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  1. I'm playing a game that has PvP and PvE zones... sometimes I just don't want to spend 100% of my time dodging the enemy and being steamrolled. Maybe if they ever put "Optional PvP" (turn off and on), I'll return... Just a note that I've been playing AION since it came out and PvP is not too bad when you have ample regions... but the maps getting smaller and smaller for the end levels.. well it's like shooting fish in a very .. very .. small barrel.
  2. Hi I had to take a break after I fractured my elbow . Glad to be back - I made my new one Jingle (the l is an i because one of my other alts is Jingle). So far it's fun! Ode
  3. I'm checking out the new changes.. not played for awhile..
  4. So... plastic surgery tickets - not finding them. Where would NPC be? Want those new looks and hair styles Sorry had to work all day, just got online.
  5. I have collected all of the pieces for the Darken Lord's Cleric set and I actually have 2 Cleric Chausses. However, when I put them on,. it is not seeing the Cleric Chausses and completing the set. I've tried both Cleric Chausses and I've checked the requirements. The spelling is correct, I have all of the pieces, yet the set won't indicated the Cleric Chausses are in place .
  6. This morning someone was selling coins and passing them off as snowballs. When some brought this up in LFG they were insulted, demeaned, chided. When I stepped in, I was also insulted, told to "grow a pair" and told to basically stfu. ___ This type of behavior is incorrect. We are trying to point out to other players that this is a scam. However, then we are told by those yowling insults at us in LFG, that this is not a scam, not against TOS and it's on the fault of the buyer, not the seller. ___ I think that anyone who can behave in such a manor needs to
  7. Meanwhile my server is showing signs of a bot and "obviously hacking" - infestations.
  8. Since the merge, we have had an onslaught of hackers and bots. Enemies rifting in and being caught flying straight up in a no-fly zone. Persons seeing Assassins who are in stealth w/o using detection - persons who are cloth and for some odd reason, able to take 4-5 guards on them and 2-3 players -- and they are not even a 1-star. Just today, I'm in Reshanta - and killing bots whenever I cross them and oddly I begin being targeted and tracked through Reshanta. Which is odd, because I randomly move around yet they are right on me each time. We are seeing players with an extraordina
  9. No assumptions. There are level 75/74's rifting in and killing those who just turned 66 and have their first quests outside the main city. Easy kills, just as I killed the bots I found in the Abyss. My response to the poster above, was that "Pinkies often make it impossible for you to ignore them". And some do. I will kill a pinkie, I will kill any Asmo that crosses my path because if I don't > then I leave them to kill our fledglings. If anyone is to get AP > it should be our own faction. I'm not going to make it easy for the enemy. And if I am in the Abyss and I fly past
  10. If we gave GP and Medals for killing the enemy, we probably would have more hackers Today, there were two rangers which rifted in. Somehow, they were able to not die with 2 guards on them and 2-3 other players. One of them, I was not able to get a screenshot, but they flew straight up from a standing position, and others saw them do this also. The other ranger, was in hide, but an Elyos did come up, hit detection and nothing. About 2 seconds later, the ranger came out of hide and attacked me and the other. A sorcerer also, some how able to literally get no damage from guards, and able
  11. The pets which have enemy detection no longer looks at the enemy when alarming. This used to be a quick way for us to target the enemy (in my case > Asmos). But now they seem to only be looking at themselves.
  12. Well... today is the last Sunday in October..... maybe next weekend? * I'd still love the idea of houses being rented through the shop. Only because of the utter shortage. I just want MORE guestblooms & yard space for growing plants.
  13. ^ this has happened to me ... years and years ago before Fast Track came out. Most of the ganking now is level 74/75's rifting into do kill quests in the Archdeava lands - and they specifically target the Elyos, level 66, doing the first Archdeava quests outside of the central buildings. It's still a 9 level difference, if the person just hit 66 - and that poor player won't have enough essence points or better gear to be able to fend them off. So what can we do? Well... many seem to group up and help protect them - and I'm seeing a trends where more and more are going outside the ga
  14. It's a simple fix to keep things like this from happening. Each of them should be required to create a character > and spend a specific amount of time in the game per week. The best way to figure out what is wrong, is to have your hands in it - same as the other players.... and you will see how many hack, exploit, bot, sell gold and etc. The best view to see clearly > is from the inside. ____ I love the merge ... but.. I'm am proud of how I see Elyos helping out other Elyos in the Abyss when they are being attacked by Asmo, even if the Asmos out number them.
  15. Ode-DN

    First thread

    Hopped over here from the DN side... wow... just you posted so far huh? - hug - Wait.. your Elyos right? If you are Asmo *taking hug back
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