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  1. Unable to use ticket my characters got move to a fast-track server? Error: You cannot use this function on the fast track server. WTH????
  2. I have had my names since 2009 and beta and now I have name lol 5s5F9E5 No what of changing my name? lol There are no options to change it I had Zaharah and Ryoshai for over 8 years.
  3. Yeah same here get "The serial code you entered is invalid" I have owned this game since 2009 played Alpha and beta. I had high hopes for the game. I think now all is lost. At the very least we should get Collector's codes that work. Some sort of compensation. This is stupid. What a crappy support and developers take over 4 years and still no resolution or work around to the issue? I opened a ticket two years ago after coming back to the game. I read up on it then and the issue was about 2 years old. now it still exist with no light at the end of the tunnel. To make it fun I get t
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