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  1. Assuming we don't get the official NCsoft version here like you're talking about, MyAion.eu plans to update eventually to be compatible with Classic. It's not quite the same (person has to have details set to visible), but it's a pretty decent alternative. It's pretty in depth, also shows stigmas and other stuff aside from gear. Damn good dps meter too. Again, it's only working with retail currently, but the developer said there are plans to make it compatible with Classic. Example of what all it shows:
  2. Apparently, there was a false ban wave yesterday. Kibbelz said on the discord that they're looking into it. You can send your account info/ticket to appeal@ncsoft.com. It SHOULD get unbanned if you were one of the people who was falsely banned.
  3. https://www.aiononline.com/shop/founders-pack Click Buy Now on the founder's pack so it expands the page. Then click "Full list of differences provided below." to see the full list.
  4. True true, you gotta start that shit 1-2 days beforehand. Start making offhand comments around the office like, "Man, my throat is sore for some reason. Ah well, probably nothing." Then tomorrow, "Ugh my throat is even worse today, pretty sure I'm starting to get sick." Then bam, Wednesday, you're too sick to come in. 🤷‍♀️😂
  5. West coast people seem to have 110-150 now. Central USA has 70-120. I live in Oklahoma and my ping is 75-100 usually (no ping reducer).
  6. Check the maintenance post which will go up tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Typically, on big releases like this, don't expect to see the servers up in the morning (USA time). It will probably be around lunch or later. Of course, I could be wrong, depending how much preparatory work they've been doing this past week, that's just how it usually goes the past several years.
  7. Two things to try that have worked fairly often the past few years: 1. Run the client in Windows 8 compatibility mode. 2. Go into your NCSOFT > AION_CLASSIC > bin64 folder and rename AION.bin to AION.bin.old
  8. It's an absolute joke now. People like to joke that it's the whales keeping the servers alive now, but honestly, even many of us (I put about $50/mo into it, so not a true whale, but more than f2p) have quit the current game because it's just unplayable due to lack of people. There is no one on to run anything of medium or hard difficulty, and pvp instances have 1 hour queues because there is no reason to do them (no pvp gear or items from them). So yeah, it's in a very sad state. 🤷
  9. Friend of mine also got banned for seemingly no reason. They're apparently having some issues, but sadly, support is, was, and always will be a joke, refusing to actually look into things and instead just acting like bots. 🙄
  10. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I feel like many people would actually like if Classic continues up to 4.7 patch and then stops there. That seems to be the patch that everyone loved the most before the destruction of maps that we've been seeing in every major patch since then.
  11. How dare you, sir. 😡😂
  12. I always thought Norsvold was one of the most beautiful maps, but sadly, it was not utilized correctly. There was no reason to go to the outer corners nor was it easy to get to any of them. Everyone just stayed in the main city which was so sad as all of that beauty was lost on us.
  13. I've been chanter for the past 5 years, but that's because I like the current meta (chanter main healer). So I'll be rolling cleric for classic. 😊
  14. ye lol sadly it is normal for them
  15. Hmm boyfriend and I haven't had any issues playing from the same house. Like mentioned above, they love false-banning for ping reducers.
  16. Ok so I do not know what I'm talking about; take this with a grain of salt. BUT. I see that AION.bin is causing an issue too, if that's what that log means? I don't know, I just zeroed in on "AION.bin" because that file has been a pain in the ass for many players over the past few years. If you search this forum for aion.bin, you'll come up with several results. Anyway, people have "fixed" that issue in the past by renaming that file to aion.bin.old -- no clue if this is actually relevant to your overall issue, but I just cringed when I saw AION.bin on your log lol. Also, is it possible tha
  17. This will sounds like a dumb question, but Aion is a dumb game with a lot of issues that sometimes the game just doesn't install properly. Seriously, there are dozens of posts on this forum from over the years where this game just doesn't work properly through no fault of the actual player. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Huge pain in the ass, but sometimes it works.
  18. Thanks, Kibbelz. You've been great this past year despite the many hiccups this game has. We love you and Loki (although we haven't seen Loki in a bit). We're a difficult bunch to deal with, but you do it with grace. ❤️
  19. At first I was laughing because I thought only SL-A would be dealing with mob rarity and that IS-A would be good to go as the lesser populated server, but then my laughter died when IS-A got locked down too. 😂
  20. I don't have any Elyos friends. That's literally the only reason why I stayed with Asmo. 😂
  21. Tbh this, otherwise NCsoft will just be losing money when people start doing PayPal chargebacks.
  22. When legionmates end up having to roll Elyos instead.
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