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  1. On 10/13/2017 at 9:34 AM, Viraninde-DN said:

    Same goes for low gear, such as judgment armor, you can just sell that to a npc now as it doesn't sell on the broker anymore.

    I get low level stuff on alts, and I do put them on the broker -- IF THEY LOOK COOL. I know I'm not the only one who will grab cool-looking, cheap (1mil and lower) gear from the broker just to collect skins.

    On 10/13/2017 at 9:34 AM, Viraninde-DN said:

    On top of it that armor also make the silver coins gold coins, platinum coins,etc useless, since the armor and weapon you buy then with those coins has lower stats.

    Again, a lot of us like these for skins! The mithril coin gear, especially, is quite cute; the harp has a crown at the top of it. :3

    On 10/13/2017 at 9:34 AM, Viraninde-DN said:

    You also get few pieces of those from nebrith/edandos with those growth quests.

    Kinah, kinah, kinah, my friend! Sell everything! :)

  2. Chanter: tells the group that you're resurrecting someone who is dead (so the other group members don't stop focusing on healing/dpsing)

    /g I'm resurrecting [Target]
    /skill Light of Resurrection

    (can revise skill name to use on songweaver as well)


    Chanter: applies Blessing of Stone buff to all group members (have to be within 25m radius or it will skip over them; can be revised to apply Protectorate's Prayer instead if you don't have BoS)

    /Select Vantheria
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group1]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group2]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group3]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group4]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone
    /Delay 0.8
    /Select [Group5]
    /Skill Blessing of Stone

  3. To anyone who has done this, does it have a negative effect on Wednesday's maintenances? Like, we always get that long loading bar when installing a new patch. If it skips the loading bar, does the patch still install correctly? I've always wanted to try this "fast start" method because I sendlog at least once a day, but that's what always holds me back from trying it.

  4. 1 hour ago, Abinadii-SL said:

    let's suppose that I shoot 3 times at one person and kill them, and another person shoots once but killed the person as well. Is punishment differentiated by the amount of shot? or should it be the same because he took a life?

    Aaaaaaaaactually... *cue the Adam Ruins Everything montage* It is common that one bullet will receive less punishment than, say, ten bullets. The reason is that one bullet can sometimes be talked down by a lawyer as being an "accident" or a "heat of the moment" sort of thing. Ten bullets is pure rage and can, in no way, be called an accident.

  5. Your physical vs magical will depend upon what kind of chanter you are. I am a hybrid build (leaning more toward support), so I use a lot of both -- magical heals and physical dps. There are, I think, three dps magical skills too though. Basically, you will need both cast speed scrolls and attack speed scrolls. Use the cast speed scrolls if you're mostly healing in a group instance and use the attack speed scrolls for soloing and dpsing.

    The main offensive stats that you'll be looking at are accuracy (regular), critical strike, and attack. To be honest, I've seen a lot of people disagree about what are and are not good numbers for these stats, simply because chanters do so many different things, and people play the class in different ways. (Hopefully some other chanters will come in and give their own opinions, so you'll get lots of ideas.) Many people will say that--for levels 71-73--you'll need at least 1400 critical strike, 1200 attack, and 4200 accuracy. I'm level 72 and am right around or over these numbers, so it's very doable. For levels 74-75, I've seen recommended 1500 critical strike, 1400 attack, and 4500 accuracy. These are all "average player" numbers. Obviously, the more you have, the better you will be.

  6. @Cyan, here is some non-rude feedback about this event in case you guys decide to implement it again sometime in the future.

    I would recommend either 1. increase the amount of spawn locations for the regular omens or 2. increase the chances of receiving harrowed charms from those regular omens. Right now, it is difficult to find an "unclaimed" omen around the maps; even the ones on the far corners of the map are often camped. We can't help it because it could take 30-45 minutes just to get our 3 harrowed charms. Once merge comes in a couple days, it will be much worse, and many people won't even be able to do the daily quests simply for not being able to find an omen that isn't being killed already. I think this is a cute event and simple to complete, so just a suggestion that I hope can be taken into account. :)

  7. Ok I don't think you're understanding what Bryos is saying. He's explaining it correctly, but I'll try a different method lol.

    Your very first stigma that you get during the quest is temporary. You only use it for that one quest. So you have the icon for it -- for that one quest. However, after that quest, the stigma will AUTOMATICALLY disappear. Now, as Bryos said, it will stay in your quickbar (unless you remove it). If you ever get that stigma in the future and re-socket it, your quickbar icon will illuminate again.

    Also, I love that this thread is just a bunch of chanters arguing back and forth. xD

  8. Add one more to the "I can't drink anymore because of medical crap" list lmao. I drank waaay too much in my early 20s though, so it's for the best. I have invasive fungal sinusitis, which technically has no cure. It's managed (after you have surgery) by healthy living and not doing anything that upsets your sinuses. My ENT told me, "Alcohol upsets the sinuses. Stop drinking." So now I don't drink lol. I'll tell you this though, it's kind of funny how some friends will actually get ANGRY at you for not drinking. Like, YOU can still drink just because I'm not... lol. Anyway, I digress. xD

  9. Just another "my server has X price" input:

    Currently, on IS-A, omegas go for around 100m and temperings for around 90m -- this is BEFORE/AFTER the current events. Naturally, they are a bit cheaper right now due to being common event drops.

    As of right now, Israphel Elyos definitely outnumber Asmos. However, maybe that will change in a couple days when we get new Tiamat and Kahrun family members. :)

  10. So the game requires you to validate your IP when you start playing it. If you have the same IP all the time, you only have to validate it from your email one time. If you have a constantly-changing IP from using a VPN or any other reason, you will have to validate every single time you try to log into the game.

    There's your background info on the error itself -- although it's not truly an error. As to how to resolve it, you will need to log into your email and click the validation link. If you have not received the email, check your spam folder and/or make sure you're checking the correct email (that is registered to your Aion account). Sometimes I forget to turn off my VPN before I load up Aion and have to go through this validation process; I've never NOT received the email. So if you're not getting the email, there's an issue with that.

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