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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I logged in before the maintenance, and i saw we had essence core, stigmas and accessories buffs
  2. AFK leader in evergale?

    There are several things we can do to identify who is going to or is afk, ofcourse the ready check is one of them but as it has been said before, there are people who just stay inactive but only press the ready button to prevent being kicked, besides its a little annoying to do a ready check every 3 minutes, once is fine and the rest of the run to learn to identify the inactive players from who are not. At the beggining of the run, the people who is going to be active usually run and stay close to the gate and those who are not usually stay still excactly at the same spot where they appeared, so at the moment the gate opens, no need for a ready check, just kick the ones who dont move. Never pay attention to the mana consumption, we can be easely fooled that way as there are some classes who have skills that consume mana with just being activated. Once the time is ticking it wouldnt hurt to go to the camp and see who is active and who is not, I've seen people who stay afk talking to the npc to simulate they are buying the buffs. And in case the leader is the one who is afk, report them but not with a screenshot as that proof nothing, but with a video whre you can proof the leader was doing nothing for a big period of time. Its really weird to see 2 premades to face each other, but it happens as I've been in there twice, and those two have been the best EC I've ever been where we actually had to run to get our rewards
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    The joke is on you guys, you keep doing the same thing all day long for something so insignificant as if there will be a npc one of these days or not, nobody forcing to do it but yourselves.
  4. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    I dont see it that way, at least in KT this event is like liquid gold for the pve players, where they can do what they like the most, and be safe in the pve players stampede. only the ones who are left behind or get out of the group are the ones in danger.
  5. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    To me this event is doing more harm than anything else, it is not even entertaining!!! Ive see people running like zombies from one spot to another who use to said in game and/or in the old forum that NC killed the spirit of this game, that we had a good balance between pvp and pve in Katalam and Danaria and with the introduciton of 4.8 all that was gone etc... etc.. etc... and now that we have Tia eyes back, what do most people do?? running from one side to another just to kill one mob and loot 3 coins, seriously, i dont know where is the fun doing that, im not trying to say that everybody should be doing pvp all the time in the eye, everybody is free to do what ever they pleace, but come on, i ve been engage in combat with my group vs the asmodians groups where the big Elyos/Asmodians zombies pass us by like we werent there or we were just part of the map decoration. Honestly I thought that this event would be good one and fun, but once again we the players are the ones to turn something good in to a bad one. I just hope at the end of this event, if NC decided to spawn the rewards NPC, all ítems were not tradable and with a time limit of 7 days And for the people who are doing the zombie event to try to get rich at selling omegas and temperings, i dont know how is that ever going to happen when almost the entire comunity is doing the same thing to sell the ítems or keep them to use them in the future.
  6. game wont start

    sometimes that happen to me too, stay stuck in 62%, just leave it like that, takes time for the game to keep loading.
  7. I just saw this video, couldnt help it and had to post it here. the most fearful invasion pandemonium could have, watch the video at your own risk
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 14, 2018

    I think it will solve it, and as proof is what happened last week, when people thought when the kick option was functional so everybody were really active doing pvp, killing bosses, taking artis and flags, until they realized that the option was not working and started going afk
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 14, 2018

    The only moment EC stops looking for players is when the league is full, not when you just got in, so the spot left form a kicked player will be filled with another player. In the instances you just named, if you dont join a premade is like begging to have a run full of afk people, join or start a premade group where the leader have control of who can or cant join, except evergale, where of the 96 player can go in, the leader can choose only 24, so yeah, its kind of necessary a kick option. This might be a shock for you, but Elyos hack too, this is not exclusive to Asmos. I voted yes, so my vote > your vote.
  10. 6.0 info

    is it because korean players dont want to take the forts?? or because the forts dont go vulnerable??
  11. Aion March Preview

    Can we have the event now?? im pretty sure nobody wouldnt mind to have this insignificant bug, i think we all can LIVE with it and have fun with the event.
  12. Mercenary For PVP

    Those shugos in Danaria where really op, if you dared to hit one Elyo/Asmo you would be dead before trying to do the second skill, only in one small area could do it having a great damage and a great timing, otherwise RIP.

    It could be a bug, where you see that he still has the target on you but in reallity he doesnt, ive know something like that have happen before and i could confirm it with my sin several months ago when me and a gladiator where doing pvp, used hide and saw the gladiator still had the target on me, but he was using his aoe skills in random places trying to find me. Now if this player was actually using some third party program XIGNCODE3 is not in blocking mode but monitoring mode which means NC monitoring the programs we the players use while playing Aion and if the program violates the end user agreement, to block that program and ban us, but that could take some time. If you are convinced that this particular player used a hack, contact support and make a detailed explanation of what happened.
  14. I know!!!! i though i was the only one into that kind of things it's never a bad time to take a selfie, even if you are running away from a bunch of angry Asmodians.
  15. Return user

    Honestly i dont know, but you can log in and see what happens, and once you are at it, why dont you stay around for a little while and have some fun???
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Something like that would solve nothing, in fact i think things would get worse, think about this, you go in and see your faction is loosing, instead to stay and help you just leave, or you dont like who is leading and leave, see a few people afk and leave, or..... etc... etc... etc... The kick option is fine, in fact, since people think the kick option is activated, EC runs have being more active, in all runs i have been today, 5 so far, in every run the loosing faction had manace to get to 4k points.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Im pretty sure NC will feel better. $.$
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Yeah, because the all asmodians are saints, they dont hack and they dont log in to their Elyo alt and queue to EC. and because when they win is because they are better, and if they loose is because elyos are hackers, and dont forget the daily dc is because @Hime, @Cyan @Gideon are helping the evil elyos.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    And why does it have to be like that?? ive seen more active players with no gear, lvl -73, than top ranked and full geared players
  20. Massive DC/Sendlogs, Siege/Evergale AFK ppl.

    We have never get over 250 people in our faction, the most we have ever have is 220 ( yeah i know, 30 people difference, simple math blah blah 220 > 150 blah blah ) if you come up with a good strategy, as you did on the second divine siege, with 150 people you can win the fort, as you did. That day we didnt do presiege but you did, as consecuence you had not only control of the artifacts most of the time, but also of the map, so we had to fly all the way in to the eye from the landing because you guys had a group flying around destroying our kisks, and with 10 minutes remaining you pop your xforms with the backup of all artis. So a good strategy beats numbers. Now going back to topic, every time when EC is about to open, i have a second Aion window ready because i know sooner or later im gonna get kicked out of the game, i mean, it doenst bother me anymore because i know is going to happen, what really bothers me is havent seen any word from NCWest, please at least say something as "we know about the problem and we are working to solve it, is goint to take some time but we are going to solve it" but nothing, zero, no word, and at least in my oppinion, that is the worst thing NCWest can do. I dont know, maybe is asking too much to them to do something like that.
  21. Massive DC/Sendlogs, Siege/Evergale AFK ppl.

    Only 70??? man I thought there would be much more asmodians than the ones you say you were, specially when i saw you guys doing presiege with one hour of anticipation.