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  1. I put in a ticket but no response as of yet. Same issue as well as several members of my legion
  2. I keep getting kicked off today. I didn't have any issues since the game launched. When I get disconnected and try to log back in, I'll receive an error stating "You have been disconnected by request of the NC Soft Main Page" then I wait a few and I can get back on. I've been having this issue all day today. I last maybe 20-30mins, sometimes an hour. I've been trying to craft in Pande if this helps in regards to locations. Anyone else having this issue? Anyway to resolve it? I tried to run a scan on my client, no issues. I have almost 1gig internet speeds. The only connections issues I'm
  3. Ok so I realized, when I equipped two weapons, it started. I unequipped one and then logged out and logged back in and it fixed the issue...too bad can't use two weapons
  4. Maybe there's a fix? I got up to level 6 and now, I can use one skill and then I just stand there. Shouted in chat and seems several other people are having the same issue.
  5. This may be a dumb question, but does anyone know if there's a way to change the resolution for Aion? I'm not seeing a settings option at the load screen for character creation, nor do I see one on the launcher. I have a very large widescreen monitor and I fear it may cause problems when the game starts. Thanks!
  6. Hello! I played back when it first released and then when it went free it kind of went downhill for me and I moved on to FF14 (as well as I was sent oversees for about 5 years) My character names were Emissa, Saturna and mainly Picklefish. I had a wonderful friend named Lilaan I use to play with but haven't heard from him in ages. Hope to hear back!
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