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  1. When people complain more about sins (the class is like this since 2009) and not more about the radar hacks, game's really in need of death.
  2. Every month the cookies expire and you need to log in into forums again. Go to your browser and search for all Aion cookies, delete them, log into forum again.
  3. Well, took me 1 month back in time to get full anuhart set, w/o weapon. Took me 5 years to proc HHoM. I'd go for Anuhart and work on Mira/Fenrir without worring.
  4. Can someone post here when this happens? I'll check regularly. Thanks!!
  5. Ignore Zarbi, it's an Ely troll. Reroll Siel or quit.
  6. I mean, we all know what is and what's not an exploit or game breaking rules. This game is 12 years old. We know SR repeatables are not an exploit. We know SR entry quest chest is an exploit. We know the Bakarma fight in the cave back in 2009 was not an exploit. We know the Bakarma fight in the lava back in 2009 was an exploit. We know that AP trading is an exploit. All this is not new. And know what else is not new and I bet will happen again? I remember back in the time some people found a way to crash a dredge in an aetheric field on a fort. What happened is that the field killed the d
  7. If you do SR repeatables you don't re-enter "often dozens of times". Mid runs you can turn-in twice (24 hats), so it's one re-enter. If you do Lower-Upper in sequence you can get about 30 ledgers, it's also one or two re-enter. That means a full SR run you re-enter like at max 4 times. So yeah if there was someone re-entering "often dozens of times" something fishy was happening.
  8. If you are IS-E. If you are IS-A and put your face out you'll get insta-deleted by radar hack users. Yeah they are still in the game despite all evidence and tickets.
  9. 1 - Selfishness 2 - You don't remember or understand influence/siege numbers. 3 - Peace. Hope you enjoy your perfect world.
  10. Sorry, you are in IS-E, you don't know how terrible the situation is for IS-A. Literally takes DAYS to find a NTC group. You really live in the perfect world. Soon you will only have PvE to do. And later not even it. Fact is IS is dead.
  11. Elder staff is 2.0, drops start in Talocs.
  12. IS-A is dead for a long time. You either create an alt and farm low-level areas or hope for the best in broker.
  13. NCW and @Kibbelz won't do anything. They watched as IS-A bled to death. Nothing was done. Amulets, boxes? We all know that doesn't bring players. The poor management of population, cheaters and bots already killed IS for both factions. The best thing they can do now is merge servers and bring 1.5 AND 1.7 sooner than later.
  14. IMHO the reason NCW doesn't ban bots it's because they pay for Siel aura. Easy money. And we know who loves money above players...
  15. Not true. They play w/o Siel aura and they still can get manastones/white drops/exp. I know some bots selling like 100 hp manastones. But 90% of the bots I report HAVE siel aura. Also I'm playing F2P and yes you can play w/o Siel aura. Just takes the difficult to another level since you only have quests gear.
  16. Well, under 50 is the best way to get AP. At least this patch.
  17. So I can get out of hell and throw money at you again.
  18. I'm BR too, I agree with Bip. F2P hurts a lot, but the main issue I don't subscribe anymore is because NCW poor server management. It's expensive for us, but if NCW managed the servers better I'd pay to play.
  19. I think all agreed that P2W was what made Classic bad in NA. I'm all for removing P2W. They should just come back with old Daeva Journey or whatever was the name of old fidelity program they had. That one was very good, the longer you subed the more rewards, like cube/wharehouse increases, etc.
  20. I'm all for remove P2W items (crowns, coins, enchants, etc) and give cosmetics. Also the pass must be PER SERVER (to all characters on that server), not per character.
  21. It's very stupid we can't put scrolls like in account wharehouse. I have a ton of cast speed scrolls my ranger doesn't benefit, but my SM does. And my SM has a lot of attack speed scrolls my ranger could use. Just an example.
  22. They make timers based on EU, despite being a NA server. I think majority is EU players unfortunately, at least in Israphel.
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