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  1. There is a big difference between posting the video here at the forums where players can find a new/better way to keep cheating and posting in a pm to Cyan/Gideon/Hime etc.... telling them what cheaters can do to keep cheating. You dont need to help cheaters, you need to help the community to get rid of them.
  2. Campaign Help - Temporal Stone

    If you are an Elyo i can send you one.

    Well, at least you have a grade A minion.
  4. Evergale sabotage

    I know, but what they do affects others, NC cant tell people not to afk, but i think at least they can do something so the afkers doesnt affect the people wants to get the purification materials. Even if people get in the leagues of the ones i mentioned before, there are people who still stay afk.
  5. Evergale sabotage

    Instead of blaming people (or the other faction) for our problems or situations, we should be demanind NC a solution to this problem. After the metal breakdown i had a few weeks ago for not reaching the 4k points, I started looking for ways to avoid afkers as much as posible, and i realized that a lot o people dont get in a league with @Momo-KT or @Mochigirl-DN or @KnightZM-KT, they will just go afk, so i try to go to their leagues, and if im not in of theirs, i just leave.

    That would be great if @Gideon wouldnt have said that they are only monitoring, instead it would have been better if he had said that XIGNCODE3 is fully functional and blocking the hacks, this way the hackers would be thinking thye fooled NC and keep playing as nothing had happen. Just today, me and my friend did pvp vs a templar we both suspect is a hacker because very difficult to catch up in speed even when we are using our mounts and in battle its like he has infinite HP because its really hard to see his HP bar to go down but today nothing of those things happen, and we both said almost at the same time "hack must be off" .
  7. How is Aion 2018, Core open?

    If you are planing to do pvp in open world, I would w8 till being lvl 70 and having at least a pvp weapon, with your current gear at your lvl, you wouldnt be doing any damage, and the opposite faction will be killing you really fast. how ever you can start going to Arenas to gain AP for the Abyss lvl 70 or 75 gear, and Valor insignia to get the arena pvp gear lvl 70 and going to sieges to get the Spinel Medals (or spinel fragments) to get the abyss gear. The Core is back, with sieges for Divine every Saturdays.
  8. Why can I never stay 1-star before panesterra raid

    If you manace to stay 1 star for next saturday, keep in mind that this does not guarantee you can enter panesterra, only 100 can enter and the only one that has a guaranteed place is the governor, 50 for 5-Star Officer and higher and 49 for 1-Star Officer and higher. I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just mentioning this so you do not despair in case you can not get in, keep working so that you go higher in the ranks, because the higher your Rank is, the more likely you can go in.
  9. Can someone explain the Coalition system? (returning user)

    Once you apply to join to the Coalition, do you stay on Reshanta?? if you leave the map, the system will automatically kick you out of the coalition, even if the groups arent form.
  10. New player

    You will find some mixed oppinions about the sw, its a really hated class in pvp and loved in pve, so yeah, you cant go wrong choosing a sw as a first class, specially for a new player as you wont be spending money to buy recovery serums to recover your HP and MP as you have skills for that.
  11. @Maladro-KTseriously?? reposting the video?? why???? there is no need to put the video (twice) just to show what you say is true, the only thing you are doing is telling people how the can keep cheating
  12. Disconnections, nobody replies in Report A Bug

    Do these disconnections happen while you are playing? remember that if you have long periods of afk, the server disconnects you automatically
  13. "Disconnected from server" instantly

    ¿No te has puesto a pensar, que si estas desconectándote cada 2 minutos, el problema esta en tu conexión y no en el servidor? antes de venir y ponerte a insultar personas, revisa tu computadora y contacta a soporte técnico.
  14. Evergale time window

    EC should start at 6pm from Monday to Friday, this way it woldnt be overlapping with the sieges
  15. Why not rename Aion 6.0 to Blade & Soul?

    It is not uncommon for a company like NC to be reusing ideas, its something they have done for a long time, i remember when Aion 3.0 came out (i think) i was playing L2 and people were saying what the Kamaels had to do in Aion. Taking an idea from one game to another is done very often, and a proof is MxM (RIP) where NC took characters from past and presents games and put them in a new one.
  16. Cute Costume In Preview?

    The name of the skin is Forest Denku, its a 5 pieces skin and you can get it in events or buy it in bróker.
  17. Went back on after a while my characters have weird names

    Check your inventory, you should have a change name ticket.
  18. Evergale AFK why no kick ???

    No, it's not some baseless accusation, on the contrary, it is a very solid one, think about it, if all those peope who were afk in the screenshot i took were actually active, I can not say that we whould have been winning, but I assure you that this margin would not be so big, and would have had a better opportunity to reach the necessary points to obtain the items of the quest. if I remember correctly, with regard to what you say about the people who were expelling people, with 5 minutes to go for the siege to be over, the problem got solved and the people who abuse that were punished (or at least that's what was said in Katalam), and as i said before the only difference between the abuse of kicking people without a reason and staying afk is staying afk is not penalized. and before you call me a liar again, all those people were there since the begining of the run except for those two you see at the top of the picture (those two decied to stay afk after a few deaths) and even so, if anyone decied to stay afk because things dont go as expected, it is better to just leave the instance and wait 13 minutes of punishment to queue again and not to wait to see if the opposite faction get to 8,000 points and get the automatic defeat
  19. Evergale AFK why no kick ???

    yeah, im overjoy of bein able to go to EC and see all these people reunited, im so lucky. Correct me if I make a mistake but it's not just their loss, everyone loses because of those people, and simply for that fact, NCWest should give a solution so that the only ones who lose are them, and not all those who want to do things right.
  20. Evergale AFK why no kick ???

    18 members of my ally were afk in this EC run, 18!!!!!! and that was just in my ally, as you can see in the screenshot there are alot more afk people, and you guys still think its ok not to have the kick option because "there will be people who could abuse that"??? anyone who think that way its because its one of them. I had 6 runs today and none of the we get over 4,000 points, only one we manace to get over 3,000, the rest of them were lower tan 1,000 points, even one time we didnt even get over 250 points. This problem is getting worse and worse every day, give us the kick option back, an afk report or something else, something that helps us that this type of people is not ruining us in our intentions to obtain the items to purify our gear.
  21. Evergale AFK why no kick ???

    And dont you think staying afk is also an abuse? The only difference of all the abuses that have just been named, staying afk is not penalized.
  22. be elyos is a chit

    So basically you hate Elyos because you couldnt go inside Azphel´s Sanctuary???
  23. How to fix Battle Grounds

    for that reason something has to be done, if I waited more than 30 minutes to go in to EC and to lose or not to get the necessary points because a lot of people were afk i would be much more than pissed. And yes, i agree with you, people suck, its the only thing people can do in perfect way, but even so i still think having an afk report option wll bring more benefits than disadvantages.
  24. How to fix Battle Grounds

    I dont see it that way, in fact, something must be done to end this problem, it isnt fair to go to EC and see half of our ally afk leaving the whole league at a great disadvantage and to the people who is trying to get the necessary points.