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  1. Nope, I crafted a box after the first week and got nothing.
  2. It's not though - if you have 50e + 50 accs already, like many do, there's no character progression between now and 2.0 (which may not release for an entire year from now). A game where you can afk for an entire year and still have max gear isn't a game built for character progression This would make sense in theory, but the "most geared players" are actually "max geared players" already - the gap cannot possibly be widened further. Like I said before, if you still need AP in any capacity, you're already playing catch-up. The guy who has max gear already could get 1 bill
  3. We're not puzzled at all though? Aion is a very niche MMO. The players who will actually stick around DO NOT want a continuous character progression game, and the players who do are impossible to please (they require new content constantly to stay busy). The last time the devs did this and increased the gear ceiling to infinity (plumes, augment) the game completely died - the competitive players left, and the casuals/gear grinders eventually left too. I stand by my opinion - don't ruin this game with these garbage ideas. If you want continuous character progression, go play Runescape
  4. Sieges have been broken for weeks (months?), and now we have a change that finally benefits the players, and people really want to complain about it? And guess what, you still need medals to buy abyss gear. Point 2: Plenty of people already have max gear - if you still need AP at this point, you're playing catch-up. Why not let the more casual players catch up? Point 3: The gear progression system in this game is garbage anyway. I would actually prefer it if everyone logged in tomorrow with 1 billion AP / full 50e/ whatever. I don't want to have a gear advantage over my opponents
  5. Haha funny that you say that, it was my idea originally to try to kill Kristennan over a month ago, and I was a part of the very first kill. Only after ely started to kill Krist did asmos even think about heiron bosses like Maximus. To be fair, AD did try to kill Perento fairly early on but it had annoying mechanics and kept resetting. Considering these guards were in the game since Day 1 and no one figured this AP method out for months, if it wasn't for me personally, it's very possible no one would of ever killed either Krist or Max. lol. The thing is, making organized groups to
  6. Hate to break it to you but this thread is nothing but "Dear Diary" posts The only chance you have at improving this game is by leaning Korean and posting these on the Korean forums
  7. Eh, I think most Ely would trade Zapiel and Bollvig (if you're not a glad or sin, you don't care about these bosses) for Maximus (benefits everyone) Not to mention both Alukina and Zapiel are easily contested by the opposite faction, and really only Bollvig is ely exclusive content Can I trade zap, jesh and bollv (make them asmo exclusive content in Belu for all I care) for maximus x3? Please?
  8. We won't get 2.0 for a year if not longer, and OP has a good point, sorcs are broken, asmo sorcs in particular. there is no counter to boon of quickness + supplication of focus + full MB set. the same is also true for SMs; insta fear -> chain fear a good starting point would be simply removing BoQ and BoS, or at least make asmos use BoS instead posting about it here is pointless though, NCwest has no authority over the actual game mechanics. the only way to have influence over game mechanics would be by leaning Korean and complaining on KR forums
  9. To be fair, it's almost certainly easier to get AP gear on Israphel vs Siel right now. If I was on isra I could kill guards and easily make 12k+ ap/hr, or get a small group and kill the legendary guard NPCs in heiron/beluslan for 20k+ ap/hr (isra players - do you even know this exists?) Then, once I have my max gear, I get merged with Siel and I'm the most geared player on the server. Ez game
  10. If your group can't meet the point/time requirement for S rank I doubt they can kill Tahabata anyway In Korea, sometimes weak/PUG groups get S rank on accident which can mean 2hrs+ were wasted depending on what you were looking for in the dungeon
  11. The instance is long enough as it is; doing Scar and mindless grinding on top of that was just too annoying. I'm glad they lowered it BTW the point reduction wasn't until a few weeks after 1.5 in KR iirc so I don't know if we will get that patch day 1 or not.
  12. Easy fix for this Make Gojira drop zap spears
  13. What are you talking about? I lived in the abyss for 2 months. For the past few weeks I've been playing much, much less though as there's nothing to do.
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