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  1. @Kibbelz If you could do one thing as CM it should be communicate properly the issues at hand. The people who heavily damaged the economy with infinite kinah exploit in SR are walking around free but you're now supporting a ban of people for turning in repeatable quests 2 times? What the acutal... Abandoning the entry quest to infinitely go back in and loot kinah chests is NOT the same as entering the instance and turning in the repeatable quest again. They are not "Daily" quests, they are repetable quests. You are wrong. (I was not banned, I just don't approve of th
  2. should refund us an hour a days worth of siels aura purchase - for the hour a day of not being able to login lol
  3. That didn't age well sir, it's already been confirmed its a bug. lol Thank god they didn't follow your advice, and instead brought to attention of develeopers lol
  4. the boxer motion card is permanent - 2nd battle pass should not award another.
  5. Agree, its too expensive and I'd rather it not be there. I'll buy it at that price, but I'm stupid - and for every stupid person like me there are 3 people (my siblings) who will not. So I don't see the point lol.
  6. I don't know why some people have this issue - a frriend of mine did, and eventually after re-installing the launcher it was the correct version and had aion classic. His previous installs were the wrong version. Again, I don't know how lol EDIT: My version number says its if that helps.
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