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  1. 1 hour ago, Iostcrazyman-KT said:

    When we get the rest of the updates for this patch you can just buy the royal heart accessories with your stones so not really a big gain from them being in events its not that much more attack stat than the aoa accessories only 81 more for accessories 4 set and 92 for feather set

    This. Keep doing your runs and save up the Starlight Stones!

  2. 45 minutes ago, Voltric-DN said:

    @Kibbelz, and whomever else may be interested. There's something screwy about the way points are earned in this competition.  Last evening my team completed the animal race within the time limit, while one of the opposing teams' members never left the starting gate. Even though all three of us crossed the finish line well before the timer ran out, we did not receive the highest score and lost. We are left to assume one of the other teams' party members reached the key points of the race first, earning them enough points to take the lead. This seems a tad flawed to say the least. I don't think it should be possible for a team to win a competition if one of their members refuses to even participate.


    But when this event had its previous iteration, people could hack to finish the race first. I assume this glitch had been fixed, but maybe it wasn't. 

  3. 17 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

    If there are particular things from the Feedback Updates that were notably appreciated, that would be great to know. Perhaps it's worth it's own post to inquire on this...

    I didn't see a new post about this, so I thought I'd comment here. I went back and looked at the listing that you made (below) and thought deeply about the changes that have occurred. Here are my hopefully polite, objective opinions.


    RNG: Honestly, I have not seen any change about this. I do not know what all goes into correcting rng rates, I will be honest. However, if it were as easy as just changing the number on a code, I'd say all rng needs to be decreased by about 25%.

    Stigma stones: The Halloween event allowed players to easily achieve +12 stigmas which was fantastic for so many new/returning players. Even for those of us who already have advanced stigmas, it was wonderful because we could make a little kinah off the stigmas, allowing us to retune our gear and buy other things. I see good attempts here from your team.

    Transformations: Some changes have been made to potentially get ultimate xforms into paying players' hands, but I haven't seen much change for free players. I would recommend continuing to make legendary transformations easily available in events, so that free players can continue attempting combines.

    Cubic system: The recent patch's Lumiel's Transmutation has helped a bit with cubics, but not enough for new/returning players. They are still severely at a disadvantage. I'd recommend increasing the drop rate on open world mobs.

    Events: While looking at the current event, it would be easy to say events are in a terrible state; however, that is untrue. The Halloween event was quite good for all players. I can tell that some efforts are being made to make events more useful to players. This current event is obviously a miss, but I'm hopeful about future events.

    Hacking/cheating: No changes have been made. I don't expect any changes to be made (sad). I don't think any of us know/understand why NCsoft has never, in many years, punished cheaters, but I believe we are mostly apathetic to it now. It is what it is.

    Hard currency costs: I don't recall what exactly this is about from that thread a few months ago. Was it the high kinah costs of things such as retuning? If so, I haven't seen any changes, and it would certainly be nice to have costs of things reduced -- even if it's just by 15%.

    Runes/gemstones: The current patch allows crafting of these items, which is fantastic on paper, BUT the implementation was poor because the materials needed to craft them are a large amount, but are also not that common. Additionally, there is that dreadful rng again in regards to getting a GOOD runestone/gemstone. We could spend our materials and just get crap. If the amount of materials needed cannot be reduced and/or drop rate not increased, then I'd recommend putting these items in events. To clarify, we do NOT need common runestones such as Item Drop Rate, but rather Greater/Prime runestones and those with the rarer skills, such as Increased Recovery. Similarly, we do NOT need common gemstones, but rather Shining/Dazzling and those with the rarer skills.

    XP rate: I see you all are making attempts to get us more XP. You're giving us XP boosts fairly often. This is good. Sadly, we need XP marks to buy EVERYTHING now since the other currencies are gone. Honestly, a full-time 100% XP boost is basically necessary. Barring that, we should be getting XP boosts with every single event.

    Minions: I haven't seen any changes here. Loki (or you? can't remember) hinted at a future S rank minion event. Hopefully, that is a well-implemented event. Some people, such as myself, have 2 or 3 S rank minions. This is not fair to new/returning players who do not even have a single A rank minion! A rank minions are very hard to come by now. They used to drop from world bosses, but now the only way, aside from events, is a small chance from random path in Minium Vault, or terrible rng from Cute Minion Contracts wherein you can open 20 of those and not get a single A rank minion. I'd recommend making A rank minions more common in events as well as decreasing the rng needed to successfully combine 4 A rank minions into 1 S rank minion. And/or, I'd recommend changing the S rank minion to be selectable upon successful combine. It is maddening to fail several combines, use up all your restore tokens, and then finally get lucky enough to get an S rank minion, but have it be a heal boost, magic-based Viola when you're a gladiator.

    Balance: Was this about class balance or gear gap? I can't remember. If class balance, not anything you all can do about that since patches come from Korea. Although honestly, I don't feel like anyone is TOO overpowered or TOO underpowered now, except perhaps sorcerers defensively in pvp (although they are very good in pve). If it was about the ever-widening gap between players' gear, stigmas, Daevanion skills, gemstones, runestones, etc, then I think all of the other items on the list kind of address those things individually. But I will say that the gap is not closing, sadly.

    Broker/trade: Was this about the taxes on the broker? If so, no changes seen. I'd decrease those taxes though because it only hurts new/returning players who barely have any kinah.

    Communication/transparency: Although you have been a bit MIA in recent weeks, I will objectively say that there have been positive changes here. This past year, we have received much more communication than we have in the past 4 years. Please continue to visit with us on the forums even though I am sure it is upsetting for you very often as people will unfairly personally target you and Loki. The two of you seem to be the only people who care about us, and we need you.  I hope you will not take to heart some of the cruel comments that come your way about you, specifically, rather than the state of things.

    Content removal: Again, not positive what this was about. Auto-hunting is an opinion-based thing. Personally, I don't want it and am glad we don't have it. BUT, other things that relied upon it should be reviewed. Cubics, event quests that require killing 700 mobs, etc.

    Enchantment: I have not seen any changes here, and we do need them desperately. Ultimate pvp enchantment stones are non-existent currently. We cannot currently morph them, and they do not exist in any gameplay-based capacity except having level 9 renown to buy tickets. This is not an acceptable amount of stones we can receive. There is new pvp gear this patch, but people have to spend 50+ legendary enchantment stones to get an ULTIMATE piece of gear to +15. Why are we still getting ancient enchantment stones when there is no ancient gear? We should be getting legendary enchantment stones at the very minimum. Likewise, ultimate pve enchantment stones barely exist. There is a small chance for these to drop on the 2 weekly hard mode instance quests, and if you have Prestige, you can get 1 from IDD and 2 from VT if you are lucky enough to form a VT group (most people aren't). That's all. Let me be very clear: ultimate enchantment stones are way, way too rare considering that all gear is of the ultimate class.

    Kinah: I won't go into too much detail as this is kind of touched upon in several other places. Basically, giving us 500k or 1 mil kinah in an event is a slap in the face when it costs 500k for one single retune attempt (something that ends up costing us about 50 mil kinah on average for 1 piece of gear).

    Pay to win: I have seen some attempts to get free events alongside p2w events, so that is good. The Halloween event, and of course Stormwing event, were very good for free and p2w players alike. Yes, some of us are privileged enough to pay for things and continue supporting the game monetarily (and we should not be ridiculed for doing so as it keeps this shrinking game open for a little longer), but not everyone can pay for things and should not be made to feel like they are second class.

    Prestige: Great change -- putting platinum cubics here. I would recommend reviewing the loot table on the daily gold chest. I got 1 ancient alcemium yesterday, and that is not even a material that is currently used. Overall, just please take a look at any Prestige-related rewards and ensure they are actually used in the current patch. I would also recommend adding a passive 100% XP buff at all times to Prestige users.

    Skins/Cosmetics: I have not seen any change here, and I wish I would! It is my speculation that you all pay for a certain amount of store spaces on the BCM. That is perfectly acceptable! However, skins/items that people do not use/want could be removed and replaced with items that we DO want. For example, if you check your purchase records, I guarantee no one is buying the Snake costumes. Those should be removed and replaced with other rarer skins. I'd recommend checking purchase records over the past 12 months and remove anything from the store that has not been purchased at least 15 times in that entire 12 months. Additionally, there are several Motion cards which are much rarer than they should be. We have not seen Dragon's Set Motion or Red's Basket for Granny Motion is literal years.

    Daevanion Essences: I am seeing these in events, and that is good. Please continue to make them readily available as they are very necessary. Additionally, if possible, I'd recommend reducing the cost in the Abyssal Splinter NPC store to 300 instead of 400.

    Extendable Weapons: These have not become more available despite our pleas. There was talk of adding them to a future event. Hopefully, that occurs soon.

    PVP/PVE: Not sure what this was about. Regarding pve, there is a really great thread regarding the balance of pve instances, started by @Rag-DN, which I will link below. Regarding pvp, it's in the saddest state I have ever seen in it my (mere) 4.5 years of playing Aion. Pvp instances are completely dead because they are not rewarding. Giving 98k AP and 1 battlefield coin is not worth the trouble. I would add legendary pvp enchantment stones as well as 500k AP as rewards to ALL pvp instances. This will not help the massive gear gap that exists, but it is something.


    Renown: The percentage of renown lost every Monday needs to be drastically decreased at the lower levels, full stop. There are several other threads with numbers explaining why.

    Siege schedules: You all quickly fixed the siege schedule mistake, so thank you for that. I think most people are much happier with these changes. On a related note, non-Prestige players are still receiving Stellium (an unused currency) from altar sieges. Please fix this.

    Arena: I do not participate in arenas, so I won't comment here.

    Armor class restrictions: I am a huge, HUGE "skin person." Despite that, I do not feel this should have any sort of priority whatsoever amongst all of the other issues.

    Mounts: I have seen your team add mounts to events, such as the current event, but temporary mounts (and items, in general) are useless. I don't want to sound glib, but they are truly useless. If we have to work toward a mount in an event, it needs to be permanent.

    World bosses: I have not seen any changes here. I wish that the Demaha world bosses were server-specific, but I don't see that being changed since they are, in fact, in Demaha. So I'm not sure what you all can really do about this. For Anomos, I'd increase his HP by about 100% so that he does not die in 1 minute. For the world bosses in Gelkmaros/Inggison, I'd recommend increasing the quantity of loot on the bosses.

  4. This is such a good thread!

    Although, I would argue that SL EZ to SL NM is scaled properly. SL EZ is easy (lol), and honestly, SL NM is not hard either. You don't even need an actual tank in there for most groups. BE EZ to BENM is also scaled properly in my opinion. PFNM to PFHM and IDDNM to IDDHM, completely agree with you on. Way too big of a difference. Although honestly, it's usually just a couple choice mechanics that make these hard mode instances so monumental to beat for the lesser geared.

    For PFHM Jotun 2nd boss, I'd do away with the Steaming Geyser mechanic and slightly decrease the damage on the Jotun's auto-attacks/kicks. For PFHM Tarukan 3rd boss, I'd add 3-4 extra seconds on the clone's buff timer since he likes to stop in the middle of the room sometimes when he's being pulled. For PFHM Frigida 4th boss, I'd remove the one-shot skill on the clone so that she can be approached and killed more quickly and then everyone can get back to the boss.

    For IDDHM Berserk Heatvent/Lava Protectors 1st boss, I'd fix it so that the adds disappear at 25% again like they used to, and I'd decrease the amount of adds that continue to spawn on the Heatvent side of the room while you're killing the Lava side of the room. For Orissan 2nd boss, I'd decrease the number of crystals that spawn and the damage they do. For IDDHM Beritra 3rd boss, I don't have any opinion since I haven't been in there yet.

  5. 18 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

    I'm just mad I'm missing out on the Prestige Quest for an Ultimate enchant stone every week cause of this on all my toons  :(

    Understandable. That in itself is an issue because ultimate enchantment stones are nearly impossible to get, so the IDD and VT quests are the most reliable source of them for the pve ulti stones.

  6. Really fantastic list here, but...

    12 hours ago, Rag-DN said:

    IDD (Normal)

    When Berritra hits below 50% and goes to use an AOE skill it's known to crash several peoples clients. (Personally it completely turns my PC off...no clue why but I can't run IDD Normal at all...all my toons are missing their pants! Q.Q)

    Run your SLNMs on your main and transfer the ultimate armor boxes via your account warehouse to (eventually since the item is random) get your pants! Or run BE easy mode on your alts, but I think that would take longer since the ulti drop rate is pretty low.

  7. 1 hour ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    Finally, and again IMO, bots and their farming is not always a bad thing. There are a lot of small items we need in large amounts but take so much time to gather. Without bots, nobody wants to farm them and they become so expensive. If those are mats for something else, then that item is also expensive. In Aion 3.X we had a lot of mats easy to gather yet was so boring to do it. We had bots doing that 24/7 and those were cheap enought to craft potions and scrolls (and other things) at a fair price. But in Aion 4.0 a brilliant mind decided to make it harder. So bots weren+t able to do the farm. The mats were sooooo expensive that the new potions and scrolls costed a lot more than the old ones. Only a few players used them. Most of us just used the old ones. And the armor and weapons from crafts became totally imposible to craft. I never saw a player wearing the Top crafter armor never. Really, nobody. We then had the weapons from events. But crafting them was so crazy. We only used the accs from there. So, maybe, bots  can be nice sometimes.  And to add something else, we had recipes for potions not long ago (maybe we still have them), but do you know somebody crafting potions? Nope, they had to add all the good ones in NPCs to fix what they did. 

    Maybe you don't play the game anymore and so you aren't aware of this, but bots have not been farming mats in at least a year. There AREN'T any mats in open world TO farm (mobs don't drop anything except cubics and those are not sellable/tradeable). Bots farm kinah in Luna, that is all.

  8. 1 hour ago, Valedia-DN said:

    so many angry post about this event and yet yall still cant stay away from it...as gamers i guess at times e all hunger for something to do...just know you boys n girls doing the event is sending a bad message to ncsoft???...

    Pretty sure hardly anyone is running it. Last night each time I checked legion list/friends list, no one was in that event. I haven't run it a single time. I don't see lfg groups for it.

  9. 8 hours ago, Beaters-DN said:

    I think my biggest problem now is getting the enchantment stones to enchant my stigmas and stuff and also getting people to run instances 

    I will say right up front that the things you listed are not that easy. Some people may come in with the usual "oh it's not that hard!" comments, but that's just not true for new/returning players. You basically have to wait for a really good event in order to catch up in Aion (terrible game design, but it's what we have unfortunately).

    For stigma enchantment stones, you have a couple options. The cheapest would be to use your event coins (they're literally called event coins, but you may not have any right now because it's been a while since we've got them from events). You can buy a few stigma enchantment stones per week from the event coin vendor in Gelk/Ing. Note, the current (terrible) Daeva Dash event does enable you to get some event coins if you want to run that.

    Another way to get stigma enchantment stones is very easy, BUT it requires a decent amount of kinah. So if you don't have any, just skip this explanation lol. You will buy gold ingots from the Gold Sand Traders (icon on the right side of your skill bars) each week. One stigma enchantment stone will cost 10 gold ingots (13 mil kinah) -- also purchasable from the GST. The stigmas themselves are tradeable, so you can do this on your main and your alts.

    Stigma enchantment stones are usually common in events, but not the current event. Also, you can get them sometimes from weekly Lugbug quest rewards randomly.

    Regarding running instances, yeah, it's tough right now. This current patch rewards solo play which is ironic since the NCwest staff said they wanted to move away from solo play. But whatever, here we are. As I mentioned previously, getting into an active legion will help with that.

  10. 1 hour ago, FefeHulk-DN said:

    Items will cost so much in terms of kinah that most people won't be able to afford unless they have like 200-300+ alts , like the botters.

    That is already occurring due to Luna botting. People have dazzling gemstones listed at 5 or 6 BILLION kinah. If you were to buy kinah (disclaimer: buying kinah is against TOS and this is not a recommendation to do so!), that would be $60-72 on KT or $75-90 on DN.  Imagine spending $90 on a single gemstone. As @Arhangelos-KT said, this is just enabling free-to-play people to gain some kinah to combat against the massive Luna botting that is ALREADY skyrocketing item prices on brokers and has been for a few years now.

  11. 48 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

     This patch, and the few before, have felt very Dry for motivation to actively PVP.

    There is absolutely no reason to do pvp instances, and it sucks. Boyfriend and I went into IB last night for the first time in probably a year and, of course, there were no people on the other team to fight against. And why would there be? The reward for winning the instance was 98k AP and 2 battlefield coins. Utterly abysmal. They could reward pvp enchantment stones, soul vials, those orange pot things you need in Timeless Terrace, or other things to help gear up in pvp, but no, you get less than 100k AP and 2 useless coins.

  12. I'm not sure I have an opinion either way about if they should remain, but I will agree that they help induce pvp. Back in 6.5(?) when they were messed up and the weeklies were actually dailies, there was a tooooon of pvp activity in Lakrum. It was pretty fun at that time.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Yuweh-KT said:

    I thought the new management will do something 

    The management is not new. Kibbelz is new, but he is a community manager, not a game manager. And honestly? He's actually trying. But the thing is, he doesn't make the decisions at the end of the day. His job is to report our concerns to his managers. Those people ultimately make the decisions, not Kibbelz himself.

  14. 6 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

     I'm sorry if we seem snappy or rude, but this is just getting ridiculous. 

    Exactly. We actually like you, Kibbelz and Loki, and I don't agree with people who personally insult the two of you, but your managers don't understand anything about this game despite your efforts. It's maddening.

  15. Can you screenshot and/or say which transformation collections you are talking about so I can check on one of my physical toons? I just looked again and I definitely have physical attack and crit on my physical toons, so maybe it's bugged for you. There ARE a few that are specific, but most of them are interchangeable. Maybe you don't have the interchangeable ones yet?

  16. Are you logged into a magical character? They change based upon the character you are playing. For example, the collection called Legendary Transformation Conqueror gives me 195 Physical Attack when I am on my chanter. However, if I switch to my songweaver, it becomes 195 Magical Attack.

  17. I'll admit, I'm not super up-to-date on beginner gear in this new patch because I already have my pve endgame gear minus a couple of the IDDHM feather accessories. BUT, here's what I think. Someone can correct me if they know better.

    In Gelk/Ing, there is an NPC vendor room that sells gear for 1-3 experience marks. Buy the pieces you are missing. That, combined with your few Sovereign pieces, should enable you to start doing PFHM 1st boss. There are commonly lfg groups for this, so you should be able to run those without too much issue. Additionally, you can do BE easy mode with your current gear, although lfg groups for that are also hard to find because it can be 2- or 3-manned now (maybe even soloed by a few super geared people).

    Get 1 or 2 earrings from PFHM 1st boss (only need 1 for the set effect, but they're shiny/pretty, and that's the most important thing looool). By this point, you should also be working on your stigmas and Daevanion skills. Get all of your main Daevanion skills to at least +5. Get your stigmas to at least +9 so you can unlock the 2 extra common stigma slots. Keep an eye on the broker and grab yourself an Additional Strike and/or Attack Increase runestone. Pray you get an attack slot in at least one of your 3 feather accessories and socket that runestone in there. Don't worry about enchanting it right now. Try to get your hands on an A rank minion (any type will work for the stat increase, but Sheba or Kromede would be best for an assassin in pve).

    Once you have those things knocked out, you should be able to start running AOA easy mode and IDDHM 1st boss. Get a couple of AOA Bursting accessories and maybe the bracelet from IDDHM, and by the time, you'll probably have made some more progress on your armor and have socketed some manastones. At that point, you'll be able to start running PFHM 2nd and 3rd boss (they're generally run together as 3rd boss is actually easier than 2nd boss).

    Note, all of this advice is based upon average players/groups. If you have geared friends to carry you, then obviously you will be able to do things sooner.

    Also, try to join a legion so that you can make friends with whom to run instances.

  18. 37 minutes ago, Kinks-DN said:

    Thirdly, what happened to my dps?  x_x
    I played cleric and I went after a lvl 57 mob (I was lvl 80) and I hit like a shredded string of yarn. 

    Are you using your old gear? If so, that's why. As you are aware since you played a little in 6.0, the gear stats were completely reworked. Old 5.x gear has the wrong stats which do not do any damage. They're skins now, nothing more.

  19. 1 hour ago, Aelar-DN said:

    The link you provided only explains in vague detail how it works, not why it works so it's still unclear how the tool is capable of distinguishing between different variables when it comes to whether or not someone is hacking.

    I... I mean... ??? You asked:

    On 11/30/2020 at 7:23 AM, Aelar-DN said:

    The implication here is that blue exclamation = might be hacking? And the red exclamation = is hacking? How can the tool possibly make that distinction?

    The page answers your question about how it distinguishes between red and blue. But ok???

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