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  1. anyone can hack on Aion Classic Servers, the proof is all over youtube, go search hacking and ap trading, endless proof which has been sent to NC and nothing has happened and it never will, they dont ban hackers on there other games either.
  2. i just quit the game, a month NC have had and done nothing even with endless proof of the hackers and ap traders to the point they brag about it in LFG, if you aint full AP geared now ur getting 1-2 shot, and to make it worse, these ap traders are only killing questers not other pvp geared players, which explains why they need that gear, pathetic server and even more pathetic players.
  3. Release 1.5 for Dred and fort instances to bridge the gap before it is to late, the game is in a very negative state right now because of AP trading. 1.5 would make people happy and give them the option to get AP.
  4. they are barely ever spawning, for hours on end every day
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