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  1. This could be a result of several different things.

    1. The mob just might not have any loot on it.

    2. The mob is 10 levels (or more) below your current level. Ex: You are level 32 and the mob is level 22 or lower.

    3. Quest mobs almost always do not have any loot on them because they are part of a quest.

    Note, when you are in a group (as you are in your screencap), the mob will remain there even if it is empty until someone checks it.

  2. 1 hour ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    I understand, but we had a reset for this exact same problem, four days ago. So i didn’t expect us to get a second one.

    The normal reset (lol we have "normal" resets now, smh) is on Monday or Tuesday. The one a few days ago was a fluke. So plan for Monday/Tuesday going forward.

    1 hour ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    I’m not the type of person that can sit down and do 50 instance runs one day and then the next do it all over again.

    Hey, I get it. I agree. I don't even put most of my stuff on cd each week because it's a lot, and I just don't care THAT much.

    All I'm saying is that at this point, we should all be expecting the reset at the beginning of the week. It's been going on for weeks now. So if you're not running ANY instances Wednesday through Sunday and trying to wait until the very last minute, then that's on you. (Not you, specifically; that's a general "you.")

  3. 1 hour ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    While you guys see that oh theres gonna be a reset soon because KT is broken...

    My dude, you KNOW it's coming. We all know it's coming at this point because it's been happening for weeks. So do your shit earlier in the week and EXPECT a reset on either Monday or Tuesday.

  4. 27 minutes ago, Nameer-KT said:

    That's so rude.. it happened from 10 hours! and no fix

    Because unfortunately it happened in the middle of the night. Alas, our fearless NCsoft representatives must sleep too.

  5. I do have Prestige PLUS I was using a 50% drop rate amulet. The drop rates are pretty crappy. It's not too bad in Lower Udas Temple because you can one- or two-shot all of the mobs, but killing all of the mobs in PF, for example, is not a great idea because by the time you finish, you might miss out on Daevanion mark at the boss itself only to have gained 3 ice creams. Idk, maybe worth it to some people, I guess.

  6. On 8/6/2020 at 3:43 PM, Vantheria-DN said:

    3 ice creams from 222 Gelk mobs is a 1.3% chance looool. I wouldn't recommend farming open world mobs in Gelk/Ing. Instance mobs seem to have a higher drop rate though -- prob about a 25% chance to drop an ice cream.

    Never mind, only a 3% change inside Esoterrace lol. (And one of the 7 was from the final boss) :(



  7. Chanter buffs for cbt_ch_crusader_g1.pngcbt_ch_healingtank_g1.pngcbt_ch_chant_improvedmove_g1.pnglive_ch_phoenixstep_g1.png


    Songweaver buffs for live_ar_songofrelax_g1.pnglive_ba_songofappreciation_g1.pnglive_ar_songofshield_g1.pnglive_ba_focusdefence_g1.png, ba_sanctuary_custom_b.pngba_sanctuary_custom_a.png

    Songweaver nerf for ba_requiem_g1.png


    Assassin buffs for cbt_as_blindingburst_g1.png i1bN7v1.jpg 

    Assassin neutral changes for 0I4LcqU.jpg as_widenewblindingburst_g1.png

    Assassin nerfs for sc_assaultstabber_custom_a.png and live_as_stabstance_g1.png


    Spiritmaster buff for live_el_hellcurse_g1.png

    Spiritmaster nerfs for live_el_despaircurse_g1.pngcbt_el_fear_g1.pngcbt_el_firefear_g1.pngel_terrorspirit_custom_a.pngel_terrorspirit_custom_b.pnglive_el_nightmareroot_g1.png


    Gladiator buffs for live_fi_fortitude_g1.pngcbt_fi_heavyimpact_g1.pngfi_warflag_g1.pnglive_fi_ragespirit_g1.pngcbt_wa_steadiness_g1.png 


    Gunslinger buffs for gu_drainattack_custom_b.pngev_mindreading_g1.pnglive_en_enfirechain_g1.pnglive_gu_magicalpromise_g1.pnggu_drainattack_custom_c_up.pnglive_gu_empowerammo_g1.pnglive_gu_empowermagic_g1.png

    Gunslinger neutral change for live_gu_armorbreak_g1.png

    Gunslinger nerfs for gu_firechainreload_custom_b.png  gu_foreheadsnipe_custom_b.png


    Templar buffs for live_kn_powersink_g1.pnglive_kn_invinsibleprotect_g1.pnglive_kn_reflectshield_g1.pngcbt_kn_steadiness_g1.png


    Vandal buffs for pa_dodgeatk_g1.pngpa_sprinklepaint_custom_b.pngpa_stabstraw_g1.png

    Vandal nerfs for pa_paintbeating_g1.png  pa_sprinklepaint_custom_a.png


    Cleric buffs for pr_divinespark_custom_a.pngcbt_pr_blessedshield_g1.pnglive_pr_prepareholywar_g1.png

    Cleric neutral changes for live_pr_regeneraitionshine_g1.png  live_pr_tranquility_g1.png

    Cleric nerfs for live_pr_painlinks_g1.pngpr_holylightwave_1_g1.pngcbt_pr_blindinglight_g1.png


    Ranger buffs for cbt_ra_breathofnature_g1.pngcbt_ra_hawkeye_g1.pngcbt_ra_light_sandstormtrap_g1.pngcbt_ra_snakeeye_g1.png


    Aethertech buffs for ri_bindingslam_g1.pngri_eathiumcompress_g1.pngri_magneticfield_g1.pngri_tunesensor_g1.png


    Sorcerer buff for live_wi_physicalwall_g1.png

    Sorcerer neutral change for live_wi_elementalseal_g1.png

    Sorcerer nerfs for live_wi_windspear_g1.png  wi_windspear_custom_b_up.png