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  1. Lineage 2's auto-farm system announced

    coming soon?? that technology is already here, and everybody know them as bots.
  2. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    well, i will see that when i play mine, but right now, i dont like the name
  3. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    could this mean that the new class is called vandal?? pfff painter was better
  4. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    IF they are going to announce the date of when we will have 7.0, it will be today, and the web will see it already tomorrow morning after maintenance. but thats just a big if.
  5. When is 7.0?

    Cyan said its going to be ishly
  6. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    And how is this instance is going to be?? i mean, Will we be using the full map for pvp or pve? Or will it only be sections like in Pandora where we only use a part of Cygnea / Enshar?
  7. This event is what I'm talking about

    I did understad your sarcams @Aly-DN, my post was referred to those people who do what you mentioned, because they believe that their chars are worthy of being mister / miss universe, and that they have to ruin the event to others simply because they cannot see their chars in a different way for just a few minutes. by the way aly, I'm stealing your meme, I loved the girl's expression at the end of it
  8. This event is what I'm talking about

    I really do not understand why the inconvenience of the transformation in this event, we have had several events in which we have to transform such as Shugo Emperor’s Vault, Daeva's Dash or Fire Temple. Worry and manifest that if we have this event, we have the rewards we want, and not how our chars might look while we do the event.
  9. Colorweaver ?

    UFW??? Unlimited Fighter Weaver???
  10. Cannot connect to update server

    Nice!!! its good that you can log in now.
  11. Cannot connect to update server

    did you check if Windows Defender is not blocking the launcher? also ARM has an option to trace server, if you have it installed, you can see if its you or one of the servers you use to connect to the game that is giving you this problem.
  12. Your Painter's name

  13. Please Cyan

  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    @Cyan For NCsort, angering the community is like a sport, right?
  15. When is 7.0?

  16. CoE Shugo?

    I've only seen one in months in all instances, and that was in idel dome, which by the way it was empty.
  17. So this happened..

    What has happened to me is that by killing a few asmos, some of them log into their elys and start telling me about nonsense, that if I killed them in one of their alters, they will login to their main and that they will nyerk me (I really have been told that), to which i just simply reply please do it fast, because i still need to kill X asmos to finish the daily quests in each area. Always in the game, never in the forum.
  18. instance queues

    Oh, and by the way, giving advice, does not make you a wise person, or a person who at least knows the subject, you can give advice right and left and not know absolutely nothing about the subject.
  19. instance queues

    i did, i read all post before i do a coment, do you read your coments before pressing submit??
  20. instance queues

    I really dont know what Ele's gender has to do with the nonses he / she is talking about, you could have said the samething without making you look like a crazy feminist, I'm not assuming that you are, its just that part of your comment I do not agree that you have said it, as for the rest, I'm completely with you. and @Ele-DN , are you new to this game or something? if it is so, that would explain a lot, if not, you really love people being mean to you in the forum, dont you?? if you dont like how this game is, i dont know what are you doing here.
  21. Quiting game

    the worst part about those twinks was the trashtalk, they made fun of me they could kill me really easy, and at that time, didnt know what a twink was, i though they were low players like me, who were lvling and just wanted to do a little pvp. That really made me hate asmos for a long time that i started to call them assmoles
  22. Quiting game

    OMG!!! @Aly-DN why didnt you do that in Siel??? to finish the quests in that area for me was a nightmare thanks to the twinks
  23. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Para ellos es también un nombre, y en el refrán, tienen uno similar, lo que para nosotros es "la esperanza muere al ultimo" para ellos es "hope dies last"