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  1. You can't reason with logic with the majority of adolescents that comb over this thread. I made a similar post several posts ago explaining how if someone is "disrupting" my gameplay that it's automatically a violation of the ToS. The majority of Elyos have been use to just been given things. Free handouts at events, free gp at forts for afk-ing. The moment they have something that they can't do anymore they start screaming for banning people and claiming harassment.
  2. Exactly! Where in my post does it say anything about approving their behavior? My statement is an opinion on how I feel about that after getting to know them this speaks nothing about their actions in game. At nowhere in my post does it say their behavior is good or even bad, its merely my interpretation of what you've been seeing in chat. You can choose to ignore it, which is my recommendation. So unless you got some actual discourse to add to this conversation, don't reply to anymore of my responses, as it's pretty obvious your comprehension and reading skills needs some improvement.
  3. The only thing dense around here is your reading comprehension skills. I'm not sure who your referring to or what words your trying to put into my mouth but at no point have I said what they have done is acceptable. What I have advocated for, for those of you not familiar with TM server is to simply give it time to settle down. We had about two weeks of this when this siege system first started. Once it settled down everyone got along, we claimed forts, everyone was happy. I'm not here to debate punishments or what should be done. At this point its the faction issue to settle this matter through negotiations of some kind. (It'll happen eventually) NCsoft as a business looks out for their number 1 thing and that is profits. If what they do notice is a massive amount of people quitting due to this issue, it is possible that NC soft can do something about that to maintain playerbase and thus maintain revenue. However, this isn't anywhere near the first time these types of issues have occurred and NCsoft has rarely if ever stepped in to sort out in-faction drama. That is left to the player base. If NCsoft does however recognize these mechanics or ranking appointments as an issue to their income/profit margins, I'm sure they'd have changed the format of these concepts by now.
  4. First of all don't go putting words into my mouth, I never said I condoned the actions they do or have done. I have merely stated what I know and have done in the past. I've been to more than enough sieges to know that for the most part asides from a rough 1-2 week start at the beginning of the new siege rollout that sieging on TM_E had been relatively quiet once issues settled down. You can claim your tickets worked in changing it? I don't know I have no proof, what I know is that as a faction we began to work together to accomplish a common goal. Yes, they do have some people they don't like that they seemed to hold a grudge against for whatever reason I never inquired into that. Lastly, you really need to be your own judge on whether something is breaking the ToS. NC staff don't have to resources to arbiture squabbles between players that simply don't like one another's play style. As for being booted out of a siege, there is nothing a GM can do about it. I had been kicked from a siege once shortly before it ended and the general response from the GM was essentially saying nothing we can do about it other than say sorry. Just watch who you join alliance with is my best suggestion I can give.
  5. ErzaScarlet: you quoted my whole post and adding absolutely nothing of value to the conversation other than a picture to an image I already addressed in a previous post. This is why the boot stupid people out of alliances that can't read or follow directions. If you read my prior post, mochi calls people that morealess as a role-playing, not to demean people or belittle them. please don't respond to this thread or quote me anymore unless your going to add viable discourse to this conversation.
  6. 1-3) TM Elyos tried that already I'm sure claiming that they were breaking the ToS for the exact reason that you cited. Honestly though that is only 1 perspective. I haven't been able to fully siege since the merge so I can't say for certain whether they actually are booting whole alliances..? As i mentioned before I'm sure they booted some people (afkers/non-direction followers) but a video of full alliance being booted woulld be better evidence to justify that statement. 4) As mentioned before, they're fairly approachable. If you want to discuss siege strategy and such you'd be better off doing this before siege rather than trying to wing it while siege is going on at that given time. Sorry I can't help you more at the moment, but give it time it will settle down. TM elyos had issues like this for a week when the new siege schedule came out. After about a week things got settled down and we owned the abyss for the majority of the time once organization settled in. In all likelyhood just ignore the issues for now, sieging will resume as normal in a few days. As above, no breach of any conduct has happened. They're playing the game within their limits. Sure it may hinder some people to some degree but overall gameplay wont be effected that much. If I go out to Illuma and want to farm a set of mobs and I find someone else farming the same mobs that I want, does that count as violating the ToS because I can't farm the mobs now? NO I'd need to find something else in the game to do, there are tons of other things to be doing that the Poco's have no influence or control over my gameplay. You just need to do that and find something else to do till sieging settles down.
  7. Mochi and Poco are fairly cool once you get to know them. The screenshots linked above that everyone seems so upset about is silly. Mochi is only having a bit of fun and is coming off as fun and playful. She’s not trying to demean anyone or insult anyone it’s her way of “roleplaying” I’d call it. As for Poco’s comment, he is merely stating the true. On TM we had sieged several times w/o battlefield kisks and did fine, especially when the fort is uncontested. I know that Poco occasionally does call people “noob’s” in whispers, but once again I’d consider this more of a term of endearment. They’re both friends of mine and they called me noob before too. I wouldn’t let that get to you if your called a noob, it’s just his way of playing. As for spamming GMs with mails about these two and their siege conduct in hope of getting them removed from their GP positions, it’ll never happen. They haven’t broken any rules and are playing the game within the allowable limits. If you want change you need petition the way rankings are based. People complained when AP was the deciding factor, now that GP has become an issue for lower level people they want the system changed to favor or benefit them without putting in the work. If you want a new gov/commander the only thing support will tell you is to work on getting it yourself or help other players reach the GP threshold for it.` Too many people, especially Elyos want free handouts for everything rather than having to work for it. The community had gotten to use to getting participation awards and riding the coat-tails of others, that when they’re asked by the leaders (Poco/Mochi) to assist faction people choose not to listen. It’s easy to see where Poco and Mochi come from when they get upset at people for wanting leaders but do their part to follow directions in assisting leadership, hence why some people may get kicked from alliance every now and then. I highly doubt he keeps any sort of list of people he dislikes as someone’s post had suggested.