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  1. Whoever said, "Let's make the souls disappear when they leave Timeless Terrace" should be fired. Full stop. I can't even take a break from farming those stupid souls to go do a pve instance (or go back to Gelkmaros for any reason) without losing my souls progress. Probably the dumbest implementation in several patches.

  2. All really good suggestions for fixing the issue.

    I think another major cause of dead lfg is because instances are no longer "yolo-able." Like, you can't just take 6 random people. The first reason is, of course, because endgame content is hard, and you don't want to waste a CD on random people who might not even have the gear/cubics. But secondly, it is because a lot of the instances require a certain group make-up again. We got spoiled in 5.x and 6.x that it didn't really matter. Now you need a tank. You need ranged dps. You need X, Y, Z. You have to really think about who you're inviting. It makes it tough. Not really sure what the fix is there, but yeah.

    I especially like your #1 suggestion, but #3 is really good and creative as well. ☺️

  3. 11 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    It says I have to wait 6mths. Surely that can't be right?

    Unfortunately it is. At least it has always been that way in the past. It would be nice if they had changed that to something more sensible like every 2 months or something.

  4. 39 minutes ago, Shaidessa-KT said:

    Newer legions (ones created after 6.0) can't access this content because the bosses and instances to complete the Legion Tasks don't exist anymore and were never updated.

    This is actually incorrect, happily! My legion is a new legion. We were able to successfully level up to 8. Although the legion tasks have old instance data in their summaries, the names of the quests are correct. They are for new instances. Here is a thread I made about it if you're curious which quests go with which instances:


  5. 1 minute ago, skythee-DN said:

    What can be bought with 13,000 Gen Crystals that's useful...Ancient PVE/P boxes...non-trade-able gear...am I missing some options? 


    Well, it would depend upon where you're at in the game. Firstly, craft all Daevanion skill boxes that you can (since those use Genesis Crystals). Then assess what you need. Do you think you'll need ancient enchantment stones for next patch's gear? If you're short on those, go buy those from the supplies NPC. Do you really like some of the skins on the Genesis Crystal gear? Then grab those. Are you short on socket stones? Then buy some gear and disenchant it. None of the above? Then buy some gear and sell it to the vendor for the kinah.

  6. 14 hours ago, SunwheelGreen-KT said:

    I socketed 1 with Pentacle Shock, and it doesn't let me socket any more

    Does it prevent me from socketing a 2nd one because their boost skills are different?

    Just checking to make sure you realize you have to socket them in different pieces of gear. It's a bit unclear from your wording, but it sounds like you're trying to socket 5 gemstones in 1 piece of gear? If so, that's not how it works. It's 1 gemstone per piece of gear. So you'd need 5 accessories all with the blue slot to be able to socket 5 regular gemstones. That is why most people don't bother with regular gemstones and go for the Shinings; you only need 3 Shinings to get the extra skill. (Or 1 Dazzling.) It's very tough to get 5 accessories with the same color.

  7. 2 hours ago, Unbeatable-KT said:

    Conspiracy theory.

    Aion Classic is booming


    Well dang I do love a good tin foil hat scenario. Will be interesting to see if it plays out. Not gonna work out though if servers literally crash constantly like KT did earlier today after less than 24 hours online.

    Also, in line with skins discussion, please add Dragon's Set motion card to the BCM. I've been begging to be able to buy it for over a year. *cries* :(

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