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  1. @Vantheria-DN - Thank you so much for mentioning the event! I will give it a shot. I did do some preliminary research about the skill changes and noticed that about chanters being main healers now ... not sure what NCSoft was smoking when making that decision. I did put some feelers out about what is songweaver like currently and was pretty disappointed. I like having access to heals, but was thinking of going Vandal instead now for a change of pace. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Used to main cleric, last hiatus and left the game when the high daeva weirdness came up. Took a peek back in recently and not sure what to feel about the transformations, bracelet and skillbook enchants or even manastone slot expansion in armor. Understand there's a lot of talk and looking forward to classic, but is retail worth playing anymore? Casually on another class of course ... not going to fret over rebuilding several sets for a cleric again while healing capacity is still damaged.
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