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  1. The skills do not activate that often imo. I rarely see that green defense icon activate on my bar. Not to say you shouldn't get the armor, but it sounds like you are a new/returning player, and these Ereshkigal armor boxes can be expensive. So I wouldn't waste a lot of kinah on them as there are much more important things for new/returning players to worry about.

    13 hours ago, EnemyOfGod-KT said:

    For what goods do people usually want to spend these coins?

    Most people use the event coins to buy the ancient and legendary transformations and stigma enchantment stones. Note, you can only buy the legendary transformation once. Well, technically you can buy it more than once, but don't because it needs a key to open, and you can only get the key once.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty abysmal. One of my DP skills went to +15 without too much effort (compared to the regular skills); it took like 15 books to go from 10-15. But the other DP skill... yikes. I kid you not, it took me nearly 50 books to go from 10-15.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    As for the extendable, its understandable why its only in hard mode instances. Extendables  have always been very late game and for the hard core players, they've always sort of been difficult to obtain and by having it drop in a instance that can be reset is quite a relief for all of those hard core players.

    The thing is, these are 7.0 weapons. Those of us who can complete the hard mode instances already have these weapons -- and we've had them for a long, long time. It's the new/returning/undergeared players who still need these weapons, but by having them drop from Frigida and Beritra only, it prevents them from getting them (in those instances). They should drop from the 1st bosses in PFHM and IDDHM, not the final bosses.

  4. Just now, Gabrielis-KT said:

    There will be another extendables in 7.8 according to videos I watched, but it seems they brought some old ones in that event. Probably that's why people are not happy. 

    I get that, and I'm well aware of the new extendable. My point is they gave you guys what you were asking to have added to events lol.

    If there's anything to complain about, it should be the fact that their chance to drop is only from last bosses, and the instance list is very short. Ungeared/mid-geared people cannot beat Frigida and Beritra in PFHM and IDDHM, so putting the chance on the last bosses in those instances was silly. And Veilenthrone? Really? It's easy as hell now, but there are 18 people in there. So *IF* the weapon drops, you have to roll against 17 other people.

    2 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    I think these are 6.0 extendables, not the 7.0 ones. Not sure since I am a mage and never bothered with them, but others stated this.

    No, it is the 7.0 Anomos version.

  5. I don't say this unkindly, but it's not just the xform and minion that's stopping you. It is your gear, your non-advanced stigmas, your non-advanced Daevanion skills, your lack of enchanted gemstones, your lack of enchanted runestones, your non-existent cubics, your non-existent collections, more more more. Sadly, Aion is just a "more more more" game now. Not sure it's worth returning for you. Best of luck to you either way though.


  6. 41 minutes ago, GenericUser25526 said:

    However, I think the system itself is not very intuitive.

    You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, there are many such things in this game that are not clear at all. Good luck to you on getting a refund.

  7. Actually it says that it is not tradable. That's what the little "x" next to tradable means. If something is tradable, it will have a checkmark like this:


    Maybe they will still refund you, I don't know. You can email support directly at support@aiononline.com. Just be sure to include your account name (not the same thing as your character name).

  8. 7 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    What was the reason for not opening them when luna was over? No shade, just asking why would people keep them in pouches, it is not like you save space, you already must have had other mats opened already.

    Some people believed/hoped they would update the rewards inside the pouches in a future patch.

  9. 2 hours ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    The game is dead, you're just watching it go extinct 

    Watching everyone accept it*

    It used to be that those of us who spent money on the game continued to do so even though we knew the game was declining. Now a lot of us aren't spending money anymore or have drastically decreased the amount we will spend. 🙃 Maybe there were like 100 people spending money a year ago (big spenders, not $20 here or there). Now it's probably down to like 30 people.

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