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  1. Boyfriend and I were doing camps in Katalam yesterday. Three people rolled up, so we invited them out of the usual courtesy. We waited a few minutes for the captain to spawn. In that time, they actually left group and then tried to outdps us on the captain. Like...??? You could have stayed in group with us and been able to roll on the items, but instead you left so you could try to get the loot to yourselves and ended up fvcking yourselves.

    Guys, it's not that critical. We'll all get our renown built up over time. You don't need to do it all in the first week. The processes will still be there.

  2. At the very least, make +6 a safe spot to help new/returning players. They can easily go from +8 back to like +2 because there is no safe spot between 0 and +9. Several of us are privileged/lucky enough to have at least a few +15 stigmas, but then there are even more people with +4 stigmas. There is no middle ground anymore, and the disparity is too great. It's not fair to new/returning players.

  3. 49 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    Or you can go beyond that, and make macro with a friendly sentence in the enemy language, ''Hey, i'm really ungeared, i just want to run my HM, don't kill me pretty please, smiley face'' with a translator http://nya.aiononline.cz/translator/ and spam it when you are near the entrance.

    Gonna quote this again because this is actually very good advice. I will stop attacking someone and sheathe my weapon if they shout at me that they're just trying to get into an instance or whatever. Just make sure it's translated so the opposite faction can read it.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    The ones that spawn next to the boss and you have to kill the extra mob in the stairs to remove you mean?

    The Young Protector mob that you have to kill in 10 seconds before he enrages. (He spawns every 40 seconds, so you kill him multiple times throughout the instance.)

  5. 1 hour ago, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:

    In Lower Udas Temple, there are 5 Pyre Souls that gives XP and respawn approximately 32-36 secs after killed. This is the case in NA, TW, and EU EAS. Feature or bug? Are we allowed to farm XP there?

    IDD hard mode also gives a shit ton of XP. Killing the adds gives half a bar of XP. Not that I'm saying IDDHM is easily farmable by people, but just mentioning that for when people go into that instance -- to either have XP extractors or Bobonerk's coins on hand.

  6. 13 hours ago, xHeliosGoldenx-KT said:

    Sorry, I don't understand everything written in this topic, but, is THIS scroll for promoting stigma a Dragon Carpet Pack?? It doesn't resemble a dragon carpet. Is it a substitution for it?  I didn't even know stigmas could be enchanted to +15, I thought, +9 and it was extremely difficult cause the higher level the more fails. Failures decrease the level. Even on my most important toons I quit it after +5 or lower (Am I correct about failures?) Are stigmas enchanted to +15 with Stigma enchanting stones? And then, in which window and how do I apply this scroll? 

    The scroll is related to the current stigma event, has nothing to do with the Dragon Carpet Pack, which Hime already said we will be receiving with tomorrow's maintenance.

  7. 16 hours ago, Lad-DN said:

    Are there any other different skins you can get while leveling up now?

    I'm not sure! I plan to find out sometime in the next week or two as I will be leveling a new alt to try out the new leveling setup. I'll make notes of the skins at that time. I'm hoping for some new/returned stuff though!

    16 hours ago, Lad-DN said:

    I also got a white armor drop in Inggison called "Aegis" armor; is it the same Aegis armor from the OP with the Hyperion skin? Sadly it was only plate gloves... and tbh all giant bulky plate gloves look the same to me... :(

    Yes, the Aegis skin in this current patch is still the Hyperion skin from what I have been able to tell. The purple Titan coin gear is also the Hyperion skin (black) and the red Titan coin gear is the Hyperion skin (reddish-brown).

    Similarly, there are some white drops called Tempest which are still the Frostforged skins from the first page of this thread.

    11 hours ago, DinobotSSJ-KT said:

    a Legendary Nighthaze Battle Shield drops from Esoterrance

    This Nighthaze shield is the shield that goes with the Beritra skin (or whatever you want to call them).

    Also, this shield below is back in the game as I see it listed as Legendary Araka Legionnaire's Martial Shield. It also comes from Esoterrace according to the guide.



    (Note, I haven't actually seen it in Esoterrace yet, so I'm not sure exactly where it drops in there. I will try to do some investigating sometime in the next few days.)

    Legendary Araka Legionnaire's Martial


    Also, the Adma/Sky Island-esque shield and armors are back in the game from 5.x. They are ultimate pieces that drop from the legendary mobs in Lakrum:

    xaDrlqE.jpg 3UzHRy7.jpg 

    The Cruel Demaha ultimate gear is the old Restructured Danuar skins from 5.x:


    The Legendary Lakrum Scout pvp gear that you can buy from the Genesis Crystal NPCs in Lakrum is the old Archives of Eternity skin from 5.x, one of my personal favorites. <3


    The Legendary Fierce Aureate gear you can buy from your main outpost in Crimson Katalam is the old 75AP pvp gear skin from 5.x, another favorite. <3 The Ultimate version is also the same skin, but in a gold color scheme instead of the original black like below.


    The Ultimate Lakrum Scout gear you buy from the Genesis Crystal NPCs in Lakrum is the Cradle of Eternity skin from 5.x:


    Note, the Ancient Nighthaze gear is still the same Bastion of Souls/Harvester skin, so if you failed to get all the skin pieces before they removed BoS, you can still work on that in Lower Udas Temple.

    So yeah, lots of oldies but goodies brought back this patch. Feel free to share if y'all find anything else!

  8. 1 hour ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    aren't these Eternal Bastion skins? The same skin as Sauro Supply Base but Black. i thought Beritra skins were only the ones from DD

    btw Esoterrance drops the weapons too ?

    Idk I guess people call them different things. I call the DD skins "the DD skins" looool.

    And I'm not sure about Esoterrace weapons yet. I've only been in there 3 times so far, and it's just been plate armor pieces so far.

  9. 51 minutes ago, Kinetika-KT said:

    And BOS - Golmir: "All melee wind form!" Orbs: "You - wind form, you two - fireform on rubbish (lolwhat? censored the mobs), everyone else on gatherers and exploding!", and if the ally is bad and eforms are wasted - sit forever and wait for eform cd or RIP run. xD

    And and and of course Fissure of Oblivion *quietly disappears*

    Ohhh good ones, forgot about those!

  10. 9 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Maybe he never got to raise it all the way to the last level.

    Hence my comment about him either being very casual or not having played the game until recently. Either of those reasons would explain why he thinks that legendary transformations are nearly impossible to get (no longer true).

  11. I spend money on this game (not a crazy amount like some people, but a decent amount here and there), and even I agree that it's a bit out of hand these past few months.

    But that's not going to change, sadly.


  12. I wanted to hang out in Lakrum/Demaha a bit yesterday as kind of a comfort "safe place" thing, but I was too worried about my hourglass lol. :(

    At LEAST make it so the hourglasses do not expire for 24 hours instead of 2 hours. So if we accidentally accept the Lugbug mission reward before we are ready, we won't lose the hourglass.

  13. Here's my tinfoil hat theory...

    A (final) server merge is currently being discussed/planned by NCWest -- possibly for late this year or early 2021. Thus, there is no point to open server transfers (not to mention, it would completely kill DN which is already less populated than KT). So they will continue to delay opening transfers due to "technical" reasons until they can finally announce that a server merge is coming.

  14. Loki's forum name used to be {QA} Loki, so he was, obviously, a quality assurance person to test new patches/updates. However, now his forum name is just Loki. He has also been fairly active on the forums this past week. So it's very possible he is our new CM/taking over Cyan's role.

    Poor Loki lol.

  15. On 5/29/2020 at 11:55 PM, taha-DN said:

    hmm, cant edit previous post but forgot to add as far as the comment above about 3-4 legendary  transforms,lol, i only have 1 and that was from stormwing, every contract ive ever opened has been ancient or lower.

    Why do you only have 1 from Stormwing? We got TWO from Stormwing. One near the beginning and one at the last level... Also, opening regular white contracts is not how you get legendaries. Yes, it's possible, but no one would say that's how you do it. You combine ancients and/or participate in events. It sounds like maybe you are a very casual player or haven't been that active in recent events.

  16. On 5/30/2020 at 1:32 AM, xSvetlanaShinex-KT said:

    I got a Stigma Promotion Scroll Selection box, is it that "Dragon Carpet Set"? It writes "this item will be deleted during a future maintenance". "A" or "the"? During the nearest maintenance or when? I still don't understand how to use it? Please anyone tell me how to use it? Should I enchant stigmas before it? How much? What difference between "promotion", "upgrade" and "enchantment"?

    The stigma promotion scrolls are useless to you unless you plan to get +15 stigmas. Once you have a +15 stigma, one of those scrolls allows you to save about 22mil kinah and 30mil AP to purify the stigma to the advanced version.

  17. One day, I spent 140 stigma enchantment stones and could not get one of my +12 stigmas to +15.

    The next day, I spent only 7 stigma enchantment stones and got that same +12 stigma to +15 with three successful enchants in a row.