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  1. The "skating motion" is currently unavailable?

    it was a reward from an event.
  2. Another post about Evergale

    Yeah, who would have thought that all those people who said that the kick option would be abused would be right, but not in the way they though it would be abused as everybody ask to be kicked as soon as they see their faction is loosing. Definitely NC should also implement a punishment time to the people who are kicked.
  3. Disconnections from server continously.

    Check if your Anti Virus or firewall is blocking the conection, i dont think that would be the problem, but still it wouldnt hurt to check.
  4. And i would have completely removed Idian Depths, i still dont know why NC kept that map when there is absolutly nothing to do, no mobs, no npcs, no instances to go, abolutly nothing in there to do. (sorry for the doublé post but the edit time was over)
  5. I agree with most of points that @Bryos-DN had said except with this: I would have increased the level cap to 75 but instead to take one year to reach it, i would have make it in a way it would only take a few months to reach it. I would have make Cygnea and Enshar one big map (as you can see in the world map they are next to each other) instead of two different ones, and would have add a fort between them where the wining faction could go to Drackenspire Depths, of course that big map would have safe áreas like Katalam for the players who are leveling.
  6. New godstones

    Thats why i said whats the point to make a sleep godstone if the next attack will awake the opponent, using that one in a weapon is like having none.
  7. New godstones

    I had the curiosity to see how that godstone works, if it works as the skills of a Sorc, or if it gave the opportunity to have a few free hits.
  8. New godstones

    Ive tested the sleep godstone and i can say its completely useless, whats the point of that godstone as is going to awake the opponent in the next attack??
  9. tired of hackers

    @Claudianus-DN dont listen what everybody is telling you, im with you, two weeks ago i had to restor my iPhone to factory settings because I lend it to my 5 year old niece to play with it, AND I BLAME AION FOR THAT TOO!!!
  10. Daeva Dash..again?. Part 2, but same faces

    it really made me laugh that the name of the legion was integrity , specially when all the 3 members teleport to my group's start zone, I dont know about this guy, but in my native language, referring to a person, integrity means an honest person.
  11. They usually do nothing, and i dont think this time is gonna be different, you can keep them and use them in case the event comes back in the future or you can destroy them, just like i did.
  12. Try to fight like me, an ancient shoe hero

    Its kind of nice to see that you posted those three images here, where everybody can see them and notice you were using those three skills out side the event, its like asking your self to get banned for using the event skills in an place where you shouldnt but im not saying this is the case, but it would be nice if you could explain what happen
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 4, 2018

    Purified Daevanion Protector's Weapons
  14. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    Downaria and Lagalam, those should have been the names for the servers.
  15. Spinel Medals and gray wolf marks

    Hi For spinel medals you need to go to upper abyss sieges and win the forts, some quests in Landing give spinel fragments as rewards ( with 1000 fragments you can make 1 spinel medal ) For gray wolf marks you need to do quests in norsvold and illuma, each artifact in both maps will give you two quests with gwm as rewards.
  16. When you see a topic like this, read it and hope none of what has already being said apply to you
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 28, 2018

    I cant see the reward list "You do not have permission to view this content error code 2F173/H"
  18. 6.0 info

    Ah true, is it possible to hate something we still dont have??? i mean I´ve never undestand why NC try to fix stuffs that doesnt need to be fixed, I really hope that ncwest doesnt bring us that update and leave us with the scrolls system.
  19. 6.0 info

    Transformation system?? you mean elemental transformation?? i thought they were gone in 6.0
  20. my character is not shown !

    This also happens when you are playing or only in the character selection??
  21. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    nope, nothing about the buffs.
  22. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I logged in before the maintenance, and i saw we had essence core, stigmas and accessories buffs
  23. AFK leader in evergale?

    There are several things we can do to identify who is going to or is afk, ofcourse the ready check is one of them but as it has been said before, there are people who just stay inactive but only press the ready button to prevent being kicked, besides its a little annoying to do a ready check every 3 minutes, once is fine and the rest of the run to learn to identify the inactive players from who are not. At the beggining of the run, the people who is going to be active usually run and stay close to the gate and those who are not usually stay still excactly at the same spot where they appeared, so at the moment the gate opens, no need for a ready check, just kick the ones who dont move. Never pay attention to the mana consumption, we can be easely fooled that way as there are some classes who have skills that consume mana with just being activated. Once the time is ticking it wouldnt hurt to go to the camp and see who is active and who is not, I've seen people who stay afk talking to the npc to simulate they are buying the buffs. And in case the leader is the one who is afk, report them but not with a screenshot as that proof nothing, but with a video whre you can proof the leader was doing nothing for a big period of time. Its really weird to see 2 premades to face each other, but it happens as I've been in there twice, and those two have been the best EC I've ever been where we actually had to run to get our rewards
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    The joke is on you guys, you keep doing the same thing all day long for something so insignificant as if there will be a npc one of these days or not, nobody forcing to do it but yourselves.