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  1. -what happened; I was disconnected -what was expected to happen; Not to be disconnected -how it occurred; when I was in DP (or Dredge) while I'm never disconnected otherwise. Simple.
  2. It feels even if the servers literally closed you would still ask for cosmetics weekly.
  3. Do you guys realize their game version comes from Korea? They need 1 month+ to reach out to the Korean development team and ask them to work on Sieges values... And you ask them to "create" new stuff? I don't wanna break your hopes but this is being delusional.
  4. You know maintenance is not always about updates, it can be hardware reset, cleaning up data memory...
  5. Naughty schoolgirls? Victoria's secret rejects?... https://imgur.com/a/y0YDQsX I admit we see a bit more "skin" on the leather armors but chain, really? These are 2 of the endgame sets btw. "Please join this century" I didn't know this century's policies for women were to wear clothes covering all the skin and mini-skirts were forbidden ! Sounds like pure freedom.
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