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  1. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Even for some people living in NA is hard to go to siege, it would be nice to have sieges from Monday to Friday at least two hours earlier
  2. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    And yesterday i was rank 28, somedays i go back to Army 5,and just because Thane or others appear and disappear from the rank, i do not wish to everybody lose their gp, although i do admit AFK people are a big pain, but i do not care if john doe is afk or not, if im the leader of a group or alliance and i see one of our memeber is afk, i just kick them out, no gp for those who doesnt make an effort to win the fort.
  3. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    if thats the case, then i surely deserve it more than you, as I see that your name going up and down in the ranks betwen army 4 and army 5 with only the gp you have, as i told you before, next time NC makes a new server, go and make a new char there, so you will finally have a shot in staying in army 5 or why not, become governor.
  4. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Yes, you are the one who wants things easy, i was once a new player ( 3.7 ) and it took me one year to become army 1 on the days where your rank depended on the amount of ap you had, on the days where the only way to get AP was doing pvp ( open world pvp, arenas and dreadge) and where you needed the AP to buy stigmas and pvp gear, and that means going from soldier rank 1 to soldier rank 9 again and again and again till you had all your stigmas and all your pvp gear, where winning an open world pvp meant winning 1.2 ap if you beat an army 1 or 4.5 ap if it was an army 5 and loosing the same amount of ap if you were the looser and not just a faction as it is these days, so yes, i had to work a lot to become army 3 before the GP was intruduced to the rank system and still had to keep working to become army 5. So yes, i think i earn my right to rely on all those year i have worked to get in the rank i am now, and same goes to the people who are in the top rank. But i give you this, i also I think that new players need an insentient that makes them try to reach the high positions of the rank, therefore I think that a reduction in the amount of the gp we have would be very good, but not a complete delete of our gp would be the answer. And for those who are in the rank and for some reason they lose it, they have at least a few days to recover it and if not, they lose their gp completely, and so give the opportunity to those who are constant
  5. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    This is hilarious If if you really think that, wtf i ave beind doing all this six years ive been playing this game, it would only have taken me 8 months to reach the rank that I am now and not all this years I'm sorry but everything you've said makes you sound like a whimsical person who wants to get something the easy way and can not. Next time make a new char when a new server is open.
  6. Aion: Ereshkigal's Wrath Known Issues - April 3

    Some sounds are not playing, so far I have noticed that the sound use to play when a siege starts and ends, also when the gates open in dredge, Evergale Canon, illumiel Brawl, Idgel Dome, and when an artifact is taken or lose.
  7. Patch notes?

    well, ask to Nacy Pelosi to give you the patch notes, and if Nancy doesnt have it, you will have to wait
  8. Ways to remove DP?

  9. Combining Minions

    First time combining 4 B grade minions and got Viola as result a few minutes ago
  10. Aion 6.5 ?????

  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    sorry for the double post
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    let me understand this, but with this announcement isnt supposed all of your EK players can be transferred to any of these two servers?
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    no no no, this is not like any other event, this is a even, which is better than any others events we have had so far, in this even everybody is going to get the reward we always wanted
  14. Daevonion Skillbook

    That item should never put on sale, never, what NC need to do that the shugo spawns more often, and not being empty at the moment of loot. And also would be nice to make the one in GST cheaper, takes 2 months to get 200 gold ingots, for me, thats very expensive, specially when everytime i buy one i the the same skill.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 6, 2019

    Please consider adding this skin to the gold sand shop or luna craft. Prim Arena Instructor's Townwear Prim Arena Instructor's Pigtails Its the skin we could buy using arena's medals
  16. about to leave the aion :(

    Tiamat Stronhold is a 6 man instance, if you are trying to do it by your self, w8 till you char gets a better gear or have enough lvl to do it alone.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    Vinnas has always been the rarest drop in this event.
  18. about to leave the aion :(

  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    next week's maintenance mean tomorrow maintenance?? or January 16th maintenance??
  20. ABSURD retune prices

    so whats better, trying to craft an ultimate spellbook to have 18% cast speed, or purify a legendary spellbook to ultimate and hope to get the 20% cast speed with retuning spending kinah if i dont have luna???
  21. Mobile? Seriously?

    It could have been a joke, but it seems to be true
  22. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    HAHAHAHAHA nyerk you all of you with your berding stars, i got the reward i was looking for in this event!!! I FINALLY GOT THE ANCIENT PVE STONES THAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!!!!
  23. I had always thought that the problems that we have in this game had was a consequence of bad planning by Korea in Korea, for several years we were the next region to obtain the new patch and therefore NCwest had to solve several problems the moment in which the patch went live, however this patch made me change my mind because NCwest knew about the problems that this patch had, especially with the enchant rates, they saw these problems when NCsoft release the patch in Korean, then in Russia and finally in Gameforge, and what did ncwest decided to do to not to have those problems?? ...... nothing ...... we still have to use over 300 enchantmen stones to try to get one part from +10 to +15, and the best part is if we used all those stone, the part we tryed to enchant remained +10, doenst matter if we used ancient or legendary stones. At least Gameforge publish a honest letter accepting it was their mistake and that they are doing everything possible to amend those mistakes, while the letter we got was that we will not have events as often as before, and the first event we get is as good as not having one.
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    I guess no snowballs event this year
  25. besides, generally when a copyright is acquired they come with an expiration date, this mean you cant use them foreverand in the case of the wonder girls dance, it should not have been cheap to have obtained the rights, even for one or two years. However, @Cyan can we have this one back??? please???? I REALLY REALLY WANT IT!!!