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  1. 15 hours ago, WeinerWeaver-DN said:

    I noticed NCWest is looking to hire 2 VP's as well? I think some clarity is in order here for those of us that kinda see this as a bad thing when a company starts doing this kind of activity.

    Mmmm. I work for a company which went through a major financial crisis 2.5 years ago. We had about 200 employees and, over the course of one year, cut it down to only *9* employees. (Still not sure how I managed to stay employed lol.) The replacement of executives often notes an underlying financial crisis; this is true. However, that's not always a bad thing. Many companies go on to be successful again after this shake-up. For example, in my company, they ousted the CEO, COO, and two of the VPs at the beginning of the cutback. Sometimes it is the executives who are the problem, and replacing them can save the company.

    That's a long way of saying their search for 2 VPs could be a good thing. Or it could signal the end of Aion (and NCsoft in general). Only time will tell.

    Maybe we should all be a little nicer to NCsoft, Cyan, etc before they decide our game and the headache we cause them is not worth the trouble... ;)

  2. 46 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

    I know all my rants about this and that wont change anything because at the end of the day all you guys are friends and be it right or wrong friends will always support each other so i just need to stop trying to teach kids anything about life...

    All right listen. And before I even get started, Aly and I are not friends. I think she's cool and a good cleric, but I've been in a group with her only twice that I can remember, and it was a siege group, so there was no talking. So don't pull that excuse.

    Secondly, chill with the condescension. Hell, I'm probably older than you as I'm 32 and most people in this game are in their 20s. Even if you ARE older than me, that's irrelevant ageism, and you should feel bad for doing it.

    Now look, you come in here with your all-caps-yelling post, calling us all greedy, but somehow you're supposed to teach us something about life? How about WE teach YOU how to treat people respectfully? I understand that it sucks to feel like you can't gear up as quickly as you would like because you're poor in real life. It's not fun being poor in real life. I was quite poor in my 20s, so I do understand. Although your post is confusing because you apparently DO want to spend your own credit card, but you don't like other people spending theirs? I have no idea what you're trying to say.

    But anyway, many games have these kinds of events where end-game items are offered. It's not just an Aion thing. If someone spends $20 (real life money) to buy ten dice and rolls to get a Harvester weapon box, why are you upset that they are pricing it high on the broker? They spent real money on it. Or even if they didn't spend real money on it, they spent time grinding out those damn pumpkins. It's not being greedy. It's a redistribution of funds.

    And the whole charging based on "how they feel about a person" is just.... what? xD


  3. 1 hour ago, Bryos-KT said:

    As for ranking, in terms of armour, I find Apollon to be second and Frigida as third. :P The other way round for weapons, though Apollon is the best undercombine weapon in the game right now.

    No no no, it's allllllllll about dat mithril coin gear, yo!

    Real talk, I love the mithril coin gear skins. Especially the harp with the crown on top of it. *o* But I digress. xD

  4. 7 hours ago, LordVoldy-KT said:

    Oh. Sorry. Thanks for the info. 

    I have another question, though. @Vantheria-DN Where do you het your mats for the crafts? Is there an npc that sells em. Or like the question above. Do I have to lvl up my "essencetapping?"

    Thanks. And sorry if im so noob. Lol.

    Never apologize for wanting to learn anything in life! :)

    Viseris gave great advice. Elemental powders and elemental waters will be your bread and butter for most things. As Viseris said, you can get the elemental stones from morphing. However, they're also often on the broker for cheap because people get them on their lowbie alts and sell them. But yeah, do the work orders when you're leveling up alchemy because it's the cheapest way to go. I mixed in a few crafts I know would sell too though -- like temporal stones, wind serums, and run/cast/atk scrolls.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    Do you think that only -some- people had their rate changed and other people have the same rate we always had?

    NCsoft why did you change my rate?! Did I not provide enough cookies and Christmas cards to you?! *cries all day* xD

  6. 15 hours ago, Transcend-KT said:

    I heard a big source of Kinah is from seasonal events, unfortunately I missed the one that just past.

    Absolutely. We had some really good events these past couple of months (although some people will never be satisfied lol). We'll probably have another good event next month.

  7. Yeah, new players are poor af until around level 70-72. It's the harsh reality of this game as most of the open-world methods of farming kinah have been removed due to bots. Here are a few threads with methods to make kinah:

    Also, you might attempt Crucible Spire, a solo instance. Each floor has its own rewards and some of the floors reward kinah. You may have difficulty doing it in the level 55 gear, but you could probably get at least a couple of the floors done.

  8. 22 minutes ago, Transcend-KT said:

    Don't want to hijack, but after level 68+ you would farm Archives of Eternity/Cradle for the next set of PvE gear right?

    Others may disagree, but I don't recommend the AoE gear (called Labyrinth) to actually wear nowadays; it is not much better than the free gear you get at level 55. You should still run AoE, absolutely, because you can disenchant the gear for chronos stones. Chronos stones are used to morph manastones, or if you're not ready to deal with all of that yet (which you probably aren't because you don't have gear you want to actually keep yet), then you can sell those chronos stones for about 3 million each.

    CoE gear, on the other hand, is still very viable to use in the game. It is called Apollon if you would like to search it out on the broker; many groups will not take people in a CoE group until you're level 70-72--especially if you're in the level 55 gear still. You can buy Apollon accessories very cheap on the broker. Like, you can buy the basic belt for about 1 million. Note, there are different "levels" of Apollon gear. The basic versions are just that--basic. They do not have any slots for manastones and cannot be conditioned (for extra stats). You use the Golden Wing Marks to upgrade them into the better "level" of Apollon gear which has slots for manastones and can be conditioned. CoE drops several boxes of the "basic" gear for every person in the group. Most of us just disenchant it. So if you're in a legion, you might ask some level 72+ legionmates if they'll give you a set of the basic CoE gear they get. We get several runs a week, so it's not that much of an imposition. You can then buy the Golden Wing Marks on the broker and upgrade your basic gears.

  9. 6 hours ago, HyeRim-DN said:

    Both me and my bf were able to get our old estates back. Yes i paid 3 more bil than i originally paid for it 3 years ago , but i am relieved i wont have to bother with getting a house anymore. and to my surprise most of the estates went for pretty affordable prices, even palaces went for 10b and 11b each. I remember a friend of mine paid25b to get his palace LOL.

    The two DN-A palaces both went for over 20 bil yesterday.

  10. 51 minutes ago, Plezurenpain-DN said:

    Hmm I might have to reconsider making one then.  I thought they might get pigeonholed into being a heal bi**h like chanters are apparently (one of he reasons why I'm not liking my chanter anymore & the other being my lvl 30 sorc does more dmg than my lvl 60 chanter).

    It's true that chanters are often expected to heal. However, they ARE in the same class as cleric though, so this is not an unreasonable expectation. Also, as you noted, chanters hit like cooked spaghetti. We don't offer much in the form of dps; our purpose is to make the rest of the group feel like gods with our buffs and help keep everyone alive. Chanters aren't meant to be hard hitters. That's not the way the class was designed. I mean, we can heal ourselves nearly as much as a cleric, and we have all of these buffs. It would be kind of unfair if we hit hard too, right? lol It would be another broken class (like songweaver... XD).

    But anyway, yeah, if you like to be able to JUST heal yourself and still be able to do a nice amount of damage, I think you might like songweaver. :)

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