValidTableDump= AND NormalStop= to the number 1 (for both).


    Step 7: Save the file (still on your desktop or wherever you copied it).

    Step 8: Cut and paste the file from your desktop back into the folder below. You are REPLACING the existing config file in the "dump" folder with this new one that you just finished editing.


    Step 9: Right-click on the config file (in your data-dump folder) and click Properties.


    Step 10: Click the checkbox on "Read-only" under Attributes on the General tab. This step is critical. If you don't set it to read-only, then you will continue to get the loading bar because Aion doesn't "save" your no-loading-bar preference.


    Step 11: Re-start your Aion client and play the game normally. All done!