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  1. I tried going to NC's FAQ on this and it was remarkably unhelpful. I've not interacted with game files since last night, literally logged off, woke up, and now this. Not running any third party crap either. What gives?
  2. I miss my lightsabers. 🙂
  3. Except the forums are rife with people begging for special treatment or to otherwise undermine the company's policy. It's nauseating. You don't walk into a supermarket or electronics store and whine that you can't afford their products/they should lower the cost/give you special treatment. I don't know why anyone things it'll be different here.
  4. The whole point of this is they don't want you to play without it. You're asking for them to undermine their financial structure because you don't like it. Do you actually think anyone will take you seriously.
  5. It's more than that in many places of the world. But still, if you can't afford it, don't play. This isn't a barter system. People in other countries saying those paying for the game are entitled for... playing the game as the company intended without questioning them. Pretty sure entitlement is thinking you deserve special treatment and to pay less than others simply because you demand it, actually.
  6. Imagine thinking it matters if you want a lower price or not.
  7. Bought Quna. My account has been charged. Nothing showing on my in-game account. Are the systems down, or have I just been scammed?
  8. Using an account from a long time ago. Don't remember my PIN. Tried resetting in within the account. Will not send me the email to reset the pin. Doesn't work at all. Guess I'm locked out. Awesome.
  9. Yup! I saw Kubei post about it about 2 minutes after I did. Unfortunately I can't delete my own topic or I would, lol.
  10. Ah heck, didn't think to check the twitter. Thanks Kubei.
  11. Cannot connected to authorized server. :C
  12. That's a keeper. Didn't even know it came on disks back in the day!
  13. Can confirm, Canadian working from home, eagerly awaiting the refresh to get in.
  14. We both know that 90% of people don't come here to read or engage in conversation.
  15. This is exactly the response we need more of. Not people begging or complaining or whining or throwing tantrums. Ask if overwhelming international support will grow classic with more servers. This is the way.
  16. Don't be a jerk, there's plenty of people out there in less-than-ideal financial sitautions. NC is under no obligation to cater to these people, but that really doesn't mean you have to treat them poorly.
  17. This question is answered thoroughly and repeatedly throughout the forums. Classic is scheduled to go as far as 2.7, with no known plans about going beyond that, if there are even plans to.
  18. ITT: People outside of targeted region complaining.
  19. And this is not that. I hope we get to a point where they provide servers for different regions - truly - but everyone expecting this release to cater to the whims of every other region is bananas.
  20. Because this is targeted for North America, specifically.
  21. I'm sorry, but I don't know if I would have expected anything different.
  22. I work from 8am to 7pm EST. I'll be there. You can't please everyone.
  23. Possible it's being left open for future things, like Divine?
  24. Fairly sure people should give the current schedule a chance. Every single person up in this thread is crying about how this schedule does not work for them and they want it hand tailored to their own needs. Nobody has done this on the current schedule yet. The game isn't live yet. And the goal of this is to find some sort of balance between everyone in the targeted region. I think they're going to need to evaluate how this works for a few cycles before considering any changes.
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