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  1. Also, regarding #1, you can change your essence set-up as many times as you want, so don't be afraid to put points in random places and try things out. If you decide you don't like having those 5 points in Power (or whatever) then you can just take them right out and put them somewhere else, even if it's only been 5 minutes. :)

  2. It glitched on me and would not show the quest as complete when I killed the main boss at the end. I went back in and did the whole thing over again and it STILL wouldn't complete. I waited until the next day and did it a third time--I really hate Taloc's, so this was torture lol--and it finally completed. So maybe try tomorrow?

  3. Well, I hate being paralyzed more than being silenced or sneaked up on. If I'm silenced, at least I can still auto-attack. If a sin sneaks up on me, I can still fight back. If I'm paralyzed, I can't do crap lmao. Same goes for being feared.

  4. Are you talking about the yellow quest where you have to go to the pirate ship, per chance? If so, back up a bit on the geyser and then run forward and double-tap your space bar as Kiatra said. It usually takes me a couple of tries to get it to work. (Same with using the windstream in Panda siege.)

    Here is a video I used the very first time I ever tried this quest that really helped me. You can see the player in the video also has to try a few times to get the wings to open up on the geysers.


  5. I agree. It took me about 350m to properly stigma my cleric alt. A) I didn't even finish getting the proper stigma set-up for her until level 67 and B) I only managed that by using kinah from my chanter main. If the cleric had been my first/only toon, there's no way I could have properly support-stigma'd her by level 67. It's outrageous that clerics receive only dps stigmas in the quests--and chanters, although that can be debatable as chanters don't necessarily have to be support, depending on the player's preference. Having to buy every single support stigma for cleric is just crazy. I didn't even bother socketing those dps stigmas as I received them because I knew I didn't want them--just automatically put them up on the broker. But of course, dps cleric stigmas only sell for like 3-5m because everyone already has them and nobody wants them.

    So yeah. I'd like to see that approached differently. I like your idea of ALL stigmas being available as a reward in the quests and we get to choose. They can still stagger it by type. Greater stigma, regular, etc by your level, so you don't get to choose greater stigmas until your level is high enough.

  6. I see this, like you, when I first log in. However, if I close it out and then open the event window manually (via the blue arrow near the skill bar), it will tell me how many minutes I have to wait until I get a new key pouch. However, I have a prestige account currently, so maybe that is the factor? Maybe the event window only works properly for prestige holders? lol idk

  7. As far as I'm aware, there's no way to get it back. I don't think it's tradeable, so you wouldn't be able to buy it from someone else on the broker. However, you will receive another set of armor at level 57 that is similar (looks similar and is overpowered). Until then, you will have to use the "old" chest pieces that you get through various quests and world drops. It's what we've all used before the overpowered fledgling daeva gear, so it's definitely usable. :)

  8. It's not just you. It's everyone. I lowered my settings to low-medium (which I should not have needed to do as I played medium-high before), but that didn't make a difference. Also, the FPS is so random. I'll be 45fps and then 18fps the next second, just standing still in Norsvold. Also, I do not run anything else on my computer when I'm playing Aion. No websites in the background, no torrent downloads, no background programs, nothing.

    But yeah. The send log client crashes and disconnects are getting worse. :(

  9. Please, for the love of all that is holy, tell us this is at least KNOWN about by the devs. (Telling support doesn't accomplish anything.) I see us all talking about it here on the forums and in LFG in-game. I know it's not just a few people. It happened maybe once a month pre-5.6. With the release of 5.6, it happens every hour for me. There is no pattern. I can be in a big instance, like siege, or I can be standing still in the broker, halfway afk and playing on my phone. Without fail, the screen will freeze for 5 seconds and then the client will close out with that stupid send log error that we all loathe. To add insult to injury, we then have to wait 5-7 minutes to get back into the game because it starts the progress loading bar (which inevitably stalls at 64%); this wait time can kill a group, and we'll usually get kicked out of the group, thus ruining one of our instance entries. Is this being looked into at all? 

    cyan pls.


  10. Peeve 1: Getting lobstered at the water park despite applying sunblock every hour like a good little girl.

    Peeve 2: Dad borrowing my car and then forgetting to give back my key, so I'm scrambling for an Uber this morning and late for work.

    Peeve 3: Dog killed a wild bunny in the backyard which was a horrible shock and very unlike him.

    Yaaaay... Monday...