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  1. Housing Scripts - bugged???

    You're probably right. I mean, I can make do until they fix it, but this is rather annoying and inconvenient. Here's hoping that it will be an easy fix that they get to sooner rather than later, I guess.
  2. So, in light of the recent Housing Auctions (Thanks foR THE HECKIN' WARNING, NC. At least I was prepared and won a new house.) I decided to go play with my housing scripts.... only to find them gone. I guess they got wiped with the server merge. That's fine. I had them saved to a word doc on my computer, so that was an easy enough fix. Imported them, all good so far... ... Until I attempt to go in to edit them. See, the resizing script I used before was really easy to edit with the left drop-down expandy thing on the script box. Only problem is, this time, instead of a nice, easy-to-read script, I get this: Um??? WTH??? I just want to edit my script so I can customize my outlet sizes again. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just me? :c
  3. Yea, seriously. I want a chance at getting a house again. (I'm still bitter that I had to lose it to the server merge; I'd owned that same house for FIVE YEARS. I'm trying to be positive by looking at this as a new opportunity to get a mansion instead of a house this time around, but we'll see....)