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  1. 23 minutes ago, chizuka-SL said:

    True, I normally use 15 fingers for everyday PvP but sometimes if the opponent is very good I use 20 fingers. In some really rare cases I even use all 25 fingers.

    Wooooow. I have never before seen someone actually use the all-25-fingers method. Props to you, sir/madam. That's quite impressive.

  2. 6 minutes ago, kuroma-IS said:

    bot? I didnt saw bot LONG time..

    You must not be IS-A then. There are 3-4 bots I see every single night. You can tell because they're level 70+, but still soldier rank 9, and they always pick the half dps/half heal classes (chanter or SW). Plus they're severely undergeared. One of them, a chanter, is still in visible Resurgent gear lol. They're always farming mobs in the exact same area--on the way over to Fissure.

  3. In my opinion, chanter is one of those classes that you just have to discover how it best fits *your* play style. It's not like ranger where your job is ranged dps and nothing else. Chanters were given dps skills, heals, and buffs; we're obviously intended to use them all in some form or fashion. You just need to discover how it all works for you. For me, I usually keep a 28% DPS, 72% support stigma set up and focus on power and agility for my gear/stats. I use all types of skills at my disposal. I like being hybrid. But that might be totally unlikable for someone else's play style. Someone else may prefer to do nothing but DPS or nothing but support. I may not *agree* with that style for myself, but it doesn't make the other player wrong (or me wrong).

    I think some of us lose sight of the fact that this is a game, and games are meant to be fun. If you're forcing yourself to play a class the way others want you to play it, then you're not truly enjoying yourself, are you? All that said, be up front with groups about your play style. If they're advertising "OW support build," and you KNOW you have no support stigmas and rarely heal, then don't apply. There will be other groups for you.

  4. 1 hour ago, kuroma-IS said:

    that not only sucks.... if its not bug I have only 1 question to ncsoft HOW WE WILL CRAFT NOW?! its not like in the past that we gather what we need and then craft now we have to start almost everything from extracting armor pices and weapons... and please dont say "u still get them from instance" not all the people have the time to run every instnace (even one run can take time people which some people dont have) or even if u run who said u will get something?  

    so what now people will start to join only 70+ for adma/ttc to make it fast run? (like those who gearcheck ORB and the old UAx3)

    Hey, I'm on your side lol. I hate it. I used to do the daily mob kill quests every day. The XP and "brilliant gift" reward are laughable, so I did it mostly for the drops. Getting purple and orange gear drops that I could sell on broker because I'm always low on kinah. Now that I get no drops, I see no point in doing those dailies.

  5. I'm okay with the event because it's been giving me a lot of greater supps, something of which I never have enough. That said, I gotta agree with everyone about the keys. Why on earth do I need two dozen keys when I only get a couple boxes a week? I think this is this event's first time, right? Hopefully it will have a bit of a re-design before it's ever released again in the future.

  6. Thanks!

    So it actually ended up being the text below. The reason is that the skill is interrupted if I say something immediately after. I should have thought about that, but didn't realize it until I used it in game haha. With the two lines reversed, it works.

    /g I'm resurrecting [Target]
    /skill Light of Resurrection

  7. I was watching a video (can't find it again now, figures) in which a player would start the resurrection skill, and as soon as he/she did, text would pop up: "I am resurrecting PlayerX!" It popped up without the player actually typing, so I'm assuming it's a macro. It honestly looked super helpful as it would let the cleric and other players know not to stop healing/dpsing.

    I checked the comments of the video and someone actually asked what the macro was, but the OP never answered. Any ideas how to write this macro? I'd love to have it on my support toons. I'm not good at coding/tech-y stuff lol.

    Do you see any issues with the text below before I try to implement it in game?

    /skill Light of Resurrection I
    /g I'm resurrecting [%Target]

  8. 25 minutes ago, Avin-BR said:

    Nice tips! If you don't mind me asking, what are the 7-week quests to do on every character?

    Fest refers to the two Luna solo instances. Contaminated Underpath allows you one free entry every day. Munitions Factory allows you one free entry per week. Accept the related quests from Eli (blue pigtail NPC at Panda/Sanctum, Norsvold/Illuma, etc).

  9. 30 minutes ago, TwoEZforSpiry-SL said:

    Sielitra - BR/SL (SR) 

    coz some people wants to hear their previous server name ???

    Sielitra sounds like a girl you just met at the hippie new age-y yoga store on the other side of town. She  talks a lot about crystals and amethysts and whatnot and you're pretty sure she was wearing the exact same organically-woven rug-skirt last time you saw her, but she's pretty nice all the same.

    That said, I like Sielitra lmao.

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