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  1. I'm not sure if I'm asking the same questions as everyone else, but some are about the economy changes and Kinah in particular. I'm a really casual player who has basically been logging in for events and attempting to level to 75 with little success (main toon is level 69). I'm no rich player by any long shot, but I've amassed a sizable chunk of Kinah on my main toon and I'm really not looking forward to the Gold-Ingots-exchange-thing. I've already transferred all of my Kinah to my main character, but: 1. Will the Kinah on my character be left alone? By this I mean - will I log in after the patch and see that all my Kinah has been magically transformed into Gold Ingots? The exchange rate is around 1 Gold Ingot for 30,000,000 Kinah, right? According to this I have enough for about 3 Gold Ingots. TL, DR: Will my Kinah stay Kinah? 2. If my Kinah is transformed into Gold Ingots, why is the exchange rate less? Like it costs 30 mil for one Gold Ingot, but exchanging an Ingot for Kinah will only net me 12 mil...at least from what I can see on the economy changes article. Will my Kinah be reduced to 36 mil when before I had 100+ mil? Also, what happens to leftover Kinah that can't be exchanged? Will it stay in my inventory? 3. How difficult is it going to be to finish my earlier campaigns to reach the 76+ Lakrum area? I'm level 69, and I've been struggling to earn XP for a while now. I heard that we'll be getting basic gear from campaigns to help us in that area, but only after level 76. 4. I've been running the End of the World Event and I'm wondering if I'm going to get any compensation gear for the stuff I get out of the Apocalyptic Chests. Do I have to enchant this event gear to get compensation gear? Sorry if these are stupid or have been answered before, I've read through the replies but if my question(s) have already been answered please direct me to the post.
  2. End Of The World Event Question

    Wow, thanks for all the helpful replies! Yeah, I just ran Linkgate again and I have three boxes now. And I got one of those boxes from Linkgate's Scroll Supply chest in the beginning, ahaha But so far the largest amount I've gotten from Linkgate has to be 2 boxes per run, still haven't gotten more than that. Also, I'm very afraid of running group instances alone because I believe I am undergeared and I'm awful at kiting so I think I'll just keep running Linkgate once per day for the event Thanks for all of these replies, they are really awesome!
  3. So, I mostly play solo, and I came back purely because this event gave me an opportunity to get some decent gear before the new update. But I have a question. I ran Linkgate Foundry once, got a couple of Apocalyptic Chests, and thought "oh, I can run this tomorrow and try to get more!" I ran it again the next day, and not a single box dropped, even from the end boss. Does this event cover only one run per instance? I expected to get another Apocalyptic Chest when I ran it the next day, but it appears I've run out of chances. My question is: Are we only allowed to run each instance once to get some Apocalyptic Chests, or can we keep running these instances through the event and expect to see more boxes drop? I'm a very casual player, and running this solo instance is pretty fun. I might just do it for the Blood Mark rewards regardless.
  4. Known Issues: Server Merge

    I've still been experiencing DC when logging in with my level 67 Songweaver - she's stationed in Iluma, so I guess that's why. I've tried starting the game as administrator (which I think it does automatically anyway) and got nada change, still DC in Iluma. All my other characters have been fine and not DCing when I log in with them, so I've changed all their names. So, my question is, when is this Iluma problem going to be nyerking fixed? Is there at least some kind of tentative time frame? Are people who are missing out on the Haunted Energy event going to be compensated? I'm logging in for the event almost every day and I can't even take advantage of it. I guess I'll just have to miss out, eh? *sooper salty*