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  1. It's pretty unfair to a lot of clerics because they rolled that class to be main heals, and now they aren't. For me, it worked out great because I like healing as a chanter, but similarly, a couple of my dps chanter friends are unhappy that they're now healers (or they're re-rolling to pure dps classes). There are some clerics out there who are trying to hang onto being main healers -- and I totally get it because, again, that's why they rolled the class in the first place -- but they are easily outhealed by chanters, even chanters who are in hybrid or even Inspiration (decreased HB) spec. Again, I like the changes lol, but kind of sad for the clerics who liked healing and the chanters who liked dpsing.

  2. 8 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    I run the whole instance with my main and I didn't get a sendlog. Delete the 32bit and 64bit folders and do a complete file check.

    If this recommendation does not work, try this:


    On 9/8/2017 at 4:17 PM, Cheesecake-DN said:

    Right click Aion > Properties > Compatibility > Uncheck the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" option > Apply

    Pull up your Aion folder, go into your bin64 folder, rename the aion.bin file to aion.bin.old, and then try launching the game again.


    The aion.bin.old trick works most of the time for most people.

  3. 39 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

    see how hard it is to gear up a new toon these last few patches without whiping out your Credit Card

    There's the problem with your challenge. That is not NCsoft's goal -- or any game company's goal. They need money. It is their goal to have us spend money on the game.

  4. 5 hours ago, Hallo-DN said:

     Also Devs refuse to the fix the real problem that been talked about recently if you want  me to be specific ,look at Mellon event as example.

    Because they know that half the people still playing this game use "ice cream" and banning them all will just make the game shut down even quicker. I know people like to say, "Oh they just want to shut Aion down!" but they don't because it does still generate money for the company. Yes, it is the lowest money-maker, but as long as it is still making them money, they will keep it up. Banning half the playerbase will cut a lot of their money.

  5. 1 hour ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    The main reasson used in the past to make a merge was the lack of casual PvP. this is not true. People just dont like PvP. 

    A lot of us used to love the pvp in Aion, but we do not anymore because it's not the same. Everyone hits way too hard; the pvp is literally just whoever can get the jump first, then their opponent is dead in 5-10 seconds. It's not fun. My boyfriend and I used to open world pvp and instance pvp every day. Now we only pve in Aion. We log off Aion fairly early in the evening to pvp in a different game. Sadly, there is no remedy for the state that pvp is in because everyone has too much of everything. Advanced this, advanced that, gemstones, runestones, blah blah blah. Again, everyone just hits way too hard. If you aren't being destroyed, then you are destroying someone else. Neither scenario is any fun.

  6. This gear is only better than +15 Ultimate Dark Talon if it's at least +7. Since it breaks upon failed enchantment, it's not worth the effort imo. But for what it's worth, the Gelk/Ing world bosses (Ragnarok and Omega) drop the Paragon armor/weapon as well, but it's one piece per drop, and it's random. The Demaha world bosses drop the weapons. I actually have the weapon and all of the armor pieces except one from this world boss method, but I just collected it for the skin because, again, it's not really worth the hassle of trying to enchant it. Paragon armor/weapons are also brokerable, so you can look there too. Just go for the Timeless Terrace pvp gear instead.

  7. 13 hours ago, Ide said:

    That paragon promotion... way to squeeze more money out of the playerbase 

    Honestly, I like it because it means I won't feel inclined to spend any money on this game for at least the next two weeks. 😂

    13 hours ago, Tumbacocos-DN said:

    why you dont include Imbued Weapon Selection Box at NPC merchant? looks like a good way to benefit every player equally, especially after the fiasco you made with the last meloon event.

    Yeah, since Tia Eye will be on battlefield server with KT and DN, I hope no Asmodians expect to actually get Sunayaka maybe more than once or twice. I mean Asmodians never get Demaha bosses (our own fault for not working together, but still), so I hope they don't expect Sunayaka to be any different. 🥺

    8 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    If you can i doubt anyone is going to report it LOL.

    There is always some dodo head who makes a post about those things.

  8. 1 hour ago, ShyIee said:

    even if I were to do this whole setup and get the box for my sin, upon opening it, I’d be only allowed to choose either the dagger or the sword in this case

    Yes, that is correct. Chanters can only get staff, glads cannot get greatswords, etc.

  9. 1 hour ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

    Sounds like a player skill  issue there, unless you're like super casual. Not that hard to get an A

    He could also be returning, so not have access to the A rank minions that we all had stacked up from previous patches. It's definitely harder to get an A rank minion now than it was in 7.0-7.2 when they dropped from 4 world bosses every single day. Now you basically have to blow your kinah on Cute Minion Contracts which have an abysmal rate to get an A rank and/or run the random path in Minium Vault which ALSO has an abysmal rate to get an A rank.

    Barely worth even mentioning leveling up 4 rank B minions and then attempting to combine them into an A rank since they removed B rank minium from pvp instances, so you only get it from Luna now WHICH THEY'RE DISABLING for at least a week. So yeah, getting an A rank minion isn't as easy as it used to be.

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