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  1. 1 hour ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    Ok, what exactly makes the patch "busy" ? As far as progress really goes, what you need to do is get the ammount of stelium for the enchantment stones, and that is not difficulty or time consumung at all, do the HM for AP, lakrum weekly quests that takes like 30 min with the maps being so empty, and as far as siege goes, you kill mobs for GP, get a few kills and then afk. the rest of the time you are having fun or really afk.

    You only listed some items dealing with pvp, nothing about pve gear. However, perhaps you thought I was saying "busy" as a synonym for "not fun" (since you mentioned having fun). To me, being busy doesn't necessarily mean I'm not having fun.

  2. 3 minutes ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

    sprinting quickly on beautiful mounts having enough flight time and without sacrifice to my stats for playing

    I have nearly 15 minutes of flight time. +15 the current wings will give you a ton of flight time PLUS you can retune them to have an actual Flight Time stat for even more flight time.

    3 minutes ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

    I also played  Dredgion.

    Dredgion still exists. It's every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.

    4 minutes ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

    On the new patch as I saw new gear without speeds and flight time I was depressed

    All gear since 6.0 has run speed on the boots and flight time on the wings. The weapons have attack/cast speed. So it's just the gloves that don't have that anymore. However, it's not needed. Get at least an ancient transform and you won't notice any difference. Most of us who have legendary transforms are attack/run speed capped.

    5 minutes ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

    but it needs working to get pvp enchanment stones

    Enchantment stones are a bit easier to get in this current patch. You can get them from pvp instances and random quests. Also, you can do the camps in Lakrum for Genesis Crystals and then use those crystals to buy enchantment stones.

    Again, not trying to rag on you, but it just sounds like you don't know anything about the current patch. It's not perfect. There are several things I'd change. However, it's not GOING to change (it's still the same in Korea and they're several patches ahead), so you can either accept it or move on. I don't mean that unkindly. Just move on if you don't like the game anymore. That's a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

  3. 1 hour ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

    on couple of toons I  did all campaigns in Lakrum but they didn't bring me any bright memories and there was no cut scenes (showing characters) at all

    Campaign quests in Demaha have cut scenes, including ones with your character.

    1 hour ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

    We could fly in Norsvold. And the main thing, we could fly in the Abyss!! 

    You can fly in several areas of the Demaha map.

    1 hour ago, HelliosRed-KT said:

    Do you think, AFKing on events and Luna mission was the main characteristic of 5.8? But it didn't disappear on 6.0.,7.0, basically almost all I do on 6-7 patches is AFKing in Luna and events and sometimes start new characters and grow them to 80 because I need some new personalities. I grow them to 80 and then do nothing but visiting Luna, buying houses, go to Agrint to earn them blue statues.

    No offense to your play style, but this sounds like a "you" problem. Like @Aly-DN, this current patch is one of the busiest we have had in a long time. I barely have time to breathe. Sieges on every single day (which I wish wasn't the case because I want to sleep lol), altars, pvp instances, lots of pve instances, daily Lugbug stuff, etc. Seriously, this is the first patch since probably 5.6 that you barely have time for 1 toon, maybe 2 if you can play several hours per day.

  4. Back with another skin-farming update as I've finished off Fire Temple and moved on a bit lol.

    On 9/29/2018 at 8:13 PM, QuickHeals-DN said:
    • Rentus - Vasharti skins and weapons (like those from OccRB) and Hyperion skins (cloth is the songweaver version)

    The Vasharti/ORB skins and weapons are NOT farmable for level 80 toons as they are in legendary boxes (see my post above). The Hyperion skins are white gear drops, so they ARE farmable. Also, I can confirm the songweaver cloth is the actual sw version -- the cute red dress.

    Lower Udas Temple ALSO drops the Hyperion skins, so I recommend farming this one instead because it's a lot easier/faster than Rentus Base. The drop rate is pretty good in there if you kill all the mobs. I farmed the entire songweaver set (including hat) except the weapon in just 3 runs.

    On 9/29/2018 at 8:13 PM, QuickHeals-DN said:
    • Dragon Lord's Refuge - Ophidan skins 

    I don't think this is correct. I've done several runs in here and it has only dropped the Hyperion gear (same as Rentus/Udas Temple). Note, Calindi will drop a piece of white gear and there will also be a piece of white gear in the final chest. The final chest will disappear when you bring a different toon into the instance; it's not lootable by anyone except the toon which killed Tiamat. However, Calindi is lootable by other toons. Calindi will not become lootable for 15 minutes, so you don't have to rush in there with your level 80; you can go ahead and finish the instance first.

  5. 26 minutes ago, Gallium-DN said:

    Noted. I'm not that active in the game atm so I don't know where these wings might be. Are they craft-able or quest rewards?

    The Gilded Steampunk and Engine wings are 7.9 mil kinah in the Gold Sand Traders window. The Wings of Oblivion are purchasable with the Marks of Wisdom (Veilbreakers daily quests for Lakrum), but it would take about two months of doing the daily quests every day to get enough Marks of Wisdom to buy them.

  6. I have gotten 2 armor boxes and 1 weapon box. I'm only getting coins from instances on 3 toons. I've just been lucky, definitely not doing anything special other than having Prestige which is, of course, an advantage for this event.

  7. 12 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:

    I'm not sure where I sit on the kinah scale now. I was well enough off when I quit but with the changes in kinah and economies and such I'm not really sure how far 6bil goes anymore 

    6 bil is a ton of kinah now, so you are very well off still! However, since you are returning, you will need it. Don't blow it on fun things like skins and such (even though that's tempting, especially for people like me!). You will need it for manastones, retuning and enchanting your new gears, stigmas, etc.

    12 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:

    Going to see if I can track a friendly sin down in game to figure out why my sprinting is broken :(

    Again I don't play sin, but I know their sprint thingie got turned into a passive buff in some sort. @Hellish-DN isn't that correct?

  8. 38 minutes ago, OneeChanDesu-KT said:

    we can solo heal pf and idd with daeva skill. at least i do it =q the others need to know all the mechanics and its good to have a better gear.

    The reply you quoted me on is a year old lol. IDD required dispeling back then and most chanters weren't geared enough to solo heal PF until about 5-7 months ago.

    PF and IDD are easily healed by chanters now and even some songweavers -- as others have mentioned in the past few days. Chanters could probably heal Stellin Lab easy mode too as it's more about mechanics and less about heavy damage. However, as @Gabe-DN mentioned, it's pretty crucial to have those dispels in pvp. I have solo healed group pvp on my chanter against undergeared groups, but against a geared group? Nah, we gonna wipe without those dispels. That said, I'm more on the pve side of things. I only pvp as a social thing; I won't 1v1 people or do arenas, etc.

  9. 26 minutes ago, YoukaiCalamus-KT said:

    how do i uninstall that drive for Nvidia

    its just i been running the game fine for friday saturday sunday monday tuesday and wed

    thanks you the .old on the bin works


    It sounds like Cheese's trick got you working, but I'll go ahead and reply in case anyone else sees this and needs to rollback their Nvidia driver.

    For me, I have that GEForce Experience program on my computer which makes it super easy to install and uninstall drivers for Nvidia. I literally just click install or uninstall lol. If you don't have/want that program on your computer, you would just go to your Device Manager in your computer go to the Display dropdown, and select your graphics card and view its Properties. Then you'd click to the Driver tab and then hit Uninstall. But look at it first and see when it installed. The driver update which started causing problems came out around the end of August 2019, so if your driver is from before that, it's probably not the issue.

  10. Hello, welcome back. :) If you were working on a Labyrinth pve set, it sounds like you quit around 5.3, maaaaaybe 5.6. By 5.6, most people were in Apollon at least and maybe Harvester gear.

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:

    From what I am reading my old +13 purified IS gear is obsolete along with the progress I made on the Labyrinth gear (That broke my heart) along with my +13 shepards pvp set . Also equipped is a few DD accessories, IS accessories, a mix of BM, ID  and officier accessories, +10 Marchutan's bracelet, +5 upgrade marchutan's plume (where it looks gold), Vasharti's wings, and the Special Elite ambassador wings (pvp). Let me know if I should hang onto any of that.

    The only reason you would keep any of this gear is if you like the skins. rubbish all of the items that aren't skin-related (plume, bracelet, accs, etc).

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:

    I also have pretty much any enhancement item from 5.8 so tempering solutions, enchantment stones (black), omega enchantment stones, supplement bags, the (at the time) newer enchant stones that were will, power, precision, knowledge, etc. the uh two trait manastones (like damage/crit). I have no idea if any of these items are still useful or relevant.

    If the tempering solutions and omegas are tradeable, you can make a ton of kinah by selling them on the broker OR you can take them to Pandaemonium/Sanctum and trade them at an npc for new enchantment stones. For the manastones, if you have any +10 or +12, you can do the same -- either sell or trade for new manastones. The combo blue manastones are rubbish as they cannot be socketed in the new gear.

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:

    I picked up a set of gear from the BCM which was listed as free: [Event] Legendary Risiel gear. Is this worth putting anything into especially seeing as I don't have up to date gear? 

    No. This gear is intended to help you be able to do IDD/PF. It is not as good as the purple gear you get from those instances (you also have a chance to get purple gear from FM). So wear that Risiel gear while you work on your better purple gear and -- eventually -- red gear. But don't make any enhancements to it. Save your mats for your good gear.

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:

    About the Assassin: What the heck happened to blood rune? And Vampyric Slash? Do we have any self healing skill for while soloing anymore? What the heck happened to dash attack? It's a chain off massacare now? Was rune burst, searching eye, and calming whisper removed? Do assassins still tank things like the awesome beasts they once were?

    Most importantly why does sprinting keep telling me "Property skill unavailable?" What the heck does that mean?

    Sorry, I don't play assassin, so I can't help you here. I do know they have some sort of self-heal as I see my friends use it, but I think it's a Daevanion skill. I feel like I've heard my boyfriend say it has a 16 second cd. I don't remember what it's called. Daevanion skills are advanced versions of regular skills that you can start to acquire when you hit level 80. You can get them from shugos that have a chance to spawn in some instances as well as events (the current event has a chance to drop Daevanion skillbooks from the vending machine).

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:

    Some general questions:

    • Purple gear is no longer the best?

    The order is ancient/gold > legendary/purple > ultimate/red. The "purple" gear you have is technically called mythic. It's completely irrelevant now. The only exception would be if you had like a +25 mythic weapon, although I think some people are even nixing using those as they get the current patch's weapons.

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:
    • Does gear still break enchanting it?

    No. It will decrease one level if you fail to enchant it. +10 is a safe spot for enchanting. +15 is the max; gear can no longer be enchanted past that. Ultimate enchantment stones do not decrease your level if they fail as they are very hard to get.

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:
    • Where did running scrolls/attack scrolls/crit scrolls go?

    We have a new system called the transformation system. So if people ask you if you have a xform, they're not talking about the old archdaeva transforms. :) Hit your menu and then go to Transformation and you can look around. Basically, it's run/cast/atk stats along with other stats, like crit and attack, all rolled into one. Personally, I prefer it because it's only one "scroll" for me to worry about. Others hate it because it forces you to look like your transform unless you use transparent scrolls. I use transparent scrolls by default though, so I'm not bothered by it. Note, you will HATE your atk and run speed until you get at least an ancient transform. We just had a couple of great events to get ancient transforms though, so it might be a few weeks before we get another. You can get regular transform contracts from instance bosses.

    Contract > gives you the permanent transform
    Scroll > item needed to actually use the permanent transform
    Potion > a transform that allows you to use a transform for a few minutes only

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:
    • Is aetherforging worth doing now that they removed crafting? (RIP my hours mastering every crafting on different alts)

    It is definitely worth getting to level 100. Mine is level 300 and I honestly don't really use it past level 100. Up to you though. I wouldn't worry about it right now though as it is a kinah-sink to level, and you probably don't have a ton of kinah.

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:
    • What dungeons would I expect to be able to run?
    • Which dungeons aren't worth doing at all?

    At level 80, there aren't any that "aren't worth doing" as they all give varying levels of gear.

    At level 76, get your free Lakrum gear and you can start to do the solo instance, Bastion of Souls, to get the better ancient gear. Once you get to level 78, you can do the 3-man instance, Frozen Monolith, for more ancient gear and a chance at purple pieces. Once you are in full ancient gear and have a couple pieces of the purple gear, you can start doing IDD and PF for more purple gear and chances at red pieces. Once you have most of your red pieces from IDD/PF, you can start doing Stellin Lab for the rest of your red gear. Note, if you have really geared friends, you can do those things earlier than what I listed.

    8 hours ago, Mishca-KT said:
    • What are considered the top gearing dungeons now?

    The top gearing dungeon is Stellin Lab. There are two versions - easy and normal. You will not be able to do normal mode until you have most/all of your red gear from the other instances and Stellin Lab easy. However, PF and IDD are still considered "endgame" dungeons as they drop red gear as well. There is also Veilenthrone which is still a hard instance, but the gear from it isn't as good as the current patch's gear. Most people just do VT because the wings, weapon, and shirt give special skills when you skin them on your gear and also because if you have Prestige, you get 2 ultimate enchantment stones per week by completing VT.