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  1. 14 minutes ago, Capa-SL said:

    The scrolls still sell because you can't use the Code Red ones in PvP- unless you don't run with a rebuffing pet and you're fine with putting all your 30min scrolls back up every time you meet a spiritmaster.

    Interesting; I had not thought about that.

    Good info, thank you. As I mentioned, I mainly want this for myself, but I do plan to make use of extra crafting to sell when I'm bored. I figured I'd get a separate storage pet just for alchemy stuff, so that may help keep the inventory clean a little bit.

  2. So yesterday I started trying to level up alchemy. I'm only at level 50 right now lol. I know the old professions are basically dead, but alchemy and cooking are still marginally useful. I mainly just want to be able to craft superior wind serums because I feel like I get my wings clipped during siege more than the average person lol. :(

    Anyway, what are other useful things to craft with alchemy that still actually sell on the broker? Obviously the scrolls aren't going to sell right now since we're all stocked up from Code Red -- although, I guess they could be useful early next year once we've all run out of the Code Red scrolls. Superior recovery serums, perhaps?

    From what I've read, fine bracing water is a good one since it's a good shield. Also, people always need those temporal stones for that campaign leveling quest. Are there any alchemy masters who can say what items you find the most useful to craft (in order to sell for kinah)?

  3. Yes, but only because I've never managed to get an Ely above level 40. I just lose interest in the classes I've rolled on that side lol. To clarify, I wouldn't want to stay Ely though. Just for a few days to experience their endgame quests lol.

  4. 9 hours ago, Dracoprincess-SL said:

     unless apollon enchanted gives better states then frigida? 

    Apollon and *Sophisticated* Frigida are about equal. However, if you're asking about eternal supplements, then I assume you just have the regular Frigida which isn't that good unless you're level 66-67 or so. If you can quickly get it enchanted up to level 10 and then purify it into Pure Frigida, you'll be a bit better off though until you can either buy Apollon/Sophisticated or get them through the actual instances themselves.

  5. 1 hour ago, Cheetehs-TM said:

    to be very fair to everyone, you should really cancel Aion.



    So anyway.......

    Cyan, are the devs working on a fix for Hinshada, the Levinshor NPC that gives greater supplements in exchange for blood marks, not resetting every week? I put in a ticket a week and a half ago and they said they'd forward to devs. I know fixes take time, but I miss my greater supps lol. All these blood marks to spend... :( 

  6. 25 minutes ago, Krysalinne-SL said:

    Poor, poor piggies :( I actually feel a little guilty if I lose one.

    Amusing side note: my cat's name is Piglet (we call her Piggy) and I tend to talk to the game while I play, which means she thinks I'm talking to her and she "helps" by lying across my arms. Makes it REAL easy to be stealthy and avoid being spotted, let me tell ya.

    I know that feel! hahah (You can barely see my laptop in the background.)


  7. 57 minutes ago, Bryos-TM said:

    If they wish to allow GP to be obtained from PvE, then how about adding an extra requirement for ranks above 5 star? A third different token only obtained from sieges and big raid events (Norsvold/Iluma invasion). Then those wishing to achieve those high ranks will be required to siege amyway.

    Those who do achieve it will be active during sieges. Those who just rank up through random GP gain will not get them. I suppose it should expire, just like GP does.

    Really fantastic idea. I mean, we know it won't ever get implemented, but it's a great idea.

  8. 11 hours ago, Matsukamy-SL said:

    Could you tell me what is so good about frigida gear ? I never got any mythical. Is not good for pvp, right ?

    The "regular" (orange/frigida) gear is not amazing. It could be good if you're a fresh level 66 and have nothing else, but yeah. However, Pure is pretty good if you don't have the kinah to buy Apollon (and are not a high enough level to do Cradle of Eternity to get it yourself). Then the top level, Sophisticated, is great gear for even end game. It's some of the best PVE gear in the game. But no, it is not PVP gear. As of right now, the best weapon fusion that is available is the combination of a Sophisticated Frigida and a level 75AP. The Frigida gear includes the PVE atk/def % which is really helpful in PVE.

  9. 18 minutes ago, Krysalinne-SL said:

    I tried a trust box but all I got was an essence core. I'm not sure I'll gamble 48 letters on one of those again.

    I'm going to keep getting stuff I can actually sell for a decent profit on my main, but on the one alt I've been doing it on, I think I'm going to do the trust box because it only uses 5k AP (I think). So I can use all of that gained AP to have my alt buy me a 75AP armor piece.

  10. When you enter the area where all the odella(?) is being manufactured (3rd Ginseng mob to kill is located in this room), there are two mobs right near the entrance. One is actually facing you, but the other one is facing away -- it will still aggro if you walk behind it. I've had to start sleeping both of them instead of just fearing the one that is actually facing me.

    These mfers:


  11. You can't technically get rid of it, BUT you can move it out of the way and then set your chat windows to locked. This will effectively make the world chat window disappear unless you hover your mouse over it. So, I threw mine in the bottom right corner, somewhere I very rarely ever put my mouse so I never see it.

  12. Dredgion Defense is a level 66+ massive instance every Sunday at 6:00pm server time for Pandaemonium/Sanctum. You queue up by clicking the little cave icon by your skill bars. The instance accepts hundreds of people, so it's a bit chaotic, but I actually really like it; it's one of my favorite things to do in Aion. As for gear, it delivers Frigida equipment -- regular (orange/eternal), Pure (purple/mythic), and Sophisticated (purple/mythic best). Obviously, the chances for getting Pure or Sophisticated are much slimmer than getting a regular Frigida orange drop, BUT one week I managed to get TWO Pure staffs somehow. Then, of course, I got eternal boots the next three weeks in a row lol. But anyway, the chance is there. You can also get a manastone (+ will vary; you might crap out with a +3 or you might get lucky and snag a +8 or something). The instance will also award a few crafting materials to upgrade your Frigida gear or to sell on the broker. (Sorry if I'm dumbing this down too much, just trying to be as descriptive as possible lol.)

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