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  1. Update: Yes, I created my character almost 2 years I believe. I played up until around level 32 maybe and then I stopped. I am aware however that I had access to the abyss before I stopped. And then I took a break for quite a long time. Now I'm back and currently I'm at level 37.
  2. Hehe, I'm not quite sure if I did. I got absolutely rolled in Morheim at the Mist Mane villages. It was a level 35 Quest but I couldn't defeat a single thing easily like I could near Aslig Village. I just realised I was out of my gear level zone. From 'quests' you mean normal side quests?
  3. Hello Reader I am a new player to Aion and I am currently rocking an almost level 40 Character (Hunter). And well... I want gear, haha. I stumbled upon a Silver Coins broker! And I realised that I needed silver coins. So I googled how to get silver coins. I found a thing where it said Quest. But I almost remember seeing somewhere that in Morheim Fortress there is a place to trade in Kahn for Silver Coins??? And the forum I found the list of quests for silver coins was quite old. Anyways, I looked up where to take the quests and I can't find any of them in the game?? (Like the NPCs w
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