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  1. On 4/11/2021 at 6:23 AM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    @Vantheria-DN ...he is drop dead serious lolz

    I know right lmfao

    On 4/10/2021 at 9:42 PM, GoldenZeus said:

    just speculating and talking like rubbish ... welcome to Aion .. please study the features provided in the game, it is allowed to make more than five characters in one id and the stigma can be moved anywhere .. before leading opinion, pay attention to what you're talking about loser

    there is no prohibition to post anything on the forum as long as it doesn't violate ,, tell me buying and selling on the forum is prohibited ,,, if it is prohibited, it means buying and selling in lfg games is also prohibited .. you idiot loser lol

    RMT is actually one of the few things for which NCsoft WILL ban people.

    #11:  https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/legal/ncsoft/code-of-conduct

    But sure go ahead and keep talking about selling stigmas for real money lmao.

  2. Combining weapons and dual wielding are two separate things. Dual wielding refers to using two weapons (dagger/sword, dagger/dagger, sword/sword) instead of just one weapon (greatsword, polearm). Combining weapons is called Armsfusion in the game. Left-click on the weapon, click the anvil, then select Armsfusion on the screen. You can only combine single-handed weapons. So you could combine two greatswords or two polearms, but you could not combine two daggers or two swords.

  3. 12 hours ago, Steefy-DN said:

    They wont give any answer cause they know they fked up, and they will be silent about it... Was their fault for not knowing that transfering the egg Will give apostole quest back...

    Exactly this. There is not an easy answer for them. Yes, players "abused" it by getting multiple Apostles, BUT it was support's fault for allowing people to "abuse" it by saying yes, yes, yes because they didn't realize it was giving the Apostle quest each time. They probably just thought people were getting the daily reward (not the new-egg reward). So ultimately, it was their mistake -- and they let it go on too long before they realized.

  4. I don't want to sound like all the 20-year-old trolls around here and their JuSt RuN aWaY LoL but... this game is not kind to new/returning players. If you decide to come back, you MUST have the casual mindset of "I will play how I want and not be upset that everyone else can 1-shot me in pvp." If you're a pve king, you'll be all right fairly soon. If you only pvp, you will never again be happy in this game. I'm sorry, I know that sounds dramatic lol. Everyone hits so so hard and so so fast, you will die instantly. Even geared people die nearly instantly. There is no skill in pvp anymore. It's just a matter of who gets the drop first because of high attack stat and maxed attack/cast speed.

    That said, now would be a good time to come back because of the ongoing Stormwing Egg event, but there's only a month left, so you'd have to hurry to farm out all of the shards required to make it to the max level egg.

    If you like healing (main healing, not backup healing), roll chanter. Chanters and clerics basically switched places. Chanters are currently main healers in endgame, both here and in KR's current patch. Clerics and songweavers are backup heals. (Clerics and SW CAN main heal some/many things, but need the gear to do so. Chanter is more returning user friendly for healing.)

  5. I never attempted a transfer because idk I don't give a shit I guess, but just curious -- after transferring it, do you have to enchant it from the lowest level egg all over again? Or does it show up at the final stage and you can get an Apostle right away?

  6. 12 hours ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    Does anyone know how much they actually cap out at? Like how expensive should I put up my item to trade it through broker

    Just my opinion, but you shouldn't go any lower than like 50% of what the current selling rate is AND you should be ready to buy immediately. So if something is going for 1 bil, I wouldn't go below 500 mil, and I'd make sure I was ready to buy immediately. If you have to log out and then log back in, then I'd just buy it at the going rate. Sucks to lose the broker fees, but better than losing the item.


    On 10/1/2020 at 12:57 PM, Miyanna-KT said:

    Hello Boroda-KT

    I came to your post hoping someone gave you an answer other than what I discovered.

    In my research, I came to find that you have to do all the Heiron quests that lead to a Lizard that gives you the item in question. I really don't want to do that. I was playing the game back when it was just released from beta and abandoned my character after they changed the game to enable PVP for any level land. I am back, thinking since the game changed hands, I might have a better chance at playing without a human jumping me whilst mid-quest...lol. The first thing I found was everything changed in my quest log, and like you, I found Hidden Fortresss waiting for me. The last thing I feel like doing is 'redoing' the Heiron quests I did before I abandoned the quest. 

    So here is what I am doing and is my advice to you if you don't want to do Heiron area repeatable quests: Grind your way to 75. If you prefer to do the campaign quests then see my guide listed below. 

    Good fortunes to you!

    ~ Miyanna

    Here is the resource I referenced in my discussion: 

    Link explaining the Campaign quest.

    * * Quests rewarding Translated DocumentDecode the Document ,then do Translated Document

    When you load the pages, you will see one feeds into the other. The quest you need is only accessible if you did all the pre-quests for that region. If you follow your way to all the pre-quests links, you will see it takes you all the way back, leading you to Flow of Aether quest for level 26. 



  8. 6 hours ago, AnyDaTech said:

    but imagine you have to cheat in PvE, like what? 

    They cheat in hard mode pve because those accessories are used in pvp. Although it's not really necessary anymore since you can just farm PFHM 1st boss on your alts and get enough Starlight Stones to buy the PFHM/IDDHM accessories outright -- or run the instances on your main and then bring in your alts to loot.

  9. 16 hours ago, Cannale said:


    I know exactly how you feel, cause I'm the same. I feel noob to these new dungeons and I'm afraid to enter any group as I'm only with the basic exp mark PVE gear...

    With the exp mark gear unenchanted and no "special" things such as advanced stigmas, Daevanian skills, etc, you can do these instances with a full 6-man group (or less people if the others are geared). In order of easiest to hardest for a dps class:

    Esoterrace (you can duo this)
    IDD normal (probably don't need a full 6 people)
    PF normal (probably don't need a full 6 people)
    BE easy
    SL easy
    PFHM 1st boss
    SL normal (if a few geared people in the group to carry you)

  10. 6 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    hm... weird I have the latest and I can play, maybe because I have a beast GPU so it can take the extra load with no effort. I might downgrade to those ones and see for myself, you never know it might be even better.

    For you, it's probably not an issue since you don't do hard mode instances. That is where it is felt the most. Altar of Gales is an absolute nightmare, for example, once the tornadoes start spawning. PFHM is kind of bad, but still somewhat playable if you're experienced in the instance. IDDHM is similar to AoG in that there are lots of adds, so too many graphics to process.

  11. Jfc y'all know they take a while after maintenance to deliver rewards/surveys/etc. Calm your tits. If we don't have it by tomorrow, THEN rage.

    18 minutes ago, Gomdols said:

    It seems like few people are getting their box, but not all of them who is eligible.

    When you participate in a promotion, you put in a ticket after to get it in writing that you qualified:



  12. 12 hours ago, StealthyBoy-KT said:

    @Vantheria-DN I might love you...Thank you so much...the game is actually playable now. I hope this is fixed so I can use current drivers one day lol but for now this is a good band aid. Thank you again ❤️

    Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous that we had to do that. Some of the hard mode instances were absolutely unplayable though due to the excess of boss graphics/tornadoes/adds/etc. I couldn't even rotate my camera at times.

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