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  1. They should allow people to refund the Daeva Pass if they purchased it before the correct rewards were showing up in game. But it's NCsoft, so they won't.
  2. Agreed. Every day at reset, things stop working in the game (loot doesn't go into your inventory, etc). Then you try to relog and end up getting stuck at character screen page for 20+ minutes...
  3. They will. That is the one thing they will absolutely 100% ban you for doing. (I'm not telling you not to do it, of course, just letting you know that you will indeed be banned.)
  4. It is accurate that you don't want a FULL Clearsky set as you will be lacking a lot of crit. It's generally okay to get 1 or 2 pieces though as that won't affect your crit too much.
  5. Oh no, Asmos don't want to show up and be wiped by you over and over again? How unfair for you. :((((((((
  6. It is not only people who had Daeva Pass last season. I did not have the Daeva Pass on this character last season/month, but I still am not receiving rewards when clicking Receive All.
  7. Really? Last month/season, when we clicked Receive All, the rewards for that level went directly into our inventories, not our mailbox. In any case, no, they aren't in my mailbox either.
  8. Apparently now it's starting to update to level 8 for people? Might need to relog. Of course, some of us can't get into the game currently lol. But maybe it will update once we can.
  9. GREAT POINT. Forgot about that. EDIT: Apparently it's starting to update for people to level 8 now?
  10. Yeah, it's happening to me too. Maybe server down? idk
  11. Can you please remove the shadow from the chat log which was added with today's maintenance? The chat log is extremely difficult to read now. My eyes are too old for this. 😭😂
  12. Exactly. Tbh I still have a mansion, and I haven't played retail in 4 months. It would be better for my mansion to be taken away so that someone who is actively playing can use it. Will it suck losing my mansion? Yes, of course, but I'm not using it since I'm not playing.
  13. It was a deliberate change a few years ago because they wanted to make more money (people having to buy more than one currency if they play more than one NCsoft game). Note, I'm not defending it or anything, just saying why it's like that now.
  14. So bizarre that they made the season end 2 days before weekly reset.
  15. Yeah, we were, but then you started ranting about spying on retail for some bizarre reason so I thought you were changing topics to retail, but whatever. You're right, you win, whatever, I don't care. 🖐️
  16. Yeah. Because there are about 100 of them. TOTAL. So I'm sorry about your little spy game or whatever, but retail does not have the population to support two separate servers. It's nearly impossible for people to form groups for anything endgame. We aren't talking about Classic as that's not what's being merged. We're talking about retail.
  17. Yes, you can. They are going to merge the remaining two Live/Retail servers into one in the next few weeks. They PREFER not to have only one server, but yes, it is entirely possible as they are proving with Retail. That said, I don't think Classic should be merged yet (Retail absolutely). The population is not THAT bad, and people have to remember, once there is only one server left, that's it. There is no other recourse after that. Once that final server "dies," the game is closed.
  18. Imagine trying to make grown ass adults feel badly about trying to enjoy the 2-3 hours per night they have to play a video game that is supposed to be fun.
  19. You think there are that many? I was thinking 5 lol. Gideon, Hime, Kibbelz, Loki, and one other unnamed/possible person. 😂
  20. I'm definitely the dumbass who will tab-target/click the random rubbish mob instead of the opposite faction player, so having that 1 brand ability is very important to me. 😂
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