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  1. First thread

    Hopped over here from the DN side... wow... just you posted so far huh? - hug - Wait.. your Elyos right? If you are Asmo *taking hug back
  2. What about the new hairstyles introduced in 5.6

    I want..... I want..... please?
  3. Where did everyone from Israphel go?

    So.... they did get lost in the Abyss? Be right back... need to track down a Shugo I paid to make that happen....
  4. Where did everyone from Israphel go?

    Elyos went to Danaria - I'm hoping the Asmos ended up lost in the Abyss somewhere - not to be found for awhile.
  5. PvE Legions 2AM CST - 12PM CST

    I know my legion does this but ... not sure what our new name is yet.
  6. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I stayed up till servers came online just to make sure no one got my name.
  7. Is Aion worth playing

    I think the game is still fun - and I've been here since it came out.