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  1. 1 hour ago, Arkaida-KT said:

    here is an IDEA....Can you guys do something about the instances being ridiculously glitchy?

    Few tips for you.

    1 hour ago, Arkaida-KT said:

    PF boss hitting people who are outside the aoe

    You have to start moving as soon as you see Ice Bladed Arrow starting to be cast. You have to be outside of the circle around 50% of the cast. This has always been the case with Aion boss skills; they're going to hit you if you're in range at the 50% cast mark. Sometimes it gets me if I'm in the middle of an animation, but you can also anticipate this skill. It comes after the one skill that makes the outsides of the room a one-shot zone.

    1 hour ago, Arkaida-KT said:

    FM just not letting people fly who should have flown just fine

    I had been having this issue a lot after doing this instance just fine for a year and a half. Then I realized last night it's because I need to put my weapon away. So hit shift+Z or wherever you have that bound and put your weapon away before you try to jump-glide.

    1 hour ago, Arkaida-KT said:

    the boss would reset for no reason!

    I've found the bosses will reset if they go for more than a few seconds without being attacked. For example, I will duo FM and if the other person dies on the jump-glide, I am going to keep attacking the boss until he does the shield and summons the pods. THEN I will resurrect my groupmate.

  2. 1 hour ago, Aly-DN said:

    They did with the instance-entry thing from 5.whatever. Somehow they came up with a list of how many "extra" entries people did and then fit them into a category or level of abuse. Punishments were given by what level you fit into. So if you only did one extra run, you might not have gotten into trouble at all. If you did 10 extra runs, you might have gotten a single day ban. If you did 50 extra runs, you were banned for a week. Those are examples. I don't think we ever knew the exact levels they used for the punishments for that, but you get the idea.

    It's probably not -easy-. But they do have records of everything we do in game. Do you remember when the enchantment rates were wrong? And they gave everyone who tried to enchant a certain number of enchantment stones. I got those on several characters to several different degrees. So there was some type of formula. Pretty sure they can create a report that tells them how many ECs each character ran in a certain period of time. If they check to see if the spent any luna in that same period, they will find out who abused the bug and by how much.

    All true. I guess we'll see!

  3. I am reaaaaaaaaally excited about this buff, but I have two questions about it please, @Cyan

    1. Does this buff last the entire week or does it only work on October 2nd?

    2. Is it a one-time buff -- meaning we have to hustle and get all our retuning done in just one hour -- or is it a buff we can apply multiple times?




  4. There is one quest in Stellin Lab that won't update for me either. It notes that we have to kill the final boss, which I have done several times -- in easy mode. The only thing I'm guessing is that maybe it means I have to kill the final boss in normal mode. I haven't tried normal mode yet, but probably will this week, so I guess I'll find out lol.

  5. I don't think anything personalized will happen. NCsoft doesn't have the manpower to individually review every person's gaming history regarding if/how often they abused the EC bug. I mean I'd like them to prove me wrong, but I just don't think their one employee has the time to do that.

  6. I hear people on this forum complaining about other people all the time. I'm honestly sick of it. It's so annoying. 

    Do you people realize that this forum doesn't even matter? If you whine on this forum it's not because you're intelligent, it's because you think you're more important than you actually are. 

    Bitching on the forum isn't even hard anymore. In fact it's way too easy. My friends and I already have seen all the forum bitching possible. I see basically everyone already crying on the forum about other people. If you're having trouble not crying, you're probably just dumb.

    Maybe try not whining? 

  7. 48 minutes ago, Alvish-DN said:

    @Cyan i have used 12+ shuffle card for shugo sweep and never have i seen, not even once, the king and queen card on the slots. It just keeps repeating rotation between ten, ace and jack card and some random. Is that how rare the king and queen card in this event or must be something wrong. Kindly check on this. Thanks!

    I've shuffled 6 times in this event and have seen all except Jack.

  8. 1 hour ago, BEAT-DN said:

    my bank said no charge back dispute on record but paypal said i have dispute for payments and pyapal told me i gotta talk with my bank but bank cant found charge back... i am getting tired...

    What might have occurred is you made a payment via PayPal with the payment method being your bank account or credit card -- as in, the payment is THROUGH PayPal, but ultimately comes from your bank/credit card. So what could have happened is PayPal went to pull the money from your bank account/credit card and your bank/card was like, "Hey wait a minute, this looks like it could be a fraudulent charge, we're going to stop this withdrawal from happening to protect him." So PayPal stopped their attempt to withdraw the money from your bank account/credit card and canceled the charge. NCsoft had already sent their product at this point, so they see it as a "chargeback." It's not technically a chargeback because PayPal never actually FINISHED the transaction. So to PayPal, it's just a canceled transaction -- PayPal sees a "chargeback" as a finished transaction which you then AFTER THE FACT said, "Hey I changed my mind and don't want this, please give me a refund."

    Another possibility is the transaction from your bank/credit card is still pending. Like, it hasn't fully completed processing, so PayPal can't see it yet.

    Could you contact your bank/credit card and ask them to perform a trace on the charge to see if it fully completed to PayPal? I know you said your bank doesn't see a chargeback, but ask them specifically if the transaction completed -- as in, "Is this transaction still pending or has it fully completed?"

    One more thing if you're willing to do so -- you could post a screenshot here of your PayPal summary page and the transaction page. Black out any private details, of course. Just so we can see what it looks like on PayPal's end. I have a lot of experience with PayPal from both a buyer and a seller standpoint, so I might be able to see something out of place. Barring wanting to do that, here is an example of a SUCCESSFUL PayPal transaction for NCsoft. Compare it to yours and see if any of the wording is different.



  9. 4 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    PF for example has it disabled, if someone else gets in group, the boss disappears

    What? No, it doesn't. My friends and I have passed several pieces of gear in PF since 7.0 came out. You just have to roll the piece of gear and have everyone pass on it. Then you bring in another person into the group/instance and they wait 10-15 minutes for the boss to become lootable.

  10. Above post only talks about pvp gear.

    For pve gear, you will need to do BoS (solo) in Lakrum and FM (3-man) in Lakrum for your new gold gear pieces once you reach level 76-80. There is also a chance to get purple gear from FM. Once you are in all of that gold gear, you can start doing IDD (6-man, Lakrum) and PF (6-man, Lakrum) for your purple gear and chances at red gear. Once you are in purple gear with a couple pieces of the red gear, you can start to do SL easy mode (6-man, Demaha) for the rest of your red gear.

    Note, if you have geared friends, you can do the things I mentioned with less gear if they'll carry you. My recommendations were just for people who aren't running with geared friends.

  11. 6 hours ago, BlackMoon-KT said:

    Can you show how is skin look like? Please take a screen shot! Thanks so much!



    I put in a support ticket to have them delete the pieces out of my inventory and they replied that they will do so. Siiiigh. You can probably ask them to rebox it for another toon on your account if you messed up. For me, it wasn't worth the effort lol.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Yukito-KT said:

    First of all, you shouldn't get stressed about game. Why would you even do that? Secondly, when you first spawn you are in a middle of bunch of people, and most of player have F12 activated, which means they cannot see your character, so no one sees your glowing-like-a-sun-weapon. And lastly, think about it. People are kicking so they get their cds back. So, what's the point of getting cds if you are not finishing the instance? the answer is simple, people just get cds first, and then they will start doing the instance properly. If you want to have a relaxing experience you could just have waited until later when people start to use those cooldowns. If you had done that, zero stress was guaranteed. 

    Wow you're really trying to stretch this out so you don't feel guilty about abusing EC, aren't ya? smh