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  1. 21 minutes ago, Zionxi-KT said:

    i just want you guys to acknowledge the issue and tell us you guys are working on it. just seems like you guys are just ignoring the issue. 

    It HAS been acknowledged. However, it will probably take them a while to fix it. It always takes them a while to fix problems. 😔 Hopefully they prove me wrong though.


    On 7/22/2021 at 11:01 AM, Kibbelz said:

    Sending the team this thread to make sure they’re aware. Will update if I’m told there’s anything to share, but it also seems this issue is resolving for some.


  2. 39 minutes ago, Rakionrql said:

    Ok. Keep the cameras on. In 10 years of this game i dont think i have ever seen anyone hack. Bot sure. But not hack.

    Ooooooof. No animation hacking is probably the most common type of hacking in this game. I'm honestly baffled at how you have never experienced it? Or maybe you just don't know you have? (Not saying that in a snotty way; your ping might be high so it might not be that noticeable to you.) It's EXTREMELY common, especially on live servers.



  3. I probably look like a bot while I'm gathering, but that's because I'm actually working, and I just tab back in around the appropriate time that it should respawn and start to gather. If someone is standing around me, I almost never notice them. I stay by the same node; I don't move from node to node as that requires too much effort on my part (again, working). Downside: I die to Elyos a lot because I'm not paying attention to the game except for a few seconds every 4-5 minutes lol.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    5. Later on, a few hours I believe, Kibbelz stated that the rewards being shown were actually incorrect.

    Did a check to make sure I'm being factual. The issue wasn't acknowledged until 1.5 hours after reset, and even then, it wasn't known that the rewards were wrong. The rewards were not noted as being wrong by Kibbelz until 3 hours after reset.

    Initial notice that there is a known issue; no note about rewards being wrong:

    On 7/21/2021 at 11:29 AM, Kibbelz said:

    We're investigating this. Please be sure to check mail as that is where rewards are supposed to be delivered (not to inventory) to help identify if this is an issue for some users or all.

    Clarification that rewards were being shown incorrectly:


  5. 16 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    So sorry because it still makes little sense, when they purchased the Daeva Pass with the good items shown... didn't the items get into their inventory or something? Or do you buy it but still need to unlock it somehow like the normal one?


    Here is how it works:

    1. Open the Daeva Pass tab and it shows you all of the rewards from start to finish, including the Premium ($30) rewards. You can decide at this point if it's worth buying.

    2. Once you unlock that level (both free and Premium), you must click Receive All in order to actually have the rewards for that level show up in your inventory.

    Now that is how it is supposed to work. Here is what actually happened yesterday for those of us who purchased it right after daily reset:

    1. Purchased the Premium pass.

    2. Completed the first couple levels (easy to do in half an hour of gameplay).

    3. Clicked Receive All, but nothing showed up in our inventories.

    4. It was clear at that time that it was broken, but there was NOTHING said that the rewards were wrong. Kibbelz simply stated that it was being looked into. We did NOT know at that early time that the rewards were incorrect. Again, we purchased based upon what we saw. We just assumed that it being broken meant that the rewards weren't being delivered, but that they would later. That would be fine -- IF they were the rewards being shown. However, they were not. See below #5.

    5. Later on, a few hours I believe, Kibbelz stated that the rewards being shown were actually incorrect.

    As you can see, NCsoft is at fault here. Honestly, I'm not bothered by it, so it doesn't really affect me. But I'm trying to see it from the viewpoint of those who purchased based upon the fact that they wanted coins or whatever the case may be. However, they didn't get those items. They deserve to at least have the Quna go back into their inventory to spend on something else. NCsoft isn't losing money this way, and the player can buy something else they want.

  6. 1 minute ago, PapaZ-DN said:

    I'm just updating this for future reference...It took 31 minutes to get to the character screen, then another 4 minutes. So it seems it takes about 35 minutes after reset to be able to log in. 

    Correct. If you are logged in, that is the same amount of time it takes for items to start showing up in your inventory, mailbox/broker to start working, etc.

  7. It seems to be a daily occurrence at reset (9:00am server time). If you are not logged in already, you cannot for 20-30 minutes. If you are logged in, nothing looted/gathered will show up in your inventory and the broker doesn't work for 20-30 minutes.

  8. 7 hours ago, Wence said:

    If anyone was curious what allows companies to get away with disrespecting their playerbase, it's the nuthuggers that will come to the forums and write a blog defending them even when they're clearly in the wrong.

    That is a common issue with the Aion community. People will often defend NCsoft even if they are in the wrong. Fairly often, they DO deserve to be defended as people can be a bit ridiculous sometimes. However, in times like this, they are not in the right. If someone purchased the Daeva Pass BEFORE it was announced that it was wrong (which NCsoft can easily verify with their log times), then they should be eligible to receive their Pass refunded/turned back into Quna in their account.

    Although tbh, it's not just in Aion. In real life, you see so much blind support these days. People will never, ever admit that someone they support might have made a mistake about something. People have an all or nothing mindset. It's okay to admit that someone might be wrong about something; you don't have to support every single decision they make. I'm wrong all the time. Does that make me a bad person? No. Just human. NCsoft is a company made up of humans, too. 🤷‍♀️

    1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Now someone explain to me how this daeva pass works, you buy it and somehow you don't get the items until you claim them or something and people bought it and didn't bother getting them until they changed?

    You can see what the items are BEFORE  you purchase it. However, in this case, the items that were shown were not the correct items. So people bought the Pass based upon what they saw, but NCsoft had the wrong items showing. NCsoft is completely at fault despite people victim-blaming the players.

    As mentioned above, if I pay someone for a listing that shows an iPhone, but they send me a different type of phone, then that is their fault, not mine.

  9. 2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    But to keep your mansion don't you need to log in and pay for the rent otherwise you lose it? If you think it is not fair to keep a mansion you could let it go.

    I will be upon merge. I will not attempt to buy it back when housing becomes available again unless I decide to start playing retail again.

  10. 15 minutes ago, Ayries said:

    If they turn around and ban my game account, all good

    They will. That is the one thing they will absolutely 100% ban you for doing. (I'm not telling you not to do it, of course, just letting you know that you will indeed be banned.)

  11. 11 hours ago, Grace said:

     asmos dont show up to  a fort defense its not fair for us to waste a hour of our time just to get nothing out of the rewards.

    Oh no, Asmos don't want to show up and be wiped by you over and over again? How unfair for you. :((((((((

  12. 1 minute ago, Kibbelz said:
    • Daevas who began the Pass at Level 8, are not seeing the rewards for levels 1-8. It seems that these items are not in inventory, or in mailbox.

    It is not only people who had Daeva Pass last season. I did not have the Daeva Pass on this character last season/month, but I still am not receiving rewards when clicking Receive All.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    We're investigating this. Please be sure to check mail as that is where rewards are supposed to be delivered (not to inventory) to help identify if this is an issue for some users or all.

    Really? Last month/season, when we clicked Receive All, the rewards for that level went directly into our inventories, not our mailbox. In any case, no, they aren't in my mailbox either.

  14. Just now, Asmodir-DN said:

    It was the first thing i saw, not the rewards being the same...


    1 minute ago, Coheed said:

    Oh yeah! WTH!!!  @Kibbelz

    Apparently now it's starting to update to level 8 for people? Might need to relog. Of course, some of us can't get into the game currently lol. But maybe it will update once we can.

  15. 35 minutes ago, Sabs-DN said:

    Think of all the inactive people holding mansion or estates...Let some active people have a chance? 

    Exactly. Tbh I still have a mansion, and I haven't played retail in 4 months. It would be better for my mansion to be taken away so that someone who is actively playing can use it. Will it suck losing my mansion? Yes, of course, but I'm not using it since I'm not playing.

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