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  1. Add this asap @Kibbelz:) Anti Bot Measure Korea
  2. Nice that they think about it...but given there are more severe issues than bakarma being killed in lava i dont get their priorities.
  3. Yeah the main issue is the majority of competition selling are using bots. currently your better of to sell mats u collected.
  4. Its funny that we get fixes from Korean Patches 1.5 or later but not actually 1.5 what the actual nyerk is wrong with u ?
  5. Thats totally normal. Chars above lvl 10 i think have that 7d countdown always had chars under lvl 10 can be deleted immediately
  6. too bad u can turn in crowns earliest lvl 30
  7. EXP-Event is nice and all but how about an actual event when you are not 1.5 ready something should be available to start or not ??
  8. Agree Vet-Rewards or journey would be nice buts not the purpose of this thread would make your p2w complaining all day at least valid but also not the purpose of this thread.
  9. as much as this sucks this change would have happened with 1.5 patch anyway. blame the million bots by players & Kinahsellers 1.5 Patchnotes
  10. Hey, given we have so few additions to the Quna-Shop so far why not give some suggestions what we would love to see in Quna Shop. I eg. would love to see Permanent Loot & or Buffpet. https://aioncodex.com/usc/pet/900028/ https://aioncodex.com/usc/pet/900118/
  11. since i just bought first months pass and had it until maint today i assumed its permanent.
  12. Nice, removing the Trailblazer Title from first pass from everyone without even mentioning it. Well played... Also Kill Asmodian & Elyos Rank 5 or higher 0/30 as Asmodian /Elyos ... Oh obtain 1 Ceranium Medal okay get us to 3.0 ? content please... What the actual Nyerk are you guys doing ? @Kibbelz
  13. Everyone joining Classic new its patch 1.2 they rushed to 50 and now are complaining.... or are bored because they whaled their own fault. You got to do enough if you wouldn't whale or AP-Trade 24/7 (the "you" isnt to you specifically"
  14. all the qq about no 1.5 aside Some kind of ingame Event would have been nice. or drop boost 10-20%
  15. i feel you had 42 runs and made 8 lvls in there good luck
  16. yeah my bad 4.0 all relevant instances dropped boxes for you if i recall correctly
  17. Given there are other options for everyone (except for kromede pole when u reeeeeeeeeeeeaallly badly want that extend ) Random Gold lvl 35 equal but not the same stats, and oh yeah crafting mostly better weapons with attackspeed available already at lvl 33. U dont have to commit to bossdrop RNG.
  18. i didnt give up. FT just simply wasnt worthwile in terms of EXP and time investment. Made enough money to buy remaining silver coins and got 36 weapon and went on. Esp as cleric going in there for weapons not suitable for cleric its not worth in the slightest.
  19. So every game dies because of RNG? Nice. EVERYONE joining classic should be aware this has been a thing until 1.9 when the Golden Daeva Patch dropped and the droprates & kinah rates were pushed extremely. Drops from Instances will be buffed quite a lot with 1.5 the first time. Given current Content is Open PVP Raid and 2 Endgame Instances i still say RNG is totally fine. Work for your stuff either by gathering Kinah and buy L/R or run the Instance as much as possible or since its possible CRAFT your Weapon/Armor. Once DP hits most of the Weapons are useless except for Lannok-Staf
  20. hmm 2 months in and people are already complaining about faction imbalance... funny i was part of one of the worst EU Servers in terms of balance 1,5 years domination in everything by Elyos (peak times 5-6 Elyos for 1 Asmo) It took long but eventually we turned the tables and did the same for months to them. Here in Classic its already different. You get forts maybe not the amount you wish for but you get them. The only thing i see is being the issue that Elyos are not clearing out Kisk-Positions that are easily accessible and thats why the majority of fights against us is los
  21. The RNG right now is totally fine. Retail was/is way worse. All this complaining about L/R Sale is something i will never understand. It will become less by default with 1.5 Patch so just wait. Before you stop L/R Sales first fix the bot issue. There is thanks to those no reliable way to make money as a legit player. Alchemy & Cooking they undercut each other to the point you make no profit/ even less Kinah that you initially paid for non gatherable stuff.
  22. My Asmo just kills all the bots running around in eltnen yet i get zerged by lvl 45+ with lvl 27 XD
  23. Hey @Kibbelz, i know there are many Players on the servers esp on Siel atm but having a) Login-Issues b) lagged inventory & c) lagged Questprogression for over 35 minutes after the daily reset shouldn't be a thing. How do you guys plan to prevent this in the future? Best Regards
  24. The Issue is the Pass showed yesterday the same rewards as last month. so people bought pass new YESTERDAY and now all rewards are changed. That sure sucks. :)
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