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  1. Again, why would an NA company change for an audience that isn't their target? No it's not NA means North America and last time I checked, Australia isn't part of North America. Just because a region doesn't have something doesn't mean it's automatically is the responsibility of the NA region. It means you deal with NA times or play something else. It's funny cause these same people would never go to a Korean server (or any other region) and demand they cater to them. NA does not automatically = global even if they allow other people (just like KR,JP, and EU servers will) to log
  2. Why would a NA company, with NA servers, targeted towards the NA playerbase and NA employees accommodate non NA players?
  3. Dude, people make an actual living off selling gold in mmos. I have a friend that makes 5k a month selling ffxiv gold, LOADS of people buy gold, some even buy both. I feel like it's a minority now a days that won't buy gold. However I don't think either one is ok.
  4. Conversion rates being wonky for certain countries have always been. I don't see why people in those countries keep trying to play on NA/Western mmos if they can't afford it, play what you have. At times when I dont want to pay a sub I don't play p2p games and I've some how lived and haven't died. The free trial is ridiculous but I think it's because originally Aion was p2p, they should just do a free trial to like level 10 or something and call it a day. If they roll back but dont remove the kinah, it doesnt change anything. Might as well spend $4 now.
  5. That quote is irrelevant to completely everything. It sounds like you just want to complain that people don't want to play with BRs.
  6. NCSoft has ALWAYS been p2w this is the "normal" experience when dealing with them, so you're crying for no reason. You'd have to actual be brain dead to think they wouldn't pull something like this.
  7. I had no clue they couldn't afford the sub. If they cant afford the sub there's tons of other actual free to play mmos cause lets be real, the trial here is insulting and you're better off paying $15 or not playing at all.
  8. I mean you guys are the ones crying about $4....
  9. I forgot all about licensing, so sad :c
  10. Did the wonder girls emote come in during classic? Or was that 3.0? If it was during the patch that classic will go live on, will those emotes be back?
  11. ...It actually does, if someone is posting something in a language I don't understand with nuances I don't understand...how can I form an opinion? Lmao dude just stop, you're embarrassing yourself it's sad.
  12. It's really clear English is not your first language. Talk to me when you have a better understanding, I'm not going to go over basic baby words, you shouldn't even have the opinion you have if you can't understand basic English.
  13. You have trouble reading and comprehending don't you? Learn what "if" means and what it implies and how it's used in an English sentence, thanks. 😊 My goodness, I have no words. Also, again, the implications of being around that stuff and what it implies for the company is why gaming companies have their own official discord servers 99% of the time. It's because what's going on in other servers can't be controlled but being active in those places does imply you're ok with said behavior. It also causes confusion like OP thinking it was an official server since there's a NCS
  14. I tried to include my reply to this in my other post but the forums bugged out? I never said they did, re read the post, in fact I stated NCSoft employees BEING AROUND and in a racist environment shows they're ok with racism. Here's the actual quote Also, note how I said "IF" meaning I'm not saying it did happen, my entire point is with how racist gamers are it's not entirely impossible or something far fetched. Learn to read please. Also how people would respond if something racist was stated is completely irrelevent and doesn't mean anything. With Archeage, a Ga
  15. You didn't read anything that was stated did you? No one said this, even in my post I stated if there's a legit NCSoft employee AROUND people that are saying racist stuff and IN a racist environment that's not a good look. The OP thought it was an official discord server but it's not, that's the only thing. Which is irrelevant if there's...again...actual employees in a racist environment. Learn to read and comprehend what's being said before talking out the side of your neck.
  16. Honestly the way a lot of you guys are sweeping racism under the rug because "be glad the CM is doing their job" is actually...really pathetic and sad. NCSoft having awful employees should be irrelevant of everything with this situation. Then those of you that are automatically going "oh look the race card"...yeah you're part of the problem and actually makes the situation believable. Gamers are notoriously racist, I've been rejected from guilds before because of my race. However I get what the OP is saying, if actual racist stuff is going on and there's a verified legit NCSoft employe
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